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  1. 1. week13 Why are businesses investing in online proj ect management?
  2. 2. Member  S1150176 Katsuyuki nishiguti  S1150188 yusuke Baba
  3. 3. index  Why are businesses investing in online proj ect management?  Basic Online Project Management Functions  Approaches to Online Project Management
  4. 4. Why are businesses investing in o nline project management?  Why are businesses investing in online proj ect management.  In the good old days, people had to keep ev erything organized by hand. They'd use logb ooks, calendars and paper files to plan.  Today, project managers can take advantage of tools and software that reduce the amoun t of paperwork and space they once needed
  5. 5. Basic Online Project Management F unctions  The purpose of an online project management system is to organize and simplify projects from start to finish.  There are two major approaches to online pr oject management software -- client/server systems and Web application systems. What's the difference? Keep reading to find out.
  6. 6. Approaches to Online Project Mana gement  One way to implement an online project mana gement system is to create a client/server architecture using an intranet. Unlike the Internet, which is the internetworking of c omputer systems around the globe  An alternative to the client/server approac h is a Web services online project manageme nt system.