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Analysis DELL USA's web-site


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Analysis DELL USA's web-site

  1. 1. Analysis DELL USAs Web-site S1170024 Takuma Sugimoto
  2. 2. Concept Map Design
  3. 3. Keyword Used to be in Concept MapDetailed informationPress releasedTheir productsInformationOffices worldwide
  4. 4. Important Sentence in Concept MapDELL USAs web site provides informationabout its office worldwide.DELL USAs web site can buy their products.DELL USAs web-site published press released.
  5. 5. Definition Keywords in Concept MapDetailed information: This web-site provides detailed information.Press released: This web-site published press released.Their products: The DELLs products.Information: This web-site provides information.Offices worldwide: DELL is worldwide company.