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Story board - Youth


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Story board - Youth

  1. 1. STORY BOARD ‘Youth’
  2. 2. SHOT 1 Shot one is a low angle, establishing shot of trees. Preferably with sunlight shining through the branches to give the shot a romantic theme, foreshadowing the later events. The opening shot is set in a woodland; conventional of the genre that promotes nature and real life. This shot lasts four seconds.
  3. 3. SHOT 2 Shot two is the same as shot one but with flash of the non-diegetic material ‘YOUTH’ in white letters. Including the fade in and out, this shot lasts five seconds. I have chosen for ‘YOUTH’ to be in white as it connotes innocence. This is ironic and contrasts the connotations of youth and what is seen as the most rebellious time of life. It relates well to the love story narrative as it can be seen as this love is taking away their innocence in all sense of the word.
  4. 4. SHOT 3 Shot three is still set in the woods with a slow tilt down the trees lasting 5 seconds. The lighting gets slowly darker as the shot gets further to the ground. This foreshadows the narrative with progressively gets darker in mood and it can also represent the love story within the narrative; that as you get further down to earth you realise it is not all bright and easy.
  5. 5. SHOT 4 Shot four is a 270º pan to the left. The slow pan resembles the slow pace of the song and is conventional of the genre. Movement is used a lot in the indie folk genre as it shows a progressive journey which most indie folk songs are about. The pan stopping at an extreme long shot of lily coincides with the lyrics ‘shadows settle on the place that you left’ showing that this lost love has left the girl on her own.
  6. 6. SHOT 5 Shot five is a straight cut to a long shot of Lily, she is wearing a white floaty dress with natural hair and make up. The white connotes innocence and makes the audience view Lily as a good person and a protagonist. The natural hair and make up enforce natural beauty that is seen in many indie folk videos, this reflects the artist’s idea of their genre being very authentic and real. This is what appeals to their audience who appreciate talent over technology and edited sound.
  7. 7. SHOT 6 Shot six follows the pattern of decreasing in shot size whilst following the beat of the song. This makes the viewer feel closer to the character as she is becoming clearer however the use of straight cuts instead of simply zooming add an edgier feel and can display the mood and tone of the song.
  8. 8. SHOT 7 Shot seven is a close up of the character, this is very common of the form as a music video is made for promotional purposes. The close up, in this case is to sell the artist, and to make the audience feel a link between themselves and the character. In some indie videos, close up shots of the artist are not apparent, this is due to the video promoting the song instead of the artist, however I have chosen to include a close up as I believe that it is a good sales technique and is appropriate for explaining my narrative.
  9. 9. SHOT 8 Shot eight is an extreme close up of the characters eye. Extreme close ups are used very frequently in indie folk videos and are good for expressing emotion and making sure the audience receive the intended message. They are also used in indie folk videos to often suggest something is missing and for this reason it helps my narrative. Making my character cry will inform the audience of the tone and mood of the video and song and will hopefully make my character more relatable, whilst reinforcing the idea that this character is the protagonist in the video.
  10. 10. SHOT 9 Shot ten is a mid shot of the character, this is the first shot of movement from the character as she turns her head to the right, this lack of movement and the slow pace when it does occur, reflects the slow, sluggish pace of the song.
  11. 11. SHOT 10 Shot ten includes the first camera movement which is a pan track to the left. Pans are often used in indie folk to symbolise a journey which is often reflected in the lyrics. A male character appears in this shot and we can see that the characters have or have had a relationship. This is common in all genres as ‘love’ is the muse for most musicians as it is relatable to every audience.
  12. 12. SHOT 11 Shot eleven jumps to a long shot where it reveals that the couple are holding hands, reinforcing the idea that they have a relationship and that ‘love’ is the theme of this music video and song. In this shot you can see that the male is wearing dark clothes which portrays him as the bad person, the antagonist and the audience realise that it is him that has made the protagonist (Lily) upset, further creating understanding and a relationship between Lily and the audience. This is shown through the theory of Binary Opposites by Levi Strauss, claiming that we understand the narrative and the character role through the use of binary opposites and stereotypes by using locations, costumes, lighting etc.
  13. 13. SHOT 12 Shot twelve is an extreme close up of both character’s hands. In this shot you can see how the male wants to leave but the female is trying to make him stay. The use of slow motion is a convention of the genre as it reflects the slow pace of the music. The audience can also interpret this to show that it was a gradual thing, showing how feeling build up over time that lead to a break up, this makes it more relatable to the audience and also shows more meaning and emotion.
