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Social studies common assessment


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Social studies common assessment

  1. 1. By Ryotaro Tsuji
  2. 2. This presentation would explain each product that I bought one by one and… 1. Explain the image and perceptions connected to the brand and product 2. Explain what values the product/brand is associated with 3. Explain any beliefs connected to the product/brand 4. Explain what may have influenced you to but the product
  3. 3.  Soccer ball – Adidas  Soccer shoes – Adidas  PSP – Sony  iPod Touch – Apple  Sports bag - Adidas
  4. 4.  The image of Adidas is high quality. Adidas has been one of the biggest sports company and most people think that Adidas has the best quality of the product just because they are famous.
  5. 5.  This soccer ball is made by “Adidas” one of the biggest sports company in the world, and the value associated with this product is athleticism because Adidas is a sports brand that is known as its quality and gives you better skill.This soccer ball associates with the value, action because these soccer balls were made so that it moves and bounces more and is easier to kick good shots.
  6. 6.  I bought this because I saw the advertisement and I already knew the quality of Adidas the other reason why I bought this is because this was the replica of the ball that was used in the world cup. So since the ball was used in world cup, I thought that the ball had good quality and is very easy to control.
  7. 7.  This shoes is one of the most famous soccer shoes in the world and it is known as shoes for powerful players. For example, Steven Gerrard is one of the most powerful player and he is used for advertising this shoes. Steven Gerrard isn’t the only professional player using this shoes so many people get influenced by the popularity.
  8. 8.  The value that is associated with this shoes is athleticism because these shoes gives you more strength and be more physically strong.This shoes also associates with the value individuality because these shoes makes you stand out from other people, its not a normal soccer shoes.
  9. 9.  I bought this shoes because this shoes is known as “Power” and this shoes fits me as well as the advertisement which showed the difference from the normal soccer shoes.The other reason why I bought this is because this shoes is used by one of my favorite soccer player Steven Gerrard.
  10. 10.  The image of PSP is that it has very good graphic and people think it had the best graphic out of the hand game. People also think it is all rounder game because it had music player, video player, and internet in it.
  11. 11.  The value associated with this product is joy because games usually make you entertain and happy while playing. The other value that is associated with Sony is trust because people trust Sony expect them to make high quality product like PSP.
  12. 12.  I bought PSP because I saw my friends playing it and I was amazed by the graphics and the quality of the game. So my belief to the product was that it would be really joyful and amazing to play all those game with very good graphic.
  13. 13.  The image of Apple is amazing graphic. Apple usually value graphics more than the quality so some people prefer using windows for PCs but some people prefer Mac.
  14. 14.  The value associated with this product is joy because listening to music and playing game would make you entertain. Also, iPod touch’s difference from other MP3s are that iPod touch has a touch screen for controlling.
  15. 15.  I bought this because the touch screen really influenced me to buy this and also, my friend had it and it was really good so it made me want to buy it.The other reason why I bought this is because of the advertisements that I’ve seen and they really amazed me like using the touch screen and playing games.
  16. 16.  This bag isn’t used in other countries but Japanese students love these bags and mostly everyone uses it even if they aren’t doing athletics and stuff because the image of this sports bag is cool.This bag looks cool and is useful as well.
  17. 17.  The value associated with this product is travel.This bag can be used in variety of ways for example, I use this bag for both soccer and school.The other value is security.This bag is really huge so you can put a lot of things in it which means you would feel safe with all of your materials prepared in your bag.
  18. 18.  I bought this because the bag is really huge so you can use it for sports and school. Other reason I bought is this because this kind of sports bag is really famous in Japan and there are lots of color varieties to choose from.