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Overcoming the Language Barrier: Considering Translation

Quick presentation I threw together for the EnterpriseCamp in Toronto, ON (May 29/07). It covers some considerations around the neccessity of translation, your options for having it done and some things you should consider.

((Pls. excuse the font issues - slideshare doesn't seem to like a couple of them)

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Overcoming the Language Barrier: Considering Translation

  1. 1. Presented by: Ryan Coleman CTO & Co-Founder Clay Tablet Technologies Overcoming the language barrier in a global economy
  2. 2. Introduction About Me Ryan Coleman CTO & Co-Founder, Clay Tablet Technologies [email_address] Blog: About Clay Tablet Intelligent Middleware Connector For the Translation Industry. We connect content to translators.
  3. 3. Agenda <ul><li>Challenges </li></ul><ul><li>Ideas and Solutions </li></ul><ul><li>Technologies </li></ul><ul><li>Q&A / Discussion </li></ul>
  4. 4. Challenges For every ONE English speaker online today… … there are THREE non-English speakers 5 Fastest Growing Languages Online (2000-2005): < Number of languages the European Union will require official documentation be translated into as of 2007 . 23 BRIC Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are expected to have accounted for 27% of online ad growth in 2006 > 27% languages
  5. 5. What is there to translate? Manuals Brochures Web Content Support Materials User Interface Training Materials Technical Documentation
  6. 6. 45 Products in the last 12 months
  7. 7. Average of 30+ languages per product
  8. 8. Challenges Productivity loss Customer/Employee confusion Lower sales / Lost Revenue Increased support costs Regulatory Hurdles Can’t ingest. Can’t Digest.
  9. 9. Challenges You can’t afford to translate all of your content… … You can’t afford not to translate anything either.
  10. 10. Challenges Won’t work. Photo: Spatacus007 (Flickr)
  11. 11. Evaluate Context Nature Risk Perception
  12. 12. Evaluate Context Nature Risk Perception Manuals Intricate Intended to Educate Needs to ship with Product Likely technical Tech support load Damage to product if instructions correct Frustrated Consumers Lawsuits/Liability? Expected to be correct Extension of your corporate brand
  13. 13. Solution #1: Crowdsource Use your user-base PROS Free / Almost Free CONS Requires a Passionate User Base Unpredictable: User goals don’t always match business goals Questionable Quality/Consistency
  14. 14. Solution #2: Machine Translation Use Machine Translation PROS Can be Free/Low Cost (Professional systems are $$$) Wide variety of Language Pairs available CONS Low Quality Liability Risk Increased Professional Systems are very expensive & require extensive training Still need people to review
  15. 15. Solution #3: Internal Resources Use Your Internal Resources PROS Can be Free/Low Direct Cost Good chance your employees are SME’s CONS Hidden Soft Costs High Opportunity Cost Consistency and Quality may be questionable
  16. 16. Solution #4: Professionals Use Professional Translators PROS High Quality Consistent Translation Use Tools that can help reduce costs CONS Typically very expensive Time investment needed at startup
  17. 17. Challenge There is no “Black Box”.
  18. 18. No “One Size Fits All” Hybrid approaches based on context/content
  19. 19. Ideas and Solutions People + Process + Technology
  20. 20. Important Considerations Translator Content Repository How does content get here? How do they get there? or
  21. 21. Other Important Considerations Synchronization Workflow Permissions Proofing / Review Efficiency Tools Time Sensitivity Truly Multilingual?
  22. 22. Piecing it Together Take analysis of context/content and pair with Pros/Cons of translation options.
  23. 23. Piecing it Together Internal vs. External?
  24. 24. How it’s typically done Large companies Web Site LSP Custom apps CMS LSP Technology DB !!! Web Site CMS LSP Small companies !
  25. 25. The Clay Tablet Way Clay Tablet connects any content to any translator, and simplifies the process Web Site CMS LSP Small companies <ul><li>Projects automated </li></ul><ul><li>Dashboard-like status visibility </li></ul>Large companies Web Site LSP <ul><li>Any content to any translator </li></ul><ul><li>Works with all systems </li></ul>Custom apps CMS LSP Technology DB
  26. 26. Questions? [email_address] P: 416 363 0888 x.116 Blog: Company: Google: I’m right after the Ryan Coleman, Pro Bass Fisherman Q & A