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  1. 1. Final Portfolio Thursday class third period member ・s1150253 Mirai Watanabe ・s1170089 Masaki Ando ・s1170107 Tosiko Sato ・s1170114 Tomoko Tanikawa
  2. 2. Week 2 INFORMATION RESEARCHER A: This is written about explanation of electronic mail. B: 1. We should look business email over again more carefully before pressing 'send'. 2. We always leave subject line. 3. Be careful about capacity of electronic mail of emoticon. 4. We should confirm that mistake of a sentence. 5. To write compact style. C: 1. I understand that keep up with the trend of the times. 2. I understand how to sent good electronic mail. 3. I understand bad example. 4. I understand what I pay to attention. 5. I understand form of electronic mail. D: We should always what is impolite to another person and try polite manner attitude. CONTENT ORGANIZER A: Email is much less formal than a written letter and, it is written necessary requirement. And write an informative subject line because easy to understand a objective when this email is seen for the first time by receiver. On the other hand, business email is formal and serious so don't use all capital letters and overrun emails with smiley faces or other emoticons. B: Hello, I read on your web site that you offer New Year's card making for large quantities of New Year's cards. I'd like to inquire about the procedures involved in these services. Are the images and address transferred online, or is it sent by standard mail? Do company make all or image part. How much is it hitting by one piece? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Masaki Ando 090-xxxx-xxxx C: I received some spam mails and junk mails. And, I overlooked important Email for me. D: It is important that the business mail write concisely the business. Moreover, my idea can be told by writing a comprehensible sentence to the receiver. If a comprehensible title is applied, it be- comes easy to transmit to the receiver. But the title don't worry in personal e-mail because judging from sender. Last, sending after it confirms it before the business mail is sent is important. PLAN DEVELOPER
  3. 3. Week 3 e-mail From:○○company To:Group F Date: April 29 Wednesday, 2010 Subject: Mobile PC I often use the PC, but my PC is very big ,so it is not easy to carry. But I want to be able to use any where and I decided to develop because there were a lot of people who had a similar idea to me. Big PC can be made by another company. Therefore, our company make an effort to make small size of mobile PC and to produce because it is easy to carry and performance is good. As a result, it is pos- sible to carry anywhere, and it is possible to work. When I start a business,I get some necessary li- censes, and accumulates a fund for building company, factory, and advertising. Next, the company is built and it hires a worker. And, they work to making and progressing mobile PC. I want to make it the famous company in the world. My company has about 2000 workers. The half of walkers de- velop, design and make mobile PC. It develops, designs, and confirm the operation by about 200 workers. The member of the remainder is making it at the factory. And, it is work in other people to sell the mobile PC. I don't know the management of the company, and I it is uneasy whether to be able to continue the company. Therefore, I hope to help me the management of the company. Internal memo To: All staff From: Group F Date: April 29 Wednesday, 2010 Subject: Our company It is a company handling a mobile PC. I receive a duty I think in comparison with the PC of other companies to become more compact, and to produce. Our company is a company making a mobile PC. It is the company which aimed for doing it in comparison with the conventional mobile PC more compactly. We want to make good product any more another company. And, we want to be helpful for people. We think always how to make mobile PC of compacter. Our major target is the university students. They should be busy and want to save money, so I think that they choose our fast food. Also, other persons concerned and professors will be the same. Fast-food industry is growth one, of course. In short term, we will become the center of university's attention. I think it is good chance to get many good customers. And It gets involved with long term business. Your most important company strengths and core competencies: * What factors will make the company succeed? The condition, customer and industry. * What do you think your major competitive strengths will be? The location. * What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture? A cute character. The power of the advertisement is superior to anything else.
  4. 4. Week 4 INFORMATION RESEARCHER A:Even you are out, you can access to the latest information easily with an mobile PC. The tool which will be able to get more information is necessary for you. Various work is enabled at every place when you use the mobile PC equipped with of powerful operation systems. Using the powerful new portable PC, you can enjoy entertainment wherever you are. B:It explains the strong points, and that is most important for advertisement. These documents are concise but easy to understand. Customers want lots of information for purchase. C:I think that these documents contribute powerful interest of customers toward our project. And, at same time, we can learn about how to advertisement. D:We decide to make brochure of our company planed at last week homework. And this information will be supporting our project. CONTENT ORGANIZER A:Our plan is compact style and easy to understand. B:the most impressive things. C: We must write compact style. We must write easy to understand. We must write no a false report. We must not write a wrong letter. There is an impact. D: We think that it give a reader a more good impression.