  14. 14. SHOT 13 Shot thirteen is a long shot of the female falling to the ground while the male walks away. It is a centre point to the narrative as the audience now understands that the male has left her and this is why she is upset. The slow motion, again, increases the emotion whilst mirroring the pace of the song. Her falling is a representation of how she is feeling which, once again, is relatable to the audience.
  15. 15. SHOT 14 Shot fourteen is a matched cut long shot of the female lying on the floor, alone. The use of the location reinforces the idea of being solitary. It is seen frequently in this genre to represent the start of a journey; which for my character, is getting over her ex partner.
  16. 16. SHOT 15 Shot fifteen is an extreme close up of the female’s back from behind, this is to show the girl breathing which links to the lyrics ‘cause most of us are breathing through corrupted lungs’. By linking the lyrics to the shot, it makes the narrative easier to understand to the audience, and creates a better visual experience.
  17. 17. SHOT 16 Shot sixteen is a close up of the female’s face. In this shot she will be blowing smoke out of her mouth. This is conventional of the genre as a lot of indie artists smoke, as well as being conventional of the song as ‘youth’ connotes rebellious teens which then connotes smoking and drinking. This shot also reflects the lyrics in the song ‘setting fire to our insides for fun’ the smoke coming out of her mouth looks as though her insides are on fire, which further links the narrative to the music.
  18. 18. SHOT 17 Shot seventeen is an extreme close up of Lily’s hand. This shows that she is pushing herself up, presenting the idea that she is making the first move in her journey to get over her ex. However the high angle shot can make the subject look vulnerable, which could reflect the idea that she is still very vulnerable in her recovery.
  19. 19. SHOT 18 Shot eighteen is a side view close up of Lily’s legs as she gets up. In contrast to the last shot which was high angle, this shot is eye level which could represent that she is getting stronger and less vulnerable the more she stands up and is becoming less dependant on her ex partner. The shot of her legs can also be seen as a sales technique thought by theorist Laura Mulvey with her idea of the ‘male gaze’ that women that are seen in a more provocative, sexual way will attract heterosexual males to buy the product and that the women who see the video will aspire to be like that in order to attract males, themselves. By showing just her legs, the shot is quite innocent but can also have sexual connotations which reflect ‘youth’ and expectations of being young.
  20. 20. SHOT 19 Shot nineteen is a matched cut, the same shot as previous but from a different angle. The repetition of this shot reinforces that the character is getting stronger and more independent.
  21. 21. SHOT 20 Shot twenty is a flash back scene, for these shots I am going to add a retro looking filter post-production. This makes the narrative easier to understand as they can see that this shot is set in the past due to the visual change in editing. Many music videos of this genre use filters like black and white or retro ones to make the video look authentic, which reflects the authentic music that they are promoting.
  22. 22. SHOT 21 Shot twenty-one is a pan to the right, along with showing the other characters in the video, it also shows the location. The location of this flash back scene is set in my friends band room. Music locations like gigs are used a lot in indie videos to reinforce the idea of independent, live band music that isn’t always in studios recording but just playing for fun. This is an idea that indie music is based on.
  23. 23. SHOT 22 Shot twenty-two is a mid close up on the other character’s faces showing them laughing and having a good time, this contrasts previous shots and the mood of the song which is quite sad and slow. The happy characters help the audience understand the narrative and that this shot is in the past creating a non linear narrative. It is adding to the narrative by giving the audience some back story to the main characters.
  24. 24. SHOT 23 Shot twenty-three is a mid close up of Lily and Wes. The use of a mid shot of the couple shows their closeness which contrasts the previous shots. again, helping the narrative by showing the couple’s backstory. The use of a normal bulb light instead of natural light also subtly portrays the idea that their happiness is artificial and is finite. The use of natural light in the woodland shots shows her realisation that their love was not real.
  25. 25. SHOT 24 Shot twenty-four is the same shot as previous but with the couple showing affection. Personal relationships from Blumler and Katz’s uses gratification theory is reflected in my music video as people will want to see happy couples to help satisfy their own desire to have a relationship or even perhaps as a tension release to escape their own personal relationships as reassurance.
  26. 26. SHOT 25 Shot twenty-five is a long shot of the friends drinking, this reflects the lyrics ‘we are the reckless’ this reinforces the ideology of being a reckless teenager. The costume in this scene is more dressy and party-like than the other scenes, again representing the typical party teenager. Conforming to these conventions make the narrative easier to understand and create stereotypes to help the audience understand a character role and mood in the video.
