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  1. 1. group: F 1. INFORMATION RESEARCHER - Person # 1 A. How would you prefer to read and search for information from the above article? Write in your own words; 75 words minimum. First,I confirm the title.The reason is because it checks what kind of thing becomes the theme on the page that oneself looks at.Second, I check An entry.I read the contents which a smaller part can understand to see an entry.Finaly, I read it while arranging information last by reading a sentence divided into every entry.
  2. 2. B. Write 5 major points in the article that are important. Write in your own words; 100 words minimum. I write five important point that are written below for the article.First, a business go through the trouble of constructing a business plan have major reasons. It is The process of putting a business plan together forces the person preparing the plan to look at the business in an objective and critical manner.The other are the Executive Summary, the Product or Service, the Marketing Strategy,the Management Team,,,and so on.Anyway, it is that there is it for the accumulation of a fundamental thing to be important for the company.
  3. 3. C. Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above article when preparing to design an important business plan on any topic? Write in your own words; 75 words minimum. It being important to read a main point because it is the thing which it is easy to divide the article into some points, and is written.To manage the check of the article to situation of the economy and state of the company, situation with the other companies, Sara elsewhere.In other words it being important that it reacts to the situation of the circumference sensitively I conduct a business, and to plan.
  4. 4. D. Write a paragraph explaining a business situation where a business plan is necessary. Write in your own words; 100 words minimum. The first page of your business plan should be a persuasive summary that will entice a reader to take the plan seriously and read on. The Executive Summary should follow the cover page, and not exceed two pages in length.It is important for the reader to thoroughly understand your product offering or the services you currently provide or plan on providing. However, it is important to explain this section in layman's terms to avoid confusion. Do not overwhelm the reader with technical explanations or industry jargon that he or she will not be familiar with.It is important to discuss the competitive advantage your product or service has over the competition. Or, if you are entering a new market, you should answer why there is a need for your offering.
  5. 5. 2. CONTENT ORGANIZER - Person # 2 A.Explain the overall idea for designing a business plan as is mentioned in the article above. (50 words minimum) The main reason to make a business plan is to run the company properly. An employee and the manager of the company do not become the customer of the company, the strength without clear understanding of the competition. In the company, the circumference is not precocious without it well and becomes outdated steadily. Therefore a proper plan is necessary by all means.
  6. 6. B. Talk about a business plan that you want to prepare. Explain at least 10 major points you will include in this business plan of your choice. What will be the purpose of the plan?. Write in your own words. I expect business plan is following 10. 1. Offer good service by a visitor. 2. Understand the supply and demand of the market, and offer the article which accepted it. 3. Catch the latest information immediately, and think about whether cannot keep it alive. 4. Give each one a role well. 5. Bet money on personnel training properly.
  7. 7. 6. Make a prospect after year, the following day well. 7. Make advertisements well, and convey the good point of the article of the own company. 8. Let after-sale service fill up, and have the reputation that is good for a visitor. 9. Steal the place that may examine the information of other companies. 10. Make a questionnaire and a complaints box in the Edo era to take in a lot of opinions.
  8. 8. C. Write five sentences explaining how a company should approach the design of a business plan. 1,The size of the niche market. Include supporting documentation. 2,Understanding your competition's strengths and weaknesses is critical for establishing your product's or service's competitive advantage. 3,The process of putting a business plan together forces the person preparing the plan to look at the business in an objective and critical manner. 4,The first page of your business plan should be a persuasive summary that will entice a reader to take the plan seriously and read on. The Executive Summary should follow the cover page. 5,They must also have the foresight to plan for future expansion. Whether yours is a new business or an existing business in the process of expanding, money is often an issue.
  9. 9. D. Write down five key words and its meaning that you read in the above article.Write in your own words. Competition:The thing which is essential so that a company develops. If there is not this, it gradually becomes outdated. Operations:Perform it in a company; a main thing. Management:A company is destroyed unless I change expense well. Personnel:People constituting a company. I have work go. Market:The place that sells a thing. It is important that I ascertain supply and demand well.
  10. 10. 3. PLAN DEVELOPER - Person # 3 A. Develop a short concept map using the Concept Mapping software based on the article you see above. B. Develop a short concept map explaining how the following article is organized.
  11. 11. C. Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map you developed. competition : a situation in which people or organizations try to be more successful than other people or organizations particular : a particular thing or person is the one that you are talking about, and not any other segments : a part of something that is different from or affected differently from the whole in some way strategies : a planned series of actions for achieving something constitute : to be considered to be something
  12. 12. D. Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the the article you see above. Why write a business plan? Who should write the business plan? How should we make business plan components?