Living Dangerously


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Living Dangerously

  1. 1. Living Dangerously By Milan Bajic Have you ever watched bungee jumping, people who jump off a very high structure, like a bridge or a tower, with a long elastic rope tied to legs, that pulls them back before they hit the ground. That is breathtaking. Or paragliders, those who jump out of an aircraft or an elevation wearing a rectangular parachute that allows control of direction to the ground. By what thoughts have you been stricken then, or what have you shouted? Maybe, cray guys, I wouldn’t risk it at any price! In the West the most frequent warning found everywhere is SAFETY FIRST! People don’t want to take a risk. Or we think so. On Nov 26, 2006 an article appeared in the Time magazine titled How Americans are living Dangerously: “Finally, and for many of us irresistibly, there's the irrational way we react to risky behavior that also confers some benefit. It would be a lot easier to acknowledge the perils of smoking cigarettes or eating too much ice cream if they weren't such pleasures. Drinking too much confers certain benefits too, as do risky sex, recreational drugs and uncounted other indulgences. This is especially true since, in most cases, the gratification is immediate and the penalty, if it comes at all, comes later.”1 However, God is the God who runs the risk! Whatever he does with regard to us, human beings, involves a high-risk. God ran the risk of creating rational and free beings who might turn against Him. And they did. Plan of Salvation was a high-risk strategy. What if relatively small percentage of people accepts it? While God is the God who runs the risk, we humans do the same. Family planning includes a dose of high- risk: who can guarantee that the children will accept our values and pursue a right path in life. But still we go for broke and decide to have children. And they don’t always follow the way of their parents. Everyday life is a risk. One never knows what can happen to him or her. How can we reduce a risk in life? Live with God for others. Stick your neck out for Christ! The 11th chapter of Hebrews is the report of undertaken risks, the heavenly Guinness Book of Records. These risks were taken with prayer and cooperation with God. If you want to live a happy and a safe life, do something for him. Work for those who are in need. The risk for Christ is always a life in safety. 1,9171,1562978-4,00.html