Individual Sections Development Exercise 3


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Individual Sections Development Exercise 3

  1. 1. A. How would you prefer to read and search for information from the above article? Write in your own words; 75 words minimum. It is very important to do the business plan. So we should understand it. This document can serve as a powerful financing proposal. This article will take you through the step-by-step process of developing a business plan. The importance of planning should never be overlooked. Taking time to create an extensive business plan provides you with insight into your business. To make a better business plan, we should spend a lot of time. So we can learn about business science.
  2. 2. B. Write 5 major points in the article that are important. Write in your own words; 100 words minimum. 1, To complete an effective business plan you must dedicate time to complete the plan. It requires you to be objective, critical and focused. 2, Business plan is a strong communication tool for your business. It defines your purpose, your competition, your management and personnel. 3, Business planning is very important if a business is to survive. By taking an objective look at your business you can identify areas of weakness and strength. 4, The owner of the business should write the plan. He is the one that knows the most about the business. Consultants can be hired to assist you in the process of formulating a business plan, but in reality you must do a majority of the work. 5, It is important for the reader to thoroughly understand your product offering or the services you currently provide or plan on providing. Don't overwhelm the reader with technical explanations or industry jargon that he or she will not be familiar with.
  3. 3. C.Explain 5 reasons why one should read the above article when preparing to design an important business plan on any topic? Write in your own words; 75 words minimum. 1, We should think about the composition before making a better business plan. The composition is important for make business plan. 2, You will realize needs that may have been overlooked, spot problems and nip them before they escalate, and establish plans to meet your business goals. 3, If you need further help in one area, then seek the assistance of the consultant. The consultant might help us. 4, Your business plan's the first page should be a persuasive summary that will entice a reader to take the plan seriously and read on. The Executive Summary should follow the cover page, and not exceed two pages in length. 5, Investors look for management teams with a thorough knowledge of their target market. If you have existing customers, provide an analysis of who your customers are, their purchasing habits, their buying cycle.
  4. 4. D. Write a paragraph explaining a business situation where a business plan is necessary. Write in your own words; 100 words minimum. Business plan is very important for manage business. Business plan helps to focus ideas and serves as a feasibility study of the business's chances for success and growth. It can help you manage the business and prepare you for success. Business plan is important communication tool. Once the business plan is completed, it should become an operational tool to measure the success of the business. This plan should be updated as milestones are reached. Often companies will spend enormous time, energy and financial resources to complete this arduous task just for the purpose of obtaining additional capital. A business plan is very specific to each particular business. To complete an effective business plan you must dedicate time to complete the plan.
  5. 5. A. Business plan should be a persuasive summary that will entice a reader to take the plan seriously and read on.and important for the reader to thoroughly under stand your product offering or the services you currently provide or plan on providing.
  6. 6. B. ・I make it the company satisfied by a consumer. ・I make an article unlike the other companies. ・I make an article of high quality. ・I make a modern store. ・I answer the demand of the consumer. ・A purchase is done on the Internet. ・I make a reward card. ・Sell the article of various fields. ・I value the objection of the consumer. ・I make an advertisement.
  7. 7. C. At first, I collect funds.And I buy land.I build a store to sell an article next.And I order it from a factory to make an article.Finally, I publicize it.
  8. 8. D. The Product or Service : That is very important in a business plan. The Market :I decide an article to make hereby. The Marketing Strategy :Even an article of good quality does not sell if I fail this. The Competition :That is necessary to bring up a company. The Management Team:The Necessary for the continuation of the company.
  9. 9. A. a-4285081 B. b-4285083
  10. 10. C. Write down the definition of 5 major key words that are used in the concept map you developed. 1. summary a short statement that gives the main information about something without giving all the details 2. business making money by producing or buying and selling goods, or providing services 3. company a business organization that makes or sells goods or services 4. objective something that you are trying hard to achieve,especially in business or politics 5. vision ability to see
  11. 11. D. Write down three major questions that might explain the major argument or information in the the article you see above. 1. What is the advantage of a concise escape? 2. What is the small and medium-sized enterprise? 3. What is a final target?