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Question 1


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Question 1

  1. 1. Question 1In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?By Ryo Jordan Panis
  2. 2. Finished ProductsFilm Poster Film magazine Front Cover
  3. 3. Real Media Products(influences, current trends, case studies)(Film Poster)Here are posters that helped influence me when creating my film poster for my film trailer. Each poster are aboutthe same genre which is Urban Drama, although ‘Boyz n The Hood’ is an American urban drama film. Theseposters are set in London which is the most common area to film a urban drama film as society is based aroundurban drama as there are gangs, crimes, murders etc. Some urban drama films have their main image of a youngblack male, this could be because they associate young black males to be in gangs, crimes, murders etc. This is acommon stereotype that all young black males are associated with these things but other races are part of this.
  4. 4. Current Trends (Film Poster)Here are a few still images of scenesin some urban drama films. In everyimage they have young black peopleaged around 15-20 years old which isa common trend in urban dramafilms e.g. kidult hood. This could bebecause young black people arestereotyped as being involved withdrugs, sex, crime, murder andviolence. Whereas most urbandrama films don’t use any otherethnicity because they think thatthey wouldnt’t be involved in thesestuff.So I conformed conventions of havingmy film poster feature young blackpeople as well by being influenced byurban drama films such as: Bullet Boyand Boys In Da Hood. This is because Ithought that following this conventionof having a young black male as mymain image of my film poster wouldfollow current trends of urban dramafilms where they associate their mainimage to be young black male.Another convention I conformed was thatI use dark and grey lighting and color bybeing influenced by Bullet Boy postermagazine, where the main image has achiaroscuro shade of the black male whichcould mean danger, mystery or death. Soby conforming this convention I was ableto make my film poster dark with somebright lighting, which made my poster lookgloomy, grey and show danger.I also conformed how most urban dramafilms use standard urban font e.g. graffiti.So by doing this I basically added in agraffiti font which contrasted with the title‘Trapped’ which made the title lookscruffy, dark and bold. Therefore byfollowing this convention I was able to seethe difference of a readers imaginationand that it would suit and attract tocustomers more.
  6. 6. Case Studies (Film Poster)During our production of producing a urban drama film trailer I watcheda case study of a urban drama film called ‘Bullet Boy’ which is a popularurban drama film featuring ‘Ashley Walters’ who is known for acting inmost urban drama films. Bullet Boy showed what young black males gothrough in their urban area, in which they face everyday. Also they showhow young black males are stereotyped for these type of things ratherthan other races.So by watching this case study i was influenced and that I conformed andsubverted some of the conventions into my film poster.I conform the stereotype of having young black males on my film poster where they are accused of thesethings such as: drugs, sex, murder, crime and violence. I have the protagonist character along with the secondprotagonist character as my main image of my film poster which follows the convention of Bullet Boy. Thisgave more meaning to my film poster which could make the audience want to watch the trailer.In addition I also conformed the convention of having a social realist tagline for my film trailer which ispositioned under the title of the film ‘Trapped’, having this convention would give more meaning to the filmtrailer and poster because it would make the audience feel as if this urban drama film is real or they couldquestion themselves about what could happen in the trailer.
  7. 7. Real Media Products(influences, current trends, case studies)Here 3 front cover magazines that helped influenced me when creating my front cover magazine referring toconforming and subverting from conventions of real media products. I followed the convention of having sell lineson top of the main image so that the sell lines can be easily seen and so that it would look more professional. Iconformed this convention by taking it from the vibe and the source magazine which both have sell lines eitheraround the main image or on top of it but not covering the whole main image.I subverted from one of the conventions of having a masthead behind the main image by having a bold, capitalmasthead at the top of the magazine in front of the image, this is because the image taken had space at the top forme to put the masthead so I put the masthead in front of the main image.Another convention I conformed was including other features such as: button, barcode, blackberry barcode, dateand issue and tagline. This shows that I have followed some conventions of real media products.(Front Cover Film Magazine)
  8. 8. Current Trends (Front Cover Film Magazine)There are a lot of current trends for front cover film magazines which follow thesame conventions and my front cover film magazine follows some of them.The current trends which I applied to my front cover film magazine was havinghouse style colours being grey, white and black which contrasted with the mainsell line and masthead as they’re a urban drama film magazine. Using house stylecolours made it look consistent as it looks like a urban drama magazine.Another trend I conformed was having different sell lines in different font sizeswhich gave the sell line and magazine more meaning and to make readers beaware of what it is. This made my front cover look more bold and eye-catching asreaders can see it clearer.In addition I subverted from having a banner on my front cover magazine becauseI thought it was not needed and that since my magazine is new, then I it wouldnot need a banner to sell itself but just to be known.Although I conformed a convention of having other features put onto my frontcover magazine which are barcode, blackberry barcode, date and issue andtagline for the magazine.