  27. 27. SHOT 26 Shot twenty-six, like the last shot is used to reflect the lyrics ‘we are the wild youth’ conforming to people’s stereotypes of the typical rebellious teenager that smokes, drinks alcohol and possibly does drugs. The close up creates familiarity with the main character even through she is seen in a different way. The use of heavier make up could imply that this is not the real her and that she is doing it to fit into a crowd. Again using the uses and gratification theory we can assume that the young audience will watch this video to fulfil their personal integrative needs to feel credibility and status or even just to relate to the character.
  28. 28. SHOT 27 Shot twenty-seven is a mid shot of Lily as she turns to run in slow motion. There are no filters on this shot to let the audience know that we are back in the present and it is not still a flash back. The slow motion contrasts the lyric ‘chasing’ reflecting the stereotype that young people can be lazy and don’t work hard enough for their futures.
  29. 29. SHOT 28 Shot twenty-eight is an extreme close up of Lily’s feet as she is running through the woods. This reflects the lyrics from both the previous shot and this one ‘chasing visions of our futures’ showing that she isn’t being lazy like the stereotype, she is trying to achieve her future. Close ups on feet running is very conventional in indie music videos as it portrays the idea of a journey which are what most indie songs are about. These faster shots also add a bit more excitement to the video and coincides with the speed of the music.
  30. 30. SHOT 29 Shot twenty-nine is still a close up on Lily’s feet although they have stopped. This creates suspense for the audience as they want to see what she has stopped for and they want to know what she can see. Making an audience feel something, either suspense, happiness or sadness etc. makes the video more memorable and means that they are more likely to purchase the song or show the video to a friend. This is a good sales technique to include in a promotional video.
  31. 31. SHOT 30 Shot thirty is a close up on Lily’s face holding a shocked expression, this further increases suspense like the last shot. This is followed by the use of a pan to the right to reveal Wes stood in front of her. The use of a pan instead of just a straight cut, again creates more suspense while also the movement gives the impression that the journey is still taking place even though the character has stopped moving. It links to the lyrics ‘we’ll reveal the truth’ suggesting that lies where a part of their break up, making the audience more eager to know what they were whilst helping them further to understand the narrative.
  32. 32. SHOT 31 Shot thirty-one is a long shot of both characters, as Lily tries to touch Wes he disappears. The use of super imposition to make Wes disappear gives the video a more edgy, supernatural feel as the audience can’t tell if he is actually there or if it is all just in Lily’s mind. It makes the audience more intrigued in the storyline and want to know what happened to them.
  33. 33. SHOT 32 Shot thirty-two is a low angle-long-tracking shot of Lily walking up the stairs with the only light coming from the top of the stairs. This could subtly reflect her journey, that to her it seems that she has to climb a mountain in order to achieve what she set out to do. The use of lighting can reflect what she is trying to achieve. However the low angle shot makes her look stronger and suggests to the audience that she is capable of doing so. The audience watching who have gone through a break up will relate to this shot well or for some people it might make them feel better about their own situation or give them hope that they will feel better too.
  34. 34. SHOT 33 Shot thirty-three is a close up of Lily’s hand pushing open the door with light coming from behind the door. This could represent her being able to climb the stairs and achieve what she set out to do, again referring to theme of a ‘journey’ that is so prominent in indie videos. Her hands in the video, become a motif as they are seen a lot in the video, they represent her helping herself complete her journey; from pushing herself up to pushing open a door which holds light (which in itself connotes happiness and peace).
  35. 35. SHOT 34 Shot thirty-four is a side view close up of Lily’s hand turning the bath tap on. The repetition of the close up on the hand reinforces that it is a motif. This shot links to the lyric ‘feelings’ as the tap could reflect her opening up her feelings and letting them out.
  36. 36. SHOT 35 Shot thirty-five is a close up on the taps. Bathroom shots are used a lot in music videos as the water is natural and nature is often a major part of an indie music video, as it represents purity and the flow of the water can match the pace of the song, setting a certain mood dependant on it’s pace.
  37. 37. SHOT 36 Shot thirty-six is an over the shoulder shot of Lily setting fire to a picture. In this shot we can see that her dress is muddy instead of clean at the beginning of the video, this can connote her loss of innocence and naivety to her previous relationship, or it could mean the struggles she has come through to get to the point of getting over her past love. Either way the mud resembles her realisation that relationships aren’t always what they seem or the ideologies that we create through media. The audience watching will relate to this point of view through ideologies in this video to contrast the original idea of a ‘perfect’ relationship.