  6. 6. Week 5 HSMP [1] What is HSMP? ・HSMP was established in 2010. ・HSMP is taking of the high specs mobile PC initial. ・Our company motto is that mobile PC make to carry easily and high specs. ・And, our company develop parts of PC. [2] Price Standard specs OS xxxxxxxx CPU xxxxxxxx Display 10inch Memory 2GB HDD 80GB Wireless Bluetooth Price 85,000yen This is standard specs but you can selects parts for your hope and price goes up and falls. [3]Benefits ・My company is high specs, low price and you select parts for your hope. ・Using the powerful new portable PC, you can enjoy entertainment wherever you are. ・Various work is enabled at every place when you use the mobile PC equipped with of powerful operation systems. [4]Contact ・Web: ・Email: [5]Address and Map Address: shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Map:
  7. 7. Week 6 INFORMATION RESEARCHER A Three online documents write how to write the Business Plan. B Because there are a table and a graph, it is easy to transmit only words. Space and changing line are put, it is easy to see. There tables that can be compared every year and month, and state of market can be understand. It has entry. As a result, it is easy to understand what you write. C It is necessary to always understand the appearance of the market summarizing data in the graph and the table. I attach an entry and a table of contents and write it, as a result it is easy to understand. D We have a plan that PC business is starting. And We are developing a Business Plan and write it. I found a hint in three online documents. It is important that I summarize it in a graph, because we can easily read some data and keep a market under control. CONTENT ORGANIZER A Overall, what is your plan for designing the final document? I catch a purpose definitely, and write it. B Identify the major headings / paragraphs in the logical order of the document. Paragraph drawn game is necessary for the important sentence of the sentence. C Five Explain the major points that you see in the final document. An aim. A clear purpose. Means to achieve a purpose. The money that is necessary to take means. An abstract. D Explain the logical organization in the document. Why did you choose to organize the document this way? A title, an aim, a purpose, means, a budget. So that a minimum item is written.
  9. 9. Week 7 Business of Mobile PC Japan, Tokyo, xxxxxx 03-3973-xxxx s1150253 Mirai Watanabe s1170089 Masaki Ando s1170107 Toshiko Sato s1170114 Tomoko Tanikawa
  10. 10. II. Executive Summary ・Company name and type Our company name is HSMP. HSMP takes the initial of high specs mobile PC. ・Goals or objectives of the plan Our purpose is making mobile PC of compacter and high specs. And, it uses for the many people. ・How the plan will be implemented First, we borrows money from the bank and sell stock certificate. Second, our company and factory are built. Third, worker is employed and PC is developed by. Last, PC is assembled at the factory, and it sells it to the guest. ・Effect of the plan on the business Guest can buy high specs and cheap PC. And, it is very small wherever it can carry easily. Name of the business and the legal for of operation, e.g., sole proprietorship. This business name is high specs and small PC. ・Amount of money needed 100000000 yen ・How the money will be used The half of B is used for the construction of the factory and the company. It is cost for 1/4 of the B to collect the resources. The remainder is a labor cost etc. ・Effect of the money on the business 150000000 yen
  11. 11. I. Cover Page II. Executive Summary III. Table of Contents IV. The Business ・Description of the Business ・Industry Analysis ・Vision Statement ・Vision Trigger ・Mission Statement ・Business Objectives V. Business Operations ・Marketing ・Competitive Analysis ・Legal Structure ・Management Expertise ・Support Personnel VI. Financial Planning Tools VII. Summary VIII. Supporting Documentation
  12. 12. IV. The Business A. Description of the Business I examine the product situation of the rival company. I look at the website of other rival companies and check a product and I go to the market and check the real thing. I announce the result through presentation. B. Industry Analysis It is a recent tendency. I do not matter in a season. I increase and decrease depending on a user. I grow up with population. I am the always same. The intention of the user. A production factory. The whole world. An object main a developed nation. A PC user C. Vision Statement It is business one year for preparations for test two years for development one year for one year. D. Vision Trigger I am small as possible so that a high function and carrying around are convenient as possible. E. Mission Statement I am smaller than other companies, and develop it. It is higher-performance than other companies, and develop it. F. Business Objectives Make a PC. There are a desktop PC, a note PC even if I say a PC and treats a note PC in my in- dustry. Furthermore, I am small and aim at the high function even if I say a note PC.
