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  1. 1. A. How would you advertise your business to the community? Write 5 points to explain how you think the ideas / concepts will be successful. Explain how another company selling a similar commodity markets their product. 1. Our company is going to hand out leaflets. It makes acknowledgement by a lot of people and it is possible to come to the shop. 2. We are going to hold the opening sale. Customers can be going to watch what kind of goods, and we will acquire regular customers. 3. Our company is going to hold a briefing session of the shop which shows the marketing channel etc. 4. We are going to run the homepage of the shop. We will sell products by mail. 5. We will send the e-mail magazine every weeks. Other companies put on a commercial on the television as advertisement, and sell a commodity. However, our company cannot put on a commercial on the television because it is still small.
  2. 2. B. What is the job of the human resources division in a company? How will you set up such a division in your company? Write down 5 questions that you will ask a potential employee in your company during a interview. I think about the work that there is in the person well and want to change personnel affairs like that. I evaluate contents of the work that came over and think that I should give a position deserving it so far. 1. Do wish for work with the pride of the company well? 2. Do do work pleased with by a visitor? 3. Do you keep the time tight? 4. Can build peaceful human relations? 5. Are you happy to be working? I think that I want to do 5 like this for an employee in the company answered with confidence yes.
  3. 3. C. How will you divide the responsibility of running the company amongst your group partners? Sho Minagawa is the president and supervise the whole shop. He is chief executive and must come in most important things for our company. For example, bargain with any other companies. Takuma Yabe is the sub president and decide the arrangement of the commodity in the inside of a store and brings forward the new products. He also handles the accounting work. Noriaki Hiruta is a buyer and stock merchandise from various companies. He also handles checking our company's computer systems. Takaaki Yaguchi is a seller and sell one's wares with explaining the commodity to the guest. He also handles controling the security of our company.
  4. 4. D. Clearly write down the 5 different ways you will treat your potential customer with after-sales service. If something goes wrong with the product after it is sold, how will you provide customer service. Provide an example of how something might go wrong with the product. 1,I repair an article gratis or change it gratis for the constant period when an article was broken. 2,I establish the form of the customer service that can be equivalent to a visitor immediately. 3,If there is the hope of the visitor, I maintain article gratis. 4,If customer can not understand way of product, we teach the way. 5,I grasp the characteristics of the product well, and significant shopping is possible for a visitor. When there was deficiency to a sold product, I offer a new article immediately and apologize well. When it was said that the article was broken, or short the parts by the customer,we goes to the home from this place and checks a bad point immediately.
  5. 5. E. How will you study the local market and what your competitors are doing? What will be some of the methods and approaches that you will consider? These discuss the practicality, and possibly the suitability and compatibility of a given project, both in physical and economic terms. They also discuss the desirability of the proposed project from the viewpoint of those who would be affected by it. Report writers must come to a conclusion, and must recommend that some action is taken or is not taken and/or that some choice is adopted or is rejected. The feasibility study decides right or wrong of the enforcement of a plan and the business and uses it to choose the most suitable plan among plural schedule. And, in spite of being the feasibility study leaving technical economic feasibility and the consideration to the environment, investigation / the examination that stood on the political influence becomes indispensable.