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DealerTalk Webinar - Online Sales Techniques


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What you will learn in Kijiji's #dealertalk webinar series:

- The importance of Zero Moment of Truth
- The importance of salespeople in the new buyers process
- That the digital customer affects everyone in the dealership
- How to take effective photos which sell your product
- How to write unique descriptions
- Why to rethink your pricing
- How to stay sticky and lower your bounce rate
- The importance of speed when replying to email leads
- What to say and what not to say in email replies
- How to build a relationship through email
- How to set the appointment

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DealerTalk Webinar - Online Sales Techniques

  1. 1. ONLINE AUTOMOTIVESALES TECHNIQUESGuest Presenter:Stuart Bendall
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  3. 3. #dealertalk“It is not the strongestof the species thatsurvives, nor the mostintelligent thatsurvives. It is the onethat is the mostadaptable to change.”
  4. 4. #dealertalkWHO AM I?• Stuart Bendall• Director of Training StrathcomMedia
  5. 5. #dealertalkWhy & how dowe buy stuff?
  6. 6. #dealertalk
  7. 7. #dealertalk
  8. 8. #dealertalkGuy buys the car, very happy =you make dough.This is thesecond momentof truth
  9. 9. #dealertalk
  10. 10. #dealertalkThen someone went andinvented the internet.Then someonewent and inventedthe Internet.YouArehereYouArehere
  11. 11. #dealertalkAnd thingswould neverbe the sameagain.
  12. 12. #dealertalkThe Internet changed the rulebookWhen consumers hear about a product today, their first reactionis: ‘Let me search online for it.’ And so, they go on a journey ofdiscovery about a product, a service, an issue, an opportunity.“Today you are not behind your competition. You are not behindthe technology. You are behind your customer.”– Rishar TobaccowalaChief Strategy & Innovation Officer VivaKi
  13. 13. #dealertalkNow we have an extra step…
  14. 14. #dealertalk
  15. 15. #dealertalk
  16. 16. #dealertalk This is happening now It is not on its way It is here and has been for quitesome time
  17. 17. #dealertalk Blockbuster Video had hundreds of stores across 17 countries With a net worth of nearly nine billion dollars. Blockbuster did not embrace a web-based business quicklyenough and was declared bankrupt in April 2011.
  18. 18. #dealertalk Netflix revenue rose 39% from 2010 to 2011, with acurrent net worth of 3.6 billion dollars.
  19. 19. #dealertalk
  20. 20. #dealertalk97%of potential car buyersresearch online before stepping foot in a dealership.
  21. 21. #dealertalkSo what does that mean to you guys and girls?
  22. 22. #dealertalkIs there a need forsales people?
  23. 23. #dealertalkIs there a need for sales people?Absolutely YES!We will not be replaced by machines!
  24. 24. #dealertalkPress hard, thethird copy is yours.
  25. 25. #dealertalkBuyers are still looking for aPERSONfrom which to buy a vehicle
  26. 26. #dealertalkAREYOUWILLING TO CHANGE?• “I’ve been doing this 25 years!”• “We’re busy enough”• “I don’t think the boss will go for it”
  27. 27. #dealertalk
  28. 28. #dealertalkStrathcom’s and my aim today is: To help buyers meet you by using real lead cultivationtechniques; Bringing qualified and genuine buyers to your desk, prepared,educated, And ready to buy.
  29. 29. #dealertalkWe will help you getbuyers from here…
  30. 30. #dealertalkSorry,WTF is Doc Fee?
  31. 31. #dealertalkDealership x 2
  32. 32. #dealertalkActual showroom = 100Digital Showroom = 2500A good showroom ratio ofamount of people looking for a vehicle
  33. 33. #dealertalk
  34. 34. #dealertalkToday’s Online Automotive Sales Techniques
  35. 35. #dealertalkThe honey do list
  36. 36. #dealertalk• I will send you the templates for theemails if you would
  37. 37. #dealertalkDealership x 2
  38. 38. #dealertalkActual showroom = 100Digital Showroom = 2500A good showroom ratio ofamount of people looking for a vehicle
  39. 39. #dealertalk
  40. 40. #dealertalkemails PhoneupsWalk ins
  41. 41. #dealertalkGive the people what they wantshare of a purchaser’s time six monthsprior to purchase
  42. 42. #dealertalkLearn More
  43. 43. #dealertalkJust sell mea car! Please.I need a car!