  38. 38. SHOT 37 Shot thirty-seven is a close up of the burning photo. This shot not only reflects the previous lyrics ‘setting fire to our insides for fun’ but it also displays to the audience a clear end to the relationship. Fire is used a lot in indie videos as again, it reinforces nature and the elements. Fire connotes a finality and an end which is used in my video to show the characters relationship has ended and shows acceptance.
  39. 39. SHOT 38 Shot thirty-eight is a close up high angle shot of the burning photo falling into the bath of water. This use of contrasts of fire and water can strongly connote their relationship and the clashes that lead to it finishing. These clashing feelings are what the audience will relate to and remember. The high angle shows vulnerability and implies that the relationship is weak, if not insignificant, and the fact that it was dropped by the female character puts her in a stronger position and shows that she is over it.
  40. 40. SHOT 39 Shot thirty-nine is a long shot from behind of Lily getting in the bath (in full costume!). Baths are conventional because they resemble purifying and in this case could be the character washing away the bad memories. It also fits quite well as she is muddy from being in the woods, so it makes sense on a practical level as well as a mental level. Being in the bath could mean her becoming ‘clean’ again and unburdened.
  41. 41. SHOT 40 Shot forty is an establishing shot of a flash back of the characters in the woods, on a rope swing. I am using the use of a retro/old filter to create continuity and familiarity to the audience that it is a flash back scene and I am also using a fade into the flash back to show that she still has her memories but they aren’t as clear and are fading.
  42. 42. SHOT 41 Shot forty-one is a high angle long shot of Wes pushing Lily on the rope swing. The high angle suggests they are vulnerable and unaware of their problems that will arise. The costume is casual, including Doc Martens and a Parka for Wes, and boots and a big coat for Lily. This is typically what an indie audience would wear, therefore making the video easier to relate to, also the indie audience will see the video associated with their preferred genre and want to dress like them. Again, similar to the uses and gratification theory that we watch media for social acceptance and status. By dressing similarly to people in indie videos, they will be considered more ‘indie’ and regarded a higher status by their peer group.
  43. 43. SHOT 42 Shot forty-two is a long shot of the couple showing affection. This shot also relates to the gratification theory that as this is what people want to see. People will watch and want a similar personal relationship as it is media like this that create ideologies of relationships and other matters in society, that people then base their idea of what a relationship should be like. They then strive to achieve this personal goal and are disappointed when it doesn’t happen how they thought, just like the character within my music video who has also just realised this for herself. My music video is then creating ideologies while trying to show people that ideologies are not realistic.
  44. 44. SHOT 43 Shot forty-three is a cross cut to Lily on the swing rope in present tense. You can see this by the use of a flash and no use of a filter. The flash resembles her memory so the audience can clearly see the difference between reality and what is in her head. The lack of filter shows that it is hard hitting reality, there is nothing there to make it look nicer or happier. It shows how the character is now not seeing things through ‘rose tinted glasses’ but as it really is.
  45. 45. SHOT 44 Shot forty-four is a zoom to a mid-shot of Lily of the rope swing. The zoom represents her realisation, making her appear bigger and taking up more of the screen shows that she is less vulnerable as she was previously and has more control.
  46. 46. SHOT 45 Shot forty-five is a medium close up of Lily while a skull is super imposed flashing across her face. This add to the mystery of the video as the audience question her mental sanity. This makes the feelings more apparent to the audience whilst adding something different to the video to keep the audience entertained. This shot also links to the lyrics ‘a lifeless face that you’ll soon forget’ implying that she knows that his memories of her will fade just like hers are fading of him.
  47. 47. SHOT 46 Shot forty-six is an extreme close up of the female’s eye with messy make up to show that she has been crying. This links to the lyrics ‘my eyes are damp from the words you left’ showing that her memories of him are fading however she can still remember the hurtful things he said, mirroring most relationships that end badly.
  48. 48. SHOT 47 Shot forty-seven is a long shot of Lily in the woods frantically shaking her head. The shot is speeded up and reversed displaying a manic motion which reflects her mood of constantly contrasting opinions and feelings. It relates to the lyrics ‘ringing in my head’ that he is like an annoying noise that she can’t get rid of, the motion of her shaking her head shows that she wants it to stop and go away, while the use of editing by speeding it up and reversing the shot shows the urgency of her feelings towards him.
  49. 49. SHOT 48 Shot forty-eight is a reversed, slow motion, close up on Lily’s hair. The slow motion contrasts the last shot and reflects her constant change in emotions. Th flow of hair will match the pace of the song.
