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Power dressing


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Learn How to dress properly...

Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Power dressing

  1. 1. Corporate AttirePrepared by: Rowin A. Azurias
  2. 2. Corporate Attire Student Uniform Sports Wear Plumber Corporate Attire
  3. 3. Corporate AttireReflects the corporate character and the position of a person in his office.The clothing of a person determines his success essentially thereby reflecting hiscorporate personality as well. Corporate dressing is also a significant way to earn respect from s yourcolleagues, junior and senior.
  4. 4. Corporate AttireA well dressed corporate executive with good personality has the capability ofconvincing the clients in his favor in the meetings and official get together. The smart corporate apparel helps him to attract the client towards him endingup by giving favorable result.Corporate clothing helps you in attaining enough admiration from the client and theothers.The smart look, which you will get after being attired in a formal corporate dress willbe enough to handle the corporate meetings and presentation confidently.
  5. 5. Corporate Colors Suggested Colors for corporate attire: Brown Black Gray Navy White Pastel
  6. 6. Corporate Attire Bags should not be too big or flashy and vibrant. Closed-toe shoes are the best but do not over do with the heel part as chunky high heels, stilettos and noisy shoes make you look unprofessional Keep your jewelry bare minimum and also make-up.
  7. 7. Corporate Hair Styles DO DON’T To fight this problem of messy hair, simply tie up your hair in a pony tail. You can also take a strand of the hair at the front of your scalp, twist it and clip it up. Then u can either leave the rest of the hair open or tie them up in a simple bun or pony tail.
  8. 8. Corporate Attire for Men Neckties Belt Pants Shoes Socks Under Shirt
  9. 9. Jackets
  10. 10. “Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.”Rowin Azurias Elisha Roe, Rowie Shane & Lyza Thank You!