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Q3 for Evaluation

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Q3 for Evaluation

  1. 1. { Q4 What have I learnt from my audience feedback?
  2. 2. Post production I used social networking sites to post the link to my video on YouTube. The main ones I used were Twitter and Facebook as I don’t know a lot of people that use Google plus. The feedback on the video itself was mostly positive, people on Facebook of my target audience said they liked it and it was a good video. People on Twitter said similar things, that they like it and that the male leads emotions look genuine, which was one thing I was worried about because we had to do a lot of takes because of us both laughing a lot. Social Media
  3. 3. This was a very helpful comment from another student that does A2 Media at college, this showed that the concept of the narrative was obvious to the audience and I conveyed the idea of his bad habits well through the repetition of drinking shots and mise-en-scene with the different alcohol related props. The improvements that were suggested on other Facebook comments were also suggested here, that some of the lip syncing shots may have needed darkening.
  4. 4. I did try using Instagram as a platform for getting audience feedback on my poster but this didn’t work well as I got no suggestions! this was probably because I posted the picture in the middle of the day when everyone who follows me was at work/school/college. Another thing that was brought up was that someone didn’t think the original song fitted into the indie genre and this was my initial thought when I did the research into the actual song by Bastille. Despite this I did still go with the indie genre because I had a few sources that said the song was indie.
  5. 5.  If I had the chance to do this again I’d probably advertise the fact that I wanted an actor with the drama and theatre classes at college as this would mean the actor would be more likely to be serious and know how to put on an emotion, and be more willing to perform. This would make the filming process quicker and more efficient.  The improvements that were suggested were using different edits on the landscape parts of the video because the straight cuts were overused and that risks the video looking too choppy. This was something I thought about but wasn’t confident enough about the edits to put them in the final video because I didn’t think they fitted conventionally with the indie genre.  Another thing that was suggested was making the lip syncing shots where he’s sat outside darker. When I was filming the picture looked perfectly balanced but when it came to the editing stage they were too bright, I did try to darken them but this damaged the picture and made it look even more unbalanced. So maybe filming in a slightly darker area if I was to do something like this again, would be a better idea.
  6. 6. My video had to be posted to YouTube as it’s easy to stream on there, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the link in an email distributed by my tutor who has access to email all his tutees. From this I got feedback in the comments section under the video. Again this was positive feedback praising the editing. YouTube YouTube also provides statistics on how my video has been viewed. The views and stats are still low because I posted the video 2 days ago, but so far I can see that most people have viewed the video on the YouTube mobile app or through a YouTube player on another website. This is probably Facebook as this is where I posted the video asking for feedback.
  7. 7. I also did a one on one question and answer with one of my friends. She said the only thing she’d change is having a wider variety of clips because some of them are repeated, this was simply because I didn’t have enough decent footage to use that represented that particular part of the song so repeating them was my only option. (click the picture to view the video) Focus Groups
  8. 8. The feedback that I got from my audience in a focus group said they liked the aesthetics the gravelly sort of look, the indie genre of the artist was obvious because of the colours, it looked professionally made and there were a few improvements to be made. But I was happy that they said that the ancillary texts link together well and they could tell they’re promoting the same artist and album. The changes would be changing the colours of the social networking sites on the poster so they were their actual colours (usually blue) to make the logos more recognizable to an audience, and to add a few small pictures on the homepage (which is something I ended up doing in the end) and to have a three colour palett on the ancillary texts rather than just black and white contrasting each other. The one on one feedback with one of my friends also made me realize that the picture on the homepage needed changing because I’d not been able to get his full arm into the original picture.
  9. 9.  I need to double check the lighting levels on my camera before filming to avoid too dark/too light shots.  To film way more than I need just in case I do need extra shots to fill up the space between the main clips.  Not to change the colours of existing logos/brands (ancillary texts).  To challenge conventions of the genre more by experimenting with edits that are not conventionally used.  To begin with a three colour pallet rather than a two colour as I have done this time. Based on the audience feedback, what have I learnt?