  44. 44. #dealertalkClick
  45. 45. #dealertalkwhoopswhoops
  46. 46. #dealertalk
  47. 47. #dealertalkTruly awful
  48. 48. #dealertalkThese were not hard tofind and are very typical
  49. 49. #dealertalk
  50. 50. #dealertalk
  51. 51. #dealertalkSo what shouldit look like?
  52. 52. #dealertalkLearn MoreYour onlineshowroom
  53. 53. #dealertalkPictures are THE mostimportant part of yourwebsite.
  54. 54. #dealertalk97%of potential car buyersresearch online before stepping foot in a dealership.
  55. 55. #dealertalkIf there are no picturesof the cars, mostbuyers will not look atanything else.
  56. 56. #dealertalk
  57. 57. #dealertalkYou get the idea… Frequently Asked Questions How many pictures should there be? What should the pictures be of? Should they be inside or outside? What camera should we use? Do I show any imperfections? Do I take pictures of the underneath? How many of the interior and how many exterior?
  58. 58. #dealertalkUse common sense If it has a boring interior don’t take pictures of it If it has an amazing exterior take loads of pictures of it Always show the tire tread, always show theodometer, take a picture of the sunroof, take a pictureof the transmission, this will stop you wasting time asit’s something often overlooked in the ‘specs’
  59. 59. #dealertalkUse common sense Close all doors when you’re taking pictures so thereare no warning lights or exclamation marks lit up. Make sure it has gas when pictures are taken of thedash, so that there are no orange lights or warninglights on. DON’T UPLOAD PICTURES OF ANY WARNINGLIGHTS
  60. 60. #dealertalk
  61. 61. #dealertalkMore picture tips Make sure the car is clean Show selling points, just as you would in person If it has a Bose stereo take a picture of the Bose logo,if it has a Pontiac stock stereo do not do that. Take pictures of owners manuals, keys, remotestarters, spare rims and tires anything to make youlook better than ‘the next man’
  62. 62. #dealertalk
  63. 63. #dealertalkMake the photosrelevant to the buyer
  64. 64. #dealertalk
  65. 65. #dealertalk
  66. 66. #dealertalk
  67. 67. #dealertalk
  68. 68. #dealertalkPhoto Dos & Don’ts
  69. 69. #dealertalk
  70. 70. #dealertalk
  71. 71. #dealertalk
  72. 72. #dealertalk
  73. 73. #dealertalk
  74. 74. #dealertalk
  75. 75. #dealertalk
  76. 76. #dealertalk
  77. 77. #dealertalk• There are some extreme examples here• But attention to detail is key• Please ensure that you are doing the verybest that you can to ensure potentialcu$tomer$ see your inventory in the bestlight
  78. 78. #dealertalk
  79. 79. #dealertalk
  80. 80. #dealertalkStrathcom’slot cappture
  81. 81. #dealertalk
  82. 82. #dealertalk
  83. 83. #dealertalk
  84. 84. #dealertalkAnd once again thinkabout how YOU react toother situations.
  85. 85. #dealertalk
  86. 86. #dealertalk
  87. 87. #dealertalk
  88. 88. #dealertalk
  89. 89. #dealertalkBut the single mostimportant ‘picture fact’…
  90. 90. #dealertalkIs the speed of whichyou post them online.
  91. 91. #dealertalk• do you have a process and a timeline• Is the service department aware of thistimeline• Are your recon crew aware that the clock isticking
  92. 92. #dealertalkEvery day pictures are notonline is another day thatunit will not be viewed.There is a direct correlation betweendays in stock and days without pictures.
  93. 93. #dealertalkNO Excuses
  94. 94. #dealertalkYou might have todo some work!What a bizarre concept!
  95. 95. #dealertalkThis stuff makes adifference. Don’t do itbecause I said so.Do it becauseit is how you sell cars now
  96. 96. #dealertalkUploading well-taken, relevantphotos with a sense of urgencywill increase howmuch you get paid.
