Summary of the Tempest


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Summary of the Tempest

  1. 1. Summary: The Tempest
  2. 2. We start with a storm at sea and a shipwreck. The survivorsland ashore on a remote island where a man lives with hisdaughter, a magical spirit and a half-wild boy.The man, Prospero, was exiled to the island 12 years beforewhen his daughter Miranda was only a baby. He used to be theDuke of Milan, until his brother Antonio stole it from him withthe help of Alonso, the King of Naples, Prosperos enemy.Caliban, the half-wild boy, was born on the island but hismother, Sycorax the witch, died before Prospero and Mirandaarrived. He claims to be badly treated by Prospero, butProspero claims that he is a savage, so must be restrained.Both Miranda and Caliban have grown up only knowingProspero, each other, and the island.Prospero can work magic, and has commanded Ariel, themagical spirit who is his servant, to cause the sea storm andthe ship wreck because he knows that Alonso and Antonio, hisenemy and his brother who betrayed him, are on board. Hewants to trap them on his island to take revenge so commandsAriel to make sure everyone lands on the island alive.
  3. 3. Sebastian, the Kings brother, takes advantage of theconfusion of the ship-wreck to try and murder his brother sothat he can become King. Ariel also prevents this.Two of the kings servants, Stephano and Trinculo, are alsoshipwrecked on another part of the island. They meetCaliban who promises that they can rule the island if theywill help him get rid of Prospero. Ariel overhears their plansand, after it all goes comically wrong, they are punished.Ferdinand, the kings son, lands alone and meets Miranda.They fall in love, which Prospero says is all part of his plan.After subjecting the King and the other lords to fearfulvisions, Prospero eventually allows the king to be reunitedwith his son, after convincing him Ferdinand was dead. Heconfronts Antonio and the King Alonso about their plotagainst him all those years ago and Alonso begs forforgiveness.Everyone except Caliban leaves the island to return home.Prospero breaks his magic staff and sets Ariel free.