  50. 50. SHOT 49 Shot forty-nine is similar to shot forty-eight however the end of the shot just shows Lily stood still. This shows that her confusion has stopped and she is over her break up. The lyrics ‘when you broke my chest’ represent how he broke her heart however the stillness shows her acceptance.
  51. 51. SHOT 50 Shot fifty is a close up of Lily miming the line ‘And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one.’ the use of performance style elements along with a narrative makes the video appeal to more people. The use of performance reminds the audience that the video’s purpose is to promote the artist and their talents. By singing the lyrics they are trying to sell, it gives the song more meaning and believability.
  52. 52. SHOT 51 Shot fifty-one is a pull focus to the background to reveal Wes stood at a long shot behind her. This shows that he is always there at the back of her thoughts. This also reflects the lyrics ‘cause most of us are bitter over someone’ making it easy for the audience to understand that she is bitter towards him, showing some more backstory to their relationship ending.
  53. 53. SHOT 52 Shot fifty-two is another pull focus back to the foreground as Lily mimes the line ‘Setting fire to our insides for fun’ the use of repetition of extreme close ups reinforce the promotion of the artist as the audience will recognise them if they see their album in a shop or their advert on the television. This builds up a fan base for the artist who can there share the artists songs to their peers which further increases promotion and sales.
  54. 54. SHOT 53 Shot fifty-three is another pull focus to the background to show that Wes is no longer there which makes the audience wonder where he has gone and again makes the audience question if it is reality or if it is all in her head. It questions if he was ever there at all.
  55. 55. SHOT 54 Shot fifty-four is the same shot but Wes walks into the shot on the lyric ‘them’ this adds and unexpected, creepy element to the video which makes his character seem possessive and controlling, further making Lily out to be the protagonist and himself the antagonist. It makes the audience empathise more with Lily and blame him for still being in her thoughts even when he isn’t there physically. Wes then fades out at the end of the shot making him seem ghostly and ‘evil’.
  56. 56. SHOT 55 Shot fifty-five is the last pull focus of Lily turning around as she senses a presence behind her. Only the audience know Wes was there however the lyric ‘him’ suggests she felt as though it was him.
  57. 57. SHOT 56 Shot fifty-six is a slow motion mid shot from the front of her getting in the bath (fully clothed!) again, giving the impression that she is ‘washing’ away all her bad memories oh him and ‘purifying’ herself again, reinforcing the nature element and trying to be the clean, innocent person at the beginning of the video.
  58. 58. SHOT 57 Shot fifty-seven is a birds eye mid shot of lily with her head under the bath water. This panics the audience as they wonder if in actual fact he has driven her to suicide instead of the video giving the impression that she was becoming stronger and getting over him. This is an emotive technique used to generate a strong feeling of emotion from the audience to the character in the video in order to make the video more memorable, effective and promotional.
  59. 59. SHOT 58 Shot fifty-eight is still the bird’s eye close up of Lily under the water as she opens her eyes. This links to the lyrics ‘and you caused it’ as the motion of her opening her eyes can be seen as an ‘awakening’ and a final realisation that she is not to blame for the failing of their relationship, further making the video more relatable to other young people who felt undeserved guilt after a break up. Making a video more relatable increases the popularity and interest in the video, generating more purchases and higher sales. Fulfilling the purpose of a music video to promote.
  60. 60. SHOT 59 Shot fifty-nine and the three shots that follow, mirror the four first shots in the woods. By starting and ending with the same shots, it creates the feeling of closure for the audience, that the story has come full circle. The difference is that Lily looks slightly messier. This shows that the character has been through some trauma but still managed to carry on.
  61. 61. SHOT 60 Shot sixty is a tilt up the trees. The shot starts off fairly dark but as the angle becomes more prominent, the lighting becomes brighter, reflecting the narrative that the character is over her ‘dark’ period.
  62. 62. SHOT 61 Shot sixty-one is a low angle establishing shot of the trees. The lighting is darker than in the original shot but is still lighter than the previous one to show continuity and that time moves on. The flash of non-diegetic material ‘youth’ reappears for five seconds to reinforce the promotional idea of the video and remind the audience of the song title so that they can purchase and also share the song with peers.
  63. 63. SHOT 62 Shot sixty-two is the final shot and is just the low angle, establishing shot of the trees. The video starts and finishes on the shots of trees to highlight and reinforce the idea of nature that is seen in most indie folk videos. Trees are especially conventional and used a lot for their connotations of life and wisdom.