  97. 97. #dealertalk
  98. 98. #dealertalkLearn MoreYour online walk-around
  99. 99. #dealertalkFrom where do weget our inspiration?
  100. 100. #dealertalkThese guys aren’tdoing too badly…
  101. 101. #dealertalk 130,000 ads listed daily (2 new ads every second) Close to 1 billion page views per month and threetimes more car shoppers than AutoTrader
  102. 102. #dealertalkPrivate sellers only have one car to sellso spend time with their description.
  103. 103. #dealertalkPrivate sale description 2010 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Comfort line:We are selling our peppy, fun to drive, extremely comfortable 2010 VW Passat Wagon - 5 doors.The last of its kind. The new Passat does not come in a wagon body type and this only one iscurrently the only one available in western Canada. We are now a family of five and althoughwe made it work for the first year it is now getting quite squishy with 3 car seats and weneeded to move into a mini van which is the only reason we are selling the vehicle. It waspurchased in May of 2010 and has been mainly lady driven. Its a very roomy vehicle, tonnesof trunk space, leatherette interior, power sunroof, CD, hands-free Bluetooth, touch screenaudio, outdoor temp display, traction control, ABS, power windows, power locks, leatherwrapped steering wheel with audio controls, cruise control, heated seats and side mirrors, theVW Passat interior pant saver mats are included. The options this vehicle has is endless andmore info can be found here:We are quite firm on the price so no low ballers and serious inquiries only. Thanks.
  104. 104. #dealertalk
  105. 105. #dealertalkFollow the leaders in onlinesales. These guys haveinvested billions in researchto find out what works.
  106. 106. #dealertalkLet’s back up a little bit
  107. 107. #dealertalk
  108. 108. #dealertalk
  109. 109. #dealertalk
  110. 110. #dealertalk
  111. 111. #dealertalk
  112. 112. #dealertalk
  113. 113. #dealertalk
  114. 114. #dealertalk
  115. 115. #dealertalk
  116. 116. #dealertalkAnd the description is… Everything about this Sharp LE735U series LED TV is big. From its 70" display sizeto the 240Hz refresh rate and Full HD 3D capability, its designed to delivernothing short of amazing every time you turn it on. And with built-in Wi-Fiand USB connectivity, youll be able to do more than simply watch TV. Sharps proprietary quad pixel technology adds a fourth colour, yellow, to thetraditional RGB pixel format, enabling many colours to be displayed for the firsttime. Featuring more colours than any other television, see never-before-seencolours like sparkling golds, Caribbean blues and sunflower yellows.The proprietary AQUOS Full Array LED system comprised of the X-Gen LCD paneland Ultra Brilliant LED enables an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1and picture quality that is second to none. 240Hz Fine Motion Enhanced virtuallyeliminates blur motor artifacts in fast-moving video.The LE735U series is fully featured, including the addition of Netflix streamingvideo, Cinema Now capability along with the industrys leading online supportsystem, AQUOS Advantage sm Live. With built-in Wi-Fi connection to AQUOS Netis easier than ever. Dual USB media players for portable video/music player arealso included for your convenience.
  117. 117. #dealertalkIFYOU WENT TO A RESTAURANTSome meatSome potatoesSomevegetablesCookedOn a plate
  118. 118. #dealertalkOr how about….• Blue Cheese Filet. Our filet mignon wrapped inapplewood smoked bacon and grilled to yourliking. Covered in a Bleu cheese crust, servedgolden brown and sprinkled with roasted garliccloves. Served with twice baked potatoes, seasonalsteamed vegetables drizzled in butter and crackedpepper.
  119. 119. #dealertalk
  120. 120. #dealertalk
  121. 121. #dealertalkSo let’s try again.
