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  1. 1. 1. Explain whether the organization of information in the site is user-friendly or not? ● The organization of information in the this site is not user-friendly. In this site, there are links which are an explanation of this site and contents such as FAG most downward in pages. ● It is not easy to find those links because those links don't appear if this page is not scrolled. ● There are some search boxes in this page. However, it that exists in top page is searchable only from the photoblog.
  2. 2. 2. Explain whether the presentation of content is appealing or not? ● This presentation of content is appealing for people who is interested in Japanese fashion and goods. ● You can check the Japanese urban fashion. ● You can know the brand of the clothes which a model wears and the price of clothes by watching a photograph. ● You may come to want clothes and the other articles which a model wears.
  3. 3. 3. Explain whether the effective use of technology is demonstrated? ● The effective use of technology is demonstrated in this web-site. ● Shopping contents gives recommended goods to users in online, and photo contents is very effective to users who want to know what fashion is a trend. ● Photos includes photo of a fashion, date, place, and colors. ● I think colors are most interest contents of this web- site. ● Users can check last twenty colors on top page, so they can know what color is a trend in recent days.
  4. 4. 4. Who is the target audience? Is the website appropriate for the projected audience? ● The target audiences are most of the people that are interested in Japanese street fashion, runway fashion and street culture. This website uploads many thousands of photos of Japanese girls street fashion, guys fashion, streets and shows every year. ● It also provides information on the Japanese fashion trends in order for designers, marketing departments, buyers, stylists, to follow the actual trends in live without coming to Japan. ● In addition , you can read fashion blogs on news, colors, trends, shops and people.
  5. 5. 5. Explain the quality of the content. ● The quality of this website contents is very high. ● This website uploads more than 20,000 photos of Japanese girls street fashion, guys fashion, streets and shows . ● This website has low loading time. Visitors can access any pages of this website easily. ● This website uses relevant titles and headlines for each page. It is easy for visitors to find information they are looking for. In addition ,new photos and comments are updated almost everyday.
  6. 6. 6. Is the information accessible? ● The information in this site is accessible. ● This site offer RSS feed. About each page of this site, The user can get the title, the address, the headline, the summary, the update time, and so on. This site has been optimized for the search engine. Therefore, the person who wants to receive information of this site can get it by searching.
  7. 7. 7. Explain whether the resources use real-world situations. ● In this web-site, People can know what fashion is a trend and how fashionable kind of people put on. ● These street fashion pictures are sent to abroad from Japan. ● It is interest contents for foreigners. ● They can get Japanese street fashion from this web-site and information of trends of Japanese. ● Japanese people also get same information too.
  8. 8. s1150113 Hiroki Sano
  9. 9. s1130176 Hitoshi Haga
  10. 10. s1150154 Hiroki Tamaru Fashion Japan upload provide photo blog of of of Japanese street street shows of of fashion of trends of Japanese of news color girls guy