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Sony s1160028


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Sony s1160028

  1. 1. SONYS1160028 Imura Hayato
  2. 2. What is SONY?• It is an electronic equipment manufacturer, and it is a manufacturer of electric appliances.• In AV equipment field, it is the biggest business in the world.• It has the business area in six fields.
  3. 3. What is SONY?• The six are an electronics businesses, a game businesses, a financial businesses, a music businesses, and are a movie businesses, and other businesses.• VAIO, Walkman, and PlayStation have the brand power that of each is high.
  4. 4. About last few years• Delaying starting of thin-screen TV field.• PSX and PS3 are inactive and power in the game business is lost.
  5. 5. Foreigner CEO• It became pioneering example that the foreigner assumed the position of a top big enterprise in Japan.• He is a journalist coming from, and it is unusual also in the world.
  6. 6. Sony United• There is Sony United of the word in Sony.• It means the entire group should unite.• Previous Sony was an analog vertical society by about five years.
  7. 7. Original standard• Sony has the corporate culture that sticks to an original standard.• The mini plug installed in ipod is the one.• It is a lot because the irrecoverable damage stuck to it too much.
  8. 8. Lithium-ion battery• It is located in the fourth place in the world in the lithium-ion battery industry.• However, Japanese firm begins to be deprived of the world share.• It is gaining power of South Korea and China.
  9. 9. Digital book• The leader is put on the market in the electronic book industry.• It is expected to become the market of 140 billion yen scale in 2014.• However, the opinion conflicts with the publication industry.
  10. 10. My opinion• Sony that covers various fields.• However, it is all one step now.• It is a point where it wants you to work hard that it doesnt become a past big enterprise.