  13. 13. V. Business Operations A. Marketing Product: A lot of color variations: 24 colors. Strong in a shock from the outside. Light weight and easy to carry. Price: Memory of USB is 6562yen,computer is 100000yen,mouse is 2000yen,keyboard is 3000yen. We make it with low price not to be defeated by the other companies and reduce a cost. Place: Our company is in Tokyo. The place where has good enough sites and environment. Promotion: Our company need one hundred million yen. We make a good product with few costs and push for- ward a plan carefully. B. Industry Analysis ・NEC bout 156,000 connection number of employees has the greatest number of employees in Sumitomo group and are located in the ninth place in all Japanese companies. ・TOSHIBA Toshiba offers a high quality, high efficiency, a high reliability storage article by loud technology to lead the industry. ・SONY It largely strengthens the TV function of the PC. C. Legal Structure: 1. Customers are University students, business worker, and specialist of PC. 2. a managing director. 3. A plan and the development of the product. D. Management Expertise 1. The owner established the company which made superior mobile PC in a cost and performance. 2. The person who graduates from a university of science and technology. 3. 300,000 yen a month salaries. I take responsibility for work and must wrestle. 4. We can develop business all over the world E. Support Personnel The company employs the student who graduated from a university of science and technology and does business. The person of good business results can be promoted.
  14. 14. VI. Financial Planning Tools 1 Create a "Chart of Accounts Personnel expenses etc 25,000,000 Developer Construction of the 50,000,000 company and factory Worker 50,000,000 100,000,00 0 collect parts 25,000,000 Disbursement Earning 2 Address several items as part of your accounting system. A: I change using bank properly or private so money does not become sloppy. I have two wallets when I hand to pay cash. B: Whether it is money of work is judged at time because work and private are clearly understand. And,it is possible to execute it surely When I am recording in the note. C: when we ship PC, it manages with the personal computer. And, it recording note by hand be- cause mistake decreases and even if digital data disappears, it doesn't embarrass it. D: We cannot use car by business because it is almost development and assembling of the work. But, we use computer by development, order and advertising. E: I need bookkeeping system. If my business is success, I spent carefully money. Moreover, it is likely to go bankrupt when there are a lot of uselessness.
  15. 15. VII. Summary We make mobile PC on the large scale. The mobile PC will become major and we extend our busi- ness more and more. Our company manages the big amount of money. It will become high risk but also big benefit. We have a target figure which we make the profit, at least, half of base money. To make it true, we work hard, make good marketing, solve a lots of problems, and manage the member of the stuff. VIII. Supporting Documentation 1 Resume Our company is making mobile PC. Our mobile PC is more high specs and compacter than another. And, our thinking is that seller and buyer make to become happy. Our company keeps making an effort for that. 2 Letter of Intent Our company is making mobile PC. My company is famous in Japan but not famous around world. Then, My company is possible to be big and become a well-known in the world by receiving your cooperation so My company wants to work together. 3 Letter of Recommendation I am a professor of xxx at the University of Aizu. When the president is a university student, he was serious and the research worked hard so his company is possible to trust. My name is xxx. I am a classmate in high school. He worked hard to realize the dream. And, he will work hard in the future if he realized the dream. 4 Special Awards, Achievements Award of the price .com, a prize for design of The prize in the design section 5 Newspaper and Magazine Clippings There are column which the PC article of the newspaper is written, DOSV POWER, REPORT/PC HotList, DOSV USER, DOSV ISSUE. The details of the PC of our company are written using the one side of the newspaper. 6 Additional Relevant Information Supporting Your Business Our company has about 2000 workers. We wanted to make mobile PC of compacter because it is east to carry. Rival company is NEC, TOSHIBA, and SONY. Customers are University students, business worker, and specialist of PC. Our company needs one hundred million yen.
  16. 16. Week 8 INFORMATION RESEARCHER A The commercial situation, the user needs of the mobile PC B ・The commerce information of the mobile PC ・ User needs ・ The comparison of a mobile PC and the desktop PC ・ What do you do so that a mobile PC is light weighted? ・ A way of the sale of the mobile PC C When I think about a cost, a purpose, I become important. D Feasibility Report is very important because we think whether current project can be realized. It is planned in the future and you should review the plan if it cannot be done. CONTENT ORGANIZER A The plan is almost okay so I permit to make final document. We will be starting soon and talking about enough. B introduction, process, result, summary and opinion. C ・introduction : Reader don't know the kind of this report. ・process : To explain what we did. ・result : The fact result from the process. ・summary : What we want to say finally. ・opinion : This is most important contents of this document. D Because of the reliability. We can make better document with this way. The 5 major points are important for final document clearly and base of the document.
