How RSS Works


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How RSS Works

  1. 1. How RSS Works Rss is Really Simple Syndication that is a way to subscribe to a source of information, such as a Web site, and get brief updates delivered to you.
  2. 2. Introduction to How Rss works The source of Rss is called a feed. When you subscribe, you'll get a feed of all the articles published on that particular Web page. This lets you scan the articles on the page more efficiently. Sometimes you'll even spot more headlines that you might never have seen buried on the original page.
  3. 3. RSS Reader 1 Reading feeds requires a few simple things, many of which you already have. You'll need a computer -- or compatible electronic device -- and an Internet connection. After that, you need something that can read, or aggregate, RSS files. Aggregators collect and interpret RSS feeds in one location.
  4. 4. Rss Reader 2 The popularity of RSS feeds has encouraged companies that offer personal home pages, such as Yahoo! and Google, to incorporate feed readers into their products. If you have a MyYahoo! or iGoogle page, you can add your feeds there. Whether you read at home or at work, you'll be receiving the same information. If you want your national news in one folder and your gardening blogs in a separate folder, you can do that.
  5. 5. Creating RSS Feeds 1 RSS isn't really that different from a normal Web site. In fact, they're the same in one respect: Both are simple text files on Web servers.RDF is based on extensible markup language (XML), a cousin of hypertext markup language. RSS is based on XML, however, the document contains information that tells the aggregator where to look for the standard upon which it's based. It's an extra step that happens on the back end and is invisible to you as you view an RSS feed.
  6. 6. Creating RSS Feeds 2 Many common blogging tools such as Blogger, Vox, Movable Type and WordPress have the ability to syndicate your weblog in RSS, without your having to learn how to write code. These weblog programs include everything needed to publish a feed: the address, title, meta and other necessary information are all included for you.