  122. 122. #dealertalkClick
  123. 123. #dealertalk
  124. 124. #dealertalk
  125. 125. #dealertalk
  126. 126. #dealertalkAnd…….• Average time on site nearly five minutes• Bounce rate 16%• Turn their used vehicles nearly 100% everymonth
  127. 127. #dealertalkADVERTISE DIFFERENTLYDEPENDING ON THE TIME OFYEAR• 2009 Ford Escape.This local one owner SUV has been very wellmaintained here at our dealership and was reluctantly traded due tothe previous owners growing family. It equipped with comfortable,heated leather seats, a block heater, winter tires, all wheel drive andhas Ford’s award winning traction control system.This one has 3Mhood protection, winter floor mats and a two way remote starter forthose chilly mornings!.............• 2009 Ford Escape. This local one owner SUV has been verymaintained here at our dealership and was reluctantly traded dueto the previous owners growing family. It is equipped with apanoramic sunroof, air conditioned seats and rear ac control,huge cargo space for those weekend camping trips and is ratedfor the best highway gas mileage in it’s class………..
  128. 128. #dealertalk**WRITING IN**~~~~CAPITALLETTERS~~~~
  129. 129. #dealertalkHave you ever read a book that wasentirely capital letters?• Menus• Vacation descriptions• New home descriptions• TV listings• Newspaper editorials
  130. 130. #dealertalkHave you ever read a book that wasentirely capital letters?
  131. 131. #dealertalk
  132. 132. #dealertalkHave you ever read a book that wasentirely capital letters?
  133. 133. #dealertalkPicture the scene….~~GREAT!!!!!!! AWESOME*…….HOUSE!A KITCHEN AND BATHROOM………~~~~~~~AMAZINGVALUE~~~~~~~****GREAT TIME TO BUY****THREE BEDROOMS!!!! WITH LOTS OF ROOMFOR YOUR KIDS TO PLAY. CALL US ASAPFOR THE BEST RATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*awesome is our opinion. You may not think it’s awesome
  135. 135. #dealertalk
  136. 136. #dealertalk~~STILL~~~~DON’T~~~AGREE ?~
  137. 137. #dealertalk
  138. 138. #dealertalk
  139. 139. #dealertalk
  140. 140. #dealertalk
  141. 141. #dealertalk
  142. 142. #dealertalk
  143. 143. #dealertalk
  144. 144. #dealertalk Full Load or Fully Loaded X Immaculate X Like New X Pristine X Female Driven X Base model XWHAT NOT TOWRITE
  145. 145. #dealertalk Well maintained Well cared for Local Very clean Non Smoker Low kilometers Economical SpaciousWHAT IS GOOD TO SAY
  146. 146. #dealertalkCall for price? WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG19,998$41,888Treat your customers with respectSOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT
  147. 147. #dealertalkPricingBLOWOUT!$41,888
  148. 148. #dealertalkPricing$42,000
  149. 149. #dealertalkALSO, A PAGE FROM PRIVATE SELLERS
  150. 150. #dealertalkPricing
  151. 151. #dealertalk
  152. 152. #dealertalkYOUR IN STORE PROCESS• Be honest when you quote prices in person• Customers often test you• You will lose them in a second if you quotethem higher than online
  153. 153. #dealertalk
  154. 154. #dealertalk
  155. 155. #dealertalk
  156. 156. #dealertalk
  157. 157. #dealertalk Cost effective Relevant, timely & fresh Maintainable, able to uphold with relative ease whilst beingconducive to morale and productivityADVERTISING MUST BES
  158. 158. #dealertalkAble to maintain withrelative ease.Conducive to moraleand productivity.
  159. 159. #dealertalkWebsites are as powerfulas the informationyou put on them.
  160. 160. #dealertalkLets say 100 people came
  161. 161. #dealertalkThey will leave and go to this place
  162. 162. #dealertalk
  163. 163. #dealertalk
  164. 164. #dealertalkDescriptions, stories, bios,auto-biography, history,chronicle, spiel, yarn, scoop,parable, fairy tale, recital, bulletin,report, myth, feature, editorial,narration, fable.
  165. 165. #dealertalkIt doesn’t matterwhat you call them,they just need to be there.
  166. 166. #dealertalk97%of potential car buyersresearch online before stepping foot in a dealership.
  167. 167. #dealertalkYou can decide if it is youthat they’re looking at.
  168. 168. #dealertalkYou will have to dosome work!What a bizarre concept!
  169. 169. #dealertalkany questions?