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  1. 1. st 1 slide● Write your own heading that explains how to use moodle for a conference website.(1 sentence) After logging in, please go to “Home -> Course -> Community Discussion -> Conference”.
  2. 2. nd 2 slide● Why is it difficult to manage learning without Moodle?(2 sentences) Because moodle user can ask a question to community member. They can share the question and answer.
  3. 3. rd 3 slide● How effective is moodle as a learning management system?(3 sentences) Moodle user can review previous assignment. It is very important to review assignment because if one does not review, he forget it. Most effective learning is iteration of learn and review.
  4. 4. th 4 slide● How to initiate a conversation/discussion in moodle?(3 sentences) If you want to chat with other moodlers, you go to Moodle Lounge. You can initiate a new topic by pushing “Add a new discussion topic” button. You have to choose any topic you want to discuss.
  5. 5. th 5 slide● How to design a quiz in moodle?(3 sentences) There are two steps to create a new quiz. First, you create a new quiz and set its option. Second, you edit the quiz to add it.
  6. 6. th 6 slide● How to submit a proposal for the conference in moodle?(2 sentences) You click “Turn Editing On” and go to the topic to create the forum. You select “Forum” from dropdown menu.
  7. 7. th 7 slide● How to initiate a chat feature in moodle?(3 sentences) First, one who want to chat propose topic. People who are interested in the topic answer it. Many people submit various topic, so main feature is choosing any topic if you are interested in.
  8. 8. th 8 slide● How to design open-ended quiz in moodle?(3 sentences) Basically, all quiz have correct answer. We regard open-ended quiz as no correct answer quiz. Thus, question master design no result and infinite time quiz.