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s1160028 Hayato Imura English of rakuten


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Published in: Education
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s1160028 Hayato Imura English of rakuten

  1. 1. English of RAKUTEN S1160028 Hayato Imura
  2. 2. In-house English Language Education• It promptly corresponds to todays global political world by thorough English Language Education.• The conference of the Japanese for the Japanese uses English.
  3. 3. In-house English Language Education• RAKUTEN is connecting Berlitz Japan Inc. of with the language school contract.• The teachers are 200 people or more how.• It is possible to visit the seriousness of RAKUTEN from this thing.
  4. 4. In other enterprises• There is no strict rule.• However, the foreigner and the Japanese speak in English.• It is a rule.
  5. 5. Criticism• In the specialist, there is a critical opinion about the English Language Education of RAKUTEN.• There is a person that RAKUTEN fails in English Language Education.
  6. 6. My opinion• From subsequent page to my opinion• I am negative in the English Language Education of RAKUTEN when saying to the start.• Of course, it agrees with the study of English and it is necessary for me today.
  7. 7. My opinion• English Language Education is terrible and important in a global society.• The point aimed at of A is worth the evaluation.
  8. 8. HOWEVER• Is English really necessary in the conversation of the Japanese?• Is English necessary at the conference where a lot of Japanese exist in Japan?
  9. 9. HOWEVER• The foreigner should speak Japanese oppositely at such time.• There is such a proverb.• When in Rome, do as the Romans do
  10. 10. HOWEVER• If communications are taken with the foreigner if it says, English is more necessary.• However, it only has to handle the interpreter at the conference.• English not is a language, and is a purpose but a means in the business.