Strategy of rakuten


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Strategy of rakuten

  1. 1. Strategy of Rakuten s1150027
  2. 2. Contents Importance English Why Rakuten think English is important? Too risky Rakuten global expansion(1) Rakuten global expansion(2) International Strategy(1) International Strategy(2) Reference
  3. 3. Importance EnglishRakuten think it is importance become to be able tospeak English.Rakuten begin to make officiallanguage into English.Rakuten announce cutemployee who learn English within 2 years.
  4. 4. Why Rakuten think English is important?Rakuten group has 6,000 employees globally, ofwhom about 400 are non-Japanese.The firm doesntkeep track of how many non-Japanese it has inJapan, while the 16 board members at itsheadquarters in Tokyo are all Japanese.Japanesecompanies looking to expand their overseas salesdont deny the merit of having employees proficient inEnglish, but none has gone as far as to require theirJapanese employees to speak English to otherJapanese employees.
  5. 5. Too riskyRakutens employee said we dont need so far sogood.Mikitani insists English is a must for all theemployees, saying in a recent magazine interview,"English is like soroban (abacus, meaning math) inyomi kaki soroban (reading, writing and arithmetic).Employees who cant speak English are out of thequestion."
  6. 6. Rakuten global expansion(1)Rakutens president Mikitani said that it was left thatoptimism was Japanese firm, and it became aworldwide enterprise.Rakuten started the overseas deployment of ECbusiness.Rakuten has already advanced to six countries asEC major company site in the United Statesand maximum EC site PriceMinister in Francepurchases and putting in the subsidiary, etc.
  7. 7. Rakuten global expansion(2)The company promotes the switching to English ofan in-house official language as the first step for thesuccess in the overseas deployment. The switchingto English of the company data is graduallypromoted besides asakai is made English thegathering of the board meeting, the managementcouncil, and all employees and doing every week"Meeting in the morning" .The company plans to makeall in-house communications English by 2012.
  8. 8. International Strategy(1)Mikitani said it is not integrate the business modelsby the stance of optimism when advancing todifferent regions of the world but to share theplatform.Rakuten is an adoption schedule of 68foreigners who hit about 20 percent of the whole in adomestic new graduate employment in fiscal year2011.
  9. 9. International Strategy(2)Mikitani said that it will be thought that thedevelopment section partially moves theheadquarters function of optimism to foreigncountries besides personnel exchanges to pass onknowhow to an overseas family enterprise can beable to be done smoothly as the brand marketingsection installs it in New York in India.He said that Rakuten end Japanese firm and becamea worldwide enterprise.
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