Public Affairs Review n.47                                          May 14th – 19th 2011                                  ...
LOBBYING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS ACTIVITIES     Lobbying                          [confidential]     Notes&Analysis            ...
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Public affairs review n 47 19 05 11 - sample


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Public affairs review n 47 19 05 11 - sample

  1. 1. Public Affairs Review n.47 May 14th – 19th 2011 POLITICS THIS WEEKParliament European Community Law 2010 – AC.4059 A/R – Lower House The Bill is waiting to be re-examined by the Assembly and it is also waiting for the parliamentary advices of the Budget Committee. There are diverse amendments to be examined (some of them regarding article 13 on the online privacy directive) and it is possible that the rapporteur Mr.Pini has submitted other new amendments.MIBAC I-Mibac project The Ministry for Cultural heritage launched a new application within the i-Mibac project: the “i-MiBAC Voyager” which provides virtual 3D contents of the Roman Ruins.AGCOM Broadband Plan The Authority approved the procedure bill for the frequencies allocation for mobile broadband services. The Communications Authority set a revenue goal of €2,4 billion for Italy’s largest frequency auction. The measure put down the guidelines for allocating frequencies in the 800, 1800, 2000 and 2600 MHz bands and to proceed to re-farming in the 1800 MHz band, presently used by GSM, to more modern broadband technologies such as LTE and WiMax. The next legislative step is under the supervision of a special Committee of Ministries. White paper on media and child interaction The Authority started the informal hearings of ICT associations and companies, in order to study possible measures for the improvement of media and child interaction.Local politics Local election 2011 The local election run last week-end in some of the main Italian towns shook the Italian political scenario: in Bologna the center-left coalition in Bologna, Virginio Merola, passed at the first ballot with a percentage of votes of 50,46%, as well In Turin the center-left candidate, Piero Fassino, gained the 56,6%. From the other hand, the results in some big cities confirmed a crisis in the People of Freedom Party, who expected to easily win in Milan and Naples. Especially for the city of Milan, the left candidate Giuliano Pisapia gained the 48,04% against the 41,58% won by the incumbent center- right Major, Letizia Moratti (who was supposed to be largely ahead his rival). The final result will be decided in a second ballot at the end of May. These results could engender a power realignment in the main parties. In fact, People of Freedom Party has to debate on the alliance with the Northern League Party, and Mr. Berlusconi has to update his political strategy. On the overall it is clear is that the electorate expressed its dissent toward the present administration, giving its consent to all the alternatives, even if sometimes radical. 1 Reti SpA Via del Plebiscito, 102 00186 - Roma + 39 06 675451 -
  2. 2. LOBBYING AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS ACTIVITIES Lobbying [confidential] Notes&Analysis [confidential] Meetings&PR [confidential] Monitoring services [confidential] Events&speaking opportunities [confidential] ICT MARKET & EVENTSPlayer and market OPEN VIRTUALIZATION ALLIANCE: A new consortium in support of virtualization Article ARUBA: Compensation to customers affected by the blackout Article E-BOOK: France introduces the single price Article BROADBAND: AGCOM enacts rules for the auction Article AGCOM: Nicola D’Angelo removed from the role of rapporteur Interview DIGITAL AGENDA: European Commission launches cloud computing consultation WebsiteReport&Paper SANDVINE: Global Internet Phenomena Report: Spring 2011 Website AUDIWEB: Ricerca di base sulla diffusione dellonline in Italia Website GARTNER: Mobile Communication Market in First Quarter 2011 PaperEvents May 20-21, WhyMCA, Mobile Developer Conference 2011, Milan May 23: “Strumenti per il diritto d’autore su Internet” , ISIMM, Rome May 24-25: Internet G8, Paris May 26: Ip Business Forum 2011, Milan June 6, The Innovation Knowledge Foundation presents the paper “L’innovazione difficile”, Milan June 10: “Forum Europeo sulla Tv digitale”, Lucca June 9-10: XIV WAN-IFRA Italia “Conferenza internazionale per lindustria delleditoria e della stampa quotidiana”, Florence June 20-21: Frontiers of Interaction 2011, Florence 2 Reti SpA Via del Plebiscito, 102 00186 - Roma + 39 06 675451 -