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Dot com bubble


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Dot com bubble

  1. 1. .com bubbles1160028 Hayato Imura
  2. 2. .com bubble?It happened in 1999.the place The United States is center.Abnormal climax of actual demand investment and stockinvestment of companies
  3. 3. Stock pricesThe NASDAQ composite index zooms.The index : from 1000 to 5000.The same thing cuts it also in Europe, Asia, and Japan.
  4. 4. Stock pricesThe venture boom is accelerated.However, the bubble collapses completely in 2002.The cause is rise of the interest rate and a terrorism.
  5. 5. CollapseIt is a major company after Google and Amazon, etc. thatsurvived at this time.911 terrorisms after burst of the economic bubble gave impetusto it.At this time, China has not been so influenced.It is because as no now the information technology boom.
  6. 6. In JapanStock prices of the related issue rise little by little in 1998.Softbank, the optical communication, and the Osaka cable, etc.participate in the investment.However, the bubble did not continue long.
  7. 7. In JapanIt is IT burst of the economic bubble in March, 2000.Stock prices of the related issue are about 1/100.However, damage was originally limited because it wasrecessional.
  8. 8. Information revolutionIt might be assumed that 2000 year is an age of the informationrevolution in Japan.The information field develops rapidly in 1980.It is human races the third revolution following an agriculturalrevolution and an industrial revolution.
  9. 9. My opinionThe evolution of PC equipment in about 2000 was terrible.I began to be interested in the personal computer for the firsttime just.However, it is not impressed in the present age and those daysof now.
  10. 10. My opinionA recent new item is only a minor change to my desire.It is only an invention that everyone expects.Does not something quite new invention exist?Something that fundamentally changes the current world.I am requesting advancement like oil from coal.