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Eat Healthy and Feel Good About It


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I wrote and designed this slideshow for my talk at the Dufferin-Perth Community, but I would like to share all of my tips about Eating Healthy and Feeling Good About It with you all too. I would also like to speak again if anyone has an opening. ~Ryan Storm

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Eat Healthy and Feel Good About It

  1. 1. Eat Healthy andFeel Good About It
  2. 2. Eat Healthy andFeel Good About It By Ryan Storm
  3. 3. A Bit About Me
  4. 4. A Bit About MeMy name is Ryan StormI’m 11 years oldI’m in grade 6 at Forest Hill Public SchoolI LOVE reading , playing piano, and eating
  5. 5. Me & My Tempeh Cake
  6. 6. Me & My Tempeh Cake
  7. 7. How Ry’s Ratings Started
  8. 8. How Ry’s Ratings StartedI had a red book with restaurant ratings, and mymom suggested that I put my ratings on a blog,because I also wanted computer time, so wenegotiated and Ry’s Ratings was born.
  9. 9. Antipasto Platter At Hockley Valley
  10. 10. Antipasto Platter At Hockley Valley
  11. 11. How To Eat Out Well
  12. 12. How To Eat Out Wellchoose the right restaurant (look at menu onlineand call if you have questions)NEVER get a kids menutalk to your waiter/waitress about where thefood comes fromtry new things and share with your family
  13. 13. Menu Changes Daily!
  14. 14. Menu Changes Daily!
  15. 15. My Favourite Foods
  16. 16. My Favourite FoodsFifth Town Cheese because I have a stickercollectionKozlik’s Mustard because I have a whole shelf inour fridge with 10-15 mustards on it
  17. 17. Mustard Mania!
  18. 18. Mustard Mania!
  19. 19. My Never Eat Foods
  20. 20. My Never Eat FoodsMcDonald’s and other fast foodHFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)Artificial anything - get real!Ingredients I can’t pronounce
  21. 21. Fun with Food!
  22. 22. Fun with Food!
  23. 23. My Top 6 Tips To Eat Healthy
  24. 24. My Top 6 Tips To Eat HealthyKnow where your food comes from & buy localCook your own foodStay away from fast foodChoose organicEat a rainbow at every mealShop at a Farmers’ Market
  25. 25. Rainbow Juices!
  26. 26. Rainbow Juices!
  27. 27. Favourite T.O. Restaurants
  28. 28. Favourite T.O. RestaurantsBelmonte Raw in Leslieville - raw veganPizzeria Libretto - best pizza in TorontoLoving Hut - organic, vegan & nut freeEnoteca Sociale - for special occasions
  29. 29. Harvested From Our Garden
  30. 30. Harvested From Our Garden
  31. 31. Favourite T.O. Places To Shop
  32. 32. Favourite T.O. Places To ShopQi Natural FoodsWhole Foods MarketNature’s Emporium Wholistic MarketThe Big CarrotThe Healthy Butcher
  33. 33. Organic Apple Picking
  34. 34. Organic Apple Picking
  35. 35. The End
  36. 36. The Twitter: @ry_storm Pinterest: rystorm
  37. 37. The Twitter: @ry_storm Pinterest: rystorm
  38. 38. The Twitter: @ry_storm Pinterest: rystorm