  18. 18. Week 9 Feasibility report We examine the product situation of the rival company and go to the market and check the real thing. Now, We announce the result through presentation. We sell a PC in a developed nation because there is much demand. And we also sell at the place where there is an electric wave. Because a Mobile PC is not usable at the place without an electric wave. We make a contract with large-scale electric appliance shop because, then, Our goods are easy to at- tract attention. And we publicize it by lots of commercials. Because it is easy to win through up to the impression of the person. A sale date is not covered with a rival company. The reason is demand increases. It is difficult to obtain the required permissions, the human resources, the machines to set up our business. Our company is necessary to register the trade name. And, we are necessary to describe the business purpose for starting the business and the grants are taken. Additionally, it is necessary to decide the address in headquarters in our company and owner. We are necessary to gather the working person. We think that we change places that the person who works additionally collects in the purpose. Person who develops the personal computer poached de- veloper from other company and it need many money so person who assembled mobile personal computer employ in prices are low. And we must need to create an environment for developing and stock with the raw material for assembling. We consume a lot of time and money for completing everything. A talented person and land, a factory are necessary for our company. A manager, an engineer, a businessman are necessary about a talented person. You must confirm whether you are specialized in the technology of the notebook PC properly. Because there is the factory about the land, I avoid a residential area and must be near to the market. Because they must carry out a delicate activity about the factory, robots are necessary. It is important for us to get opinion from many people. We decide from valuation from customer and look the website which has survey system. Then, We will have some of problem about manage- ment of company such as working hours, pricing of our product, the location, advertising your product. For example, Our company location is not suitable at all. The reason is from a commonplace re- mark. Usually, the factory isn’t built in city and we will have to change the place with others’ idea. As a conclusion, we change a little but maintain the policy. The industry is mobile PC, the location is in Tokyo and rival company is a large company.
  19. 19. Week 10 INFORMATION RESEARCHER A There are many online resources such as an electronic book. We can use it easy and effectively. It has many useful function such as self-listing, bookmark, changing the form of a character. But, on the other hand, we should pay attention for contents of book. B *Many craft books put all materials at the beginning of each project so readers know up front what to buy. But self-help books do not need to include such a list. *My writing tips pages are a kind of instruction manual. The numbering helps people to know when they are going to move to something completely different. The bold type gives a visual shorthand for those who prefer to skim rather than read word by word. *Use simple words, short sentences(Keep sentences shorter than in other types of writing), and point form when it will help. Make sure your manual is clear and readable. *Not only will you have an expert opinion, but also you will have some potential approvals for your book. *Once you have tested and retested your work, give it to someone else to test. An editor who understands the particular nature of a how-to book or manual can tell you which editing services would best meet your needs. C We should read more information about how to write book and look for some person who we will ask the test-reading. Making book is difficult without enough preparation. D There is how to make an electronic book on the reference document and current project is making that.
  20. 20. Week 11 Instructional Guide It is a company with a notebook PC. It is the epoch-making company which made much of a func- tion aiming at light-weighting more if possible. I assemble a light-weighted part with a robot, and a user uses it. The point to decide what to buy is your use. When you want light and portable PC, my company is suit for your demand. We put Styrofoam inside and protect it from a shock. And we cover the outside with strong corrug- ated cardboard. We have the manual to correspond. It is used to do the same correspondence by whomever. The cor- respondence manual is made so our company has a system that can question by the telephone. It distributes person corresponding to question. This manual is using it when it is questioned by telephone by the guest. There is a website in our company. It corresponds to a lot of languages and answer of question is written to one of the websites. Additionally, there is a system that can question by the telephone. We contact it with a mailing list.
  21. 21. Our company name is HSMP Our company purpose ・ Mobile PC make to carry easily. ・ Size is small and high specs PC is made.
  22. 22. Web Brochure ·We write adress and contact to get in touch with the customer. ·We refer not only to the price, but also to the Benefits and detailed spe c of our PC.
  23. 23. Business Plan ·we borrows money from the bank and sell s tock certificate. ·Our company and factory built. ·Worker is employed. ·PC is assembled at the factory, and it se lls to the guest.
  24. 24. Importance of web-brochure ● HSMP web- brochures is a technical suppor t and catalog of business for the product. ● HSMP aim to give you the best results by the most cost effective means.
  25. 25. Importance of Business Plan ・ We understand what need starting business. ・ What we should do is made clear. ・ The business plan becomes a checked thing.
  26. 26. Web-brochure logical arrangement ● Web-brochure values comprehensible,in vie w of others. ● Moreover, the point that should be shown is lacked by thinking about something.
  27. 27. Arrangement of content ・ An important thing was written. ・ The flow until starting business is mad e table. ・ We use it as a check list.
  28. 28. The point of Web Brochure ·Performance of HSMP's PC. ·A method of the advertising ·A minute plan.
  29. 29. The point of Business Plan ·We should to make the good plan and explain concretely. ·use a reliable source of information. ·When something wrong is found, we have to stop or make an amendment soon.
  30. 30. Thank you