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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Introduction ● While surfing the Internet, do you find yourself going to get a cup of coffee, grab a magazine or retile your bathroom between page loads? ● If so, chances are you're using a dial- up connection.
  2. 2. Dial-up Speed ● The connection speed of dial-up is limi ted by the bandwidth of phone lines. ● But, the average file size for Web cont ent is getting larger and larger. ● It takes a lot time to squeeze all of t hat data through a dial-up connection.
  3. 3. New Technology ● New technology offers a solution to the slow-down that doesn't necessitate broa dband. ● EarthLink are now offering "high-speed dial-up. ● It can get connection speeds that are f ive times faster than traditional dial- up service.
  4. 4. Handshake Protocol ● The strange sort of "R2-D2 in a blender " type chirping is called the handshake protocol. ● It is the first thing that bogs down th e speed of dial-up Internet.
  5. 5. Modem Handshake and Software Handshake ● Modem handshake is the modem initializi ng the Internet connection. ● Software handshake is which deals with authenticating the user's access to the ISP. ● They can speed up the software handshak e.
  6. 6. Summary ● I understood that the high-speed dial-u p connection was faster than the conven tional dial-up connection. ● It was hard to give presentation in Eng lish.