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  1. 1. Week 11 How web seminars work
  2. 2. Member ● S1150176 Katsuyuki Nishiguti ● S1150188 Yusuke Baba
  3. 3. Index ● How Electronic Notifications Wor k ● Applications for Electronic Notifi cations ● Applications for Electronic Notifi cations
  4. 4. How Electronic Notifications Work ● The increasing use of SMS messages,voice mail and e-mail has made it possible to continuously be in touch.Many businesses are relying on these technology tools to reach customers. ● Automated electronic notification also p rovides a way to easily analyze response s. For example, a CEO can send a voice me ssage inviting all international managers to an online training session.
  5. 5. Applications for Electronic Notificatio ns ● Here are example.Credit card companies ca n send instant fraud alerts to their clie nts at the first sign of irregular card u se or large purchases. ● Students and professors can receive insta nt class cancellation alerts. In case of severe weather or a campus emergency.
  6. 6. Applications for Electronic Notific ations ● Many companies subscribe to a third-party electronic notification service rather th an handling all mass communications in ho use. Here's how those subscription servic es work. ● Individuals could control all corresponde nce from a master account, choosing how a nd when to receive bank account notificat ions, news, tax forms, airline tickets, s ales promotions and personalized medical information­