Mobile Learning Project by Rachel Young


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  • Mobile Learning Project by Rachel Young

    1. 1. Synthesis Project for Mobile/Personal Learning Rachel Young
    2. 2. Learning PreferencesAt the beginning of the class I scored a 1-3 of all the scales except forvisual and verbal where I scored a 9 for visual. My thinking about mylearning preferences has not really changed at the end of thesemester. I just now know different ways I can incorporate mypreferences into my different classes. My thinking about learningpreferences overall has changed. I just see so many different waysthat professors can teach their classes using different technologies sothat all their students can learn the material. Yes knowing aboutlearning preferences makes a difference in personal learning success.Rachel Young
    3. 3. Learning PathwayThe learning pathway I selected was learning Warrior. I was verymuch successful in getting a broader knowledge of mobile/personallearning. This semester I was in class where the professor only usedpower points to explain the material. The professor moved veryquickly and it was hard to visualize the processes she was explaining.I was not learning in this class. Then I remembered I could use asource like Youtube to understand the material better. I watchedvideos that broke down everything and would draw/write all thematerial as the instructor went. It helped me, as a visual learner, seeall the different steps. I may not have looked at Youtube as anythingmore than a site to watch funny videos if it were not for this class. Inever changed my pathway as being a learning Warrior was the bestfit for me throughout the entire semester.Rachel Young
    4. 4. Learning ActivitiesThe activities that helped me get a deeper sense of mobile/personallearning were the quizzes. They really challenged me to apply myknowledge that I had learned from this class. It is hard for me to gothrough power points and really retain the information that I wasreading. The quizzes were a great way to see how much of theinformation I had actually learned so those were definitely the mosthelpful.Rachel Young
    5. 5. iPads & TabletsA technology quest I used for my own learning was my iPad & tablets.I downloaded a flashcard app called Flashcardlet to help me study formy organic chemistry class. It was a great app that I would have notknown about if it were not for this class. It helps with my visuallearning preferences as I can add pictures to the cards as well as seeeverything laid out. Another great aspect was that it has flashcardsthat are already made to download, so you can see how other peoplewrite their flashcards and learn.Rachel Young
    6. 6. iPods & MP3 PlayersAnother technology quest that I used for my learning was my iPod &mp3 players. I put the recorded lecture from my organic chemistryclass on my iPod. That way I could take my studying on the go alongwith my notes though. It was great to have a way to listen to thelecture over again while following along with my notes. Although Iprefer visual learning it was great to have the drawings I had in mynotes explained again. I have learned in this class that uses a varietyof different things really helps the best and I would have never thoughof putting the lectures on my iPod before.Rachel Young
    7. 7. Student Response SystemIn my biology class this semester, we were to use student responsesystems as we went along each lecture and answer questions thatpertained to what we were learning that day. The great thing about itwas after the question was answered we were able to immediatelysee whether or not our answer was correct. Then we see thedistribution of the class’ answer. It shows where you stand in theclass, maybe you need to study more because everyone else got theanswer right or maybe you are right on track. It is active learning in asense except maybe you are not directly interacting with your peers.Rachel Young
    8. 8. What’s so interesting?The mobile/personal learning tools that interested my the most aslearning tools were iPods and smart phones. These interested mebecause I always have these two things with me no matter where Iam going. It is really easy to make excuses to not study but findingways to study/learn with these two things definitely help. The learningtool that surprised me the most definitely has to be microblogs. I hadno idea that something I am on all the time, tumblr, could help me inschool when it usually just distracts me from my work. The learningtools that did not seem to work was texting. It is just something that Iwould never find convenient or helpful to my learning. The tool that Iwant to explore farther would definitely be microblogs. I just want tofind new and different ways that would be beneficial to my learningthrough microblogs. I would like to do this because it is a great way tosee how people all over the world perceive different information.Rachel Young
    9. 9. What works best?The best thing for me and my learning preference once again isYouTube. It just provides short, simple, and free explanations ofconcepts I am not understanding in class. It is the whole thing thevisual part to watching videos of how something works but as well ashaving the added effect of audio. It is perfect for me and helps me acemy tests in a few of my classes. It provides a different perspective ofinformation given to be in class which is also important to me.Rachel Young
    10. 10. Learning Strategies?The learning strategy that I will use after this class is probably just acombination of all of them. I will want to start off with my first learningpreference which is of course visual. Then try to learn the same thinganother way. I have realized, from this class, that is important to trydifferent and new learning strategies even when it differs from whatyou prefer or what you are used to. It can be used at a job just byshowing flexibility and knowing different ways to do the same task isalways valuable.Rachel Young
    11. 11. What’s next? After this class I will continue to use my iPhone, iPod, and YouTube to continue learning. The convenience of all of these and the helpfulness is why I will continue to use all of them. I never knew how many different learning apps were in the App Store, this will probably be how I teach myself Spanish over the summer. On the other hand, I will continue to use these three things for non learning purposes as well. There is nothing from the mobile learning that I would necessarily avoid altogether. The only thing is I would never use texting for learning. Rachel Young!