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The First-Year Seminar Program


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The First-Year Seminar Program

  1. 1. The First-YearSeminar ProgramSeminar Program
  2. 2. The Basic Facts• First-Year Seminars are one or two unitcourses designed for students new to UCDavis• Discussion and question-based learning forup to 19 students• Theres a huge variety of subjects -- 200seminars are taught each year• Established in 1988 and managed by theCenter for Excellence in Teaching andLearning
  3. 3. So Why Should YouTake a First-YearSeminar?So Why Should YouTake a First-YearSeminar?
  4. 4. Do creative projectslike building a rocketwith a parachute.Theyre fun andhands-on!
  5. 5. Design and make ceramic art for theUC Davis Bee Haven.
  6. 6. Learn to foldorigami and arrangeflowers in theJapanese styleDiscover what theJapanesedefinition of visualbeauty is.
  7. 7. Meet "Thursday," the trash-baby made ofstudents waste from one day.
  8. 8. Discover the psychologies of drummers bydescribing their timing, syncopation, andother traits.
  9. 9. Some seminars lookmore traditional......but explore ideasin new ways.Students map Jean ToomersStudents map Jean Toomersnovelnovel CaneCane onto Google Mapsonto Google Maps
  10. 10. Why are seminars fun?• Small class size facilitates friendly,in depth discussion• Professors are enthusiastic because theycontribute personal experience• They reveal the academic side of fun topicsand the fun side of academic topics• You can meet famous people and faculty andgo to fun places
  11. 11. Learn with NASAresearcher Dawn SumnerDiscuss with famousnovelist Kim StanleyRobinsonTweet with inspirational, one-armed drummerRick Allen of Def Leppard
  12. 12. Visit the UC DavisBee HavenOr a Cave AutomaticVirtual Environment
  13. 13. Other Reasons to Takea Seminar• Theyre only a unit or two• Take a class about a topic outside of your major• Learn to: (1) Conduct research(2) Present your ideas orally(3) Work in groups(4) Develop yourself in general
  14. 14. Every seminar has a detailed description complete first-year seminar profiles about theseminar examples in this presentation on the CETLwebsite
  15. 15. Seminars Shown in thisPresentation in order ofdepiction• Rocket Propulsion by Mohamed Hafez• Art, Bees, and Survival by Diane Ullman and DonnaBillick• Japanese Culture: Nature and Visual Arts byHaruko Sakakibara• Creative Responses to Climate Change by StephenWheeler• Psychology of Drummers by Brad Henderson• Mapping the Harlem Renaissance by Phillip Barron• So You Think You Can Write? by Amy Clarke
  16. 16. Photo Credit• Rocket photos by Mohamed Hafez• Ceramic Art photos by Jenna Christopherson• Flower Arrangement photo by HarukoSakakibara• "Thursday" image by Stephen Wheeler• Origami, Psychology of Drummer, and HarlemRenaissance photos by Ryder Blue• Dawn Sumner photo from the UC Davis GeologyWebsite• Rick Allen, Kim Stanley Robinson, and CAVEimage from Wikipedia