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Policy Suggestions for Germantown High School

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  • Although neither the state of Tennessee nor Shelby County Schools requires a technology skills assessment for teachers, Shelby County Schools can stay ahead of the curve by implementing one. If teachers are comfortable with technology then they can successfully use it with students. Regular student use of current technology is an ideal way to prepare them for technology that they will encounter in college and the everyday world.
  • Online course management is used for distance learning, face-to-face and hybrid college courses. High school students should have as much exposure to these types of resources as possible. Perhaps English courses could include blogging and other online activities as a part of the curriculum.
  • You must protect your students privacy and also consider the school’s stakeholders. Word travels fast, so you must be accurate and appropriate with your words.
  • Teachers or students may prefer to use their own laptops and other devices for projects and assignments. At other times guest speakers may arrive on campus with their own laptops and need to access the network for a presentation. Proper documentation of who accesses our network keeps it safe from vulnerabilities and breaches.
  • This policy covers lots of things from using technology for school-related purposes only to demonstrating proper netiquette. Teachers need to be made aware of protocol and share it with their students before beginning to use technology.
  • Informing teachers of what is available and how it can be used will assist them with lesson planning. Software can be used and installed in accordance with the licensing agreement that comes with it.
  • FERPA laws protect the privacy of students. By using passwords and screensaver passwords, teachers can ensure that sensitive information, such a personal data or grades, is not accessed accidentally or maliciously.

  • Tech Policies

    1. 1. The Technology Policies We Need Now... and Why Rosalind M. Hardin Technology Leadership in Schools ISLT 7366 July 17, 2010
    2. 2. Policy #1 Establish a baseline for teacher technology knowledge requirements. Why? Shelby County Schools provides technology resources to enhance the quality and delivery of education. To best use our resources, teachers will benefit from being well trained.
    3. 3. Policy #2 Opportunities should be given for teachers to implement web 2.0 and online course management systems in their classes. Why? The school board supports instructional use of educational collaborative and interactive sites.
    4. 4. Policy #3 Draft all electronic communication as if anyone can read it. Why? Electronic communications and data are not private in the school setting.
    5. 5. Policy#4 Access to the wireless network with personal devices or devices belonging to other organizations is arranged through school level technology personnel. Why? Personal equipment on SCS property is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.
    6. 6. Policy #5 Proper modeling of digital citizenship encourages students to use technology wisely. Why? Employees are trusted to be professional in the use of electronic resources.
    7. 7. Policy #6 Teachers will be made aware of available software and licenses so they may use it with their students. Why? The school system is legally obligated to adhere to all laws, policies, and licensing agreements pertaining to software on school computers.
    8. 8. Policy # 7 Password security protects teachers and students when using digital resources. Why? Protecting sensitive data with logon and screensaver passwords is extremely important.
    9. 9. Policy # 8 Technology resources available for face-to-face classes should be available for online classes. Why? Using the same standards of conduct online as in a face-to-face class helps students to value non traditional learning experiences.
    10. 10. The audience for this presentation is the faculty and staff at Germantown High School. Our school system revised the Acceptable Use Policies for teachers and students last school year. They were updated to reflect changing technology and new challenges. This presentation is a follow up to the AUP update. It offers suggestions for properly implementing the AUP.