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My profile and events of 2010


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My profile and events of 2010

  1. 1. Name : Sameer Rashid MirPhone : 0333-8207424Home Address : Gulshan Ravi,LahoreEducation : Recently completed my Bachelor Degree of Computer Sciences(2006-2010);waitingfor ResultContact me at : of my work regarding University and with companies/organization/NGo`sMy University level Volunteering and program :List of Events in PUGC (Punjab University Gujranwala Campus):( 1. I gave a speech of WELCOME on Orientation Ceremony Dated: 8 Oct, 2008. 2. I Anchored a EMS (Event Management Society) show (formal part) dated: 12 Nov, 2008. 3. I Anchored a Farwell Show (Professor) (Formal Part) Dated 5th March, 2009. 4. I Anchored a Gamin and Agile Programming Competition (Formal Part) Dated: 12 June, 2009. 5. I Anchored a Farwell Show (to our seniors) (Informal part) dated: 16 June, 2009. 6. I Anchored in “ROAD TO TECHNOLOGY” in collaboration with INTEL 2010. 7. I got selected as an Anchor person on “AAG CHANNEL” show named: “Weekend with Mahira” in Contest “Dream Big”. 8. Compiled and Arranged a Book Named “Introduction to Computers ” for my University.I have my own “You tube” channel ( the Computers(Hardware and Software), and I have tired and trying to get people interest in computersas the future is in it my “You Tube Channel” Name is : s0tfz
  2. 2. TRAININGS/SEMINARS(Year 2010) 1. I attended Training on “Computer Configuration” at PUGC. 2. I attended Microsoft Office Launch 2010 at Lahore (PC). 3. I Attended Pasha Launch pad, 2010 at Lahore (Royal Palm). 4. I attended TedxLahore 31 August,2010 at Lahore. 5. I attended TedxRavi 7,August 2010 at Lahore (Topaz). 6. 25 Webcast and 500+ TEDTalks ( 7. I attended P@sha ICT Awards 2010 on 8th October. 8. I attended Tiecon2010. 9. I attended Seplaa TOP Awards. 10. I attended 7 secret of success. 11. I attended Gec`10. 12.I Attended Middle East South Asian Learning and OD Summit. 13.Training Students of School of class (6,7,8,9,10) about Computer, internet and Social MediaVolunteered in(Year 2010)Some Events I organized and volunteered in 2010 1. I volunteered in the Computer Confugration course held in PUGC. 2. I volunteered in P@aha launchpad. 3. I volunteered in TedxRavi. 4. I volunteered in P@sha ICT Awards 2010 5. I volunteered for R-ACT (7 secret of Success) 6. I volunteered in Tiecon2010( 7. I volunteered in Seplaa foundation TOP Event 8. I volunteered in Activ8 3 day Event named “Making it happen” 9. I volunteered in Middle East South Asian Learning & OD Summit 10. I volunteered e-marking for TEDXDUBAI (4th December,2010) 11. I volunteered in Ubuntu Pakistan as a Marketing Promoter. 12. I volunteered in Middle East South Asian Learning and OD Summit. 13. I volunteered in Safe Injections of Pakistan ( 14. I am volunteering in Intel Education Awards Cermony(22 nd December,2010)
  3. 3. Organized(year 2010)1. I was in Team (2nd head) for organizing an EMS (Event Management Society) show.2. I was in Team (Hall management) for organizing a Farwell Show (Professor).3. I was in Team for organizing Gaming and Agile Programming Competition.4. I was in Team (Event management lead) for organizing Farwell Show (to our seniors).5. I was in Team (2nd head) for organizing “ROAD TO TECHNOLOGY.6. I was in the team of ACtiv8 for the 3 day Event “Make it happen” for PACKAGES.7. I worked with Ubuntu Pakistan TeamCompanies & Organzation I worked/volunteered with/in :(year 2010) 1. Seplaa Foundation ( 2. Nutshell forum(Ambassador) ( 3. R-Act(Ambassador) ( ) 4. Tie (ChapterLahore)(Ambassador and Member)( 5. Ignite(Ambassador) ( 6. P@sha (Ambassador) ( 7. Activ8 (Ambassador) 8. Evenment(Ambassador) 9. Ubuntu Pakistan(Marketing Promoter)Activities of year 2010 are listed aboveMore Reference will be given upon requestHope to hear it from you and will love to work with youRegards :Simy Mir0092-333-8207424