Finance management


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Finance management

  1. 1. Finance Management in Project - Training
  2. 2. Start your day with a smile, and see how fun it is going around the world and looking the angry faces of everybody else “… Mafalda
  3. 3. Who you are?• At less you know Two streitness and Two weekness of your self?• How do you work under stress?• Did you wake up with a smile today?• Do you really know who to work in team?• Do you think you leadership material?
  4. 4. Last Session Review
  5. 5. Project Planning Stages Where do you What do you What else do want to go? have now? you need?1 2 ? General Idea Description Money of the Project Vision Values Knowledge Target Expertise on Goal Production audience Duration/ Mesurement Partners Timelimit MainTask/ Secundary Profits > Cost Task
  6. 6. MarketResearch
  7. 7. Market research• Market research is any organized effort to gather information about markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy.• Market research is a key factor to get advantage over competitors. Market research provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition.
  8. 8. 5 steps in the marketing research prosecc:• Define a problem and research objectives• Develop the research plan• Collect the information• Analyze the information and present the findings• Make a decision
  9. 9. Methodologically, marketing research uses the following types of research designs:• questionnaires,• focus groups,• in-depth interviews,• experimental techniques• observations made at one time or observations occur over several time-periods
  10. 10. Segmentation of market: To divide a market by a strategy directed at gaining a major portion of sales to a subgroup in a category, rather than a more limited share of purchases by all category users.Examples:• Gender• Age• Price• Location• Religion• Income• Size of Household
  11. 11. Strategy is the direction and scope of anorganisation over the long-term: whichachieves advantage for the organisationthrough its configuration of resources within achallenging environment, to meet the needsof markets and to fulfil stakeholderexpectations
  12. 12. Simulation
  13. 13. Budgeting
  14. 14. BudgetingBudget: is a plan that outlines an organizations financial and operational goals. Budget may be thought as an action plan.… helps a business allocate resources, evaluate performance, and formulate plans.The basic process of planning a budget involves listingthe businesss fixed and variable costs on a monthlybasis and then deciding on an allocation of funds toreflect the businesss goals
  15. 15. •Excel Example
  16. 16. Budgeting Scale (Tips)Excel : Estimated Numbers for your Project Assistance Sales Subsidies Incomes Cost of Operation Extra Incomes Extra Expenses Sponsorships Discounts Other incomes Other Cost Total Incomes Total Cost Cash Flow Money estimated
  17. 17. Fundrasing
  18. 18. Fundrasing• Fundraising is just what it appears to be - the raising of funds or money. For a non-profit, fund raising is often the only way to get the money to pay for the facilities and programs that the group wishes to organize. Fundraising can take many forms, from sales to direct asking for money to organizing events or lotteries for which people will pay.
  19. 19. Why is Fundraising Important?• Fundraising can help raise awareness through newspapers or newsletters, it can help a group establish an Internet site, and it can help people that the group is hoping to help. For example, a women’s shelter will need money for a shelter space, money for food and board for abused women, and money for programs such as education and job training for the women who visit the center
  20. 20. Why do I need to learn about Fundraising?• Plenty of people assume that fundraising is as simple as holding bake sales or some other organizational activity until enough money is raised
  21. 21. Marketing Questions To Ask When Targeting Fundraising Donors• Where can I find people who are interested in the issue our non- profit is furthering?• What do people interested in our issue read? Where do they go? What groups do they belong to?• What sort of person is so likely to be interested in our groups’ issue that they will be willing to help our non-profit financially?• What companies in my area have contributed to similar non-profit groups in the past?• What sort of fundraising effort would be most likely to draw the people who are most likely to be interested in out group’s mandate?• Are there government agencies or philanthropic agencies that tend to give money for causes that are similar to our group’s mandate?
  22. 22. What Do Donors Want To Hear From You?• To assuage a fear• To make a contribution:• Tax deductions• A chance to win• Emotional benefit• Immortality• Products
  23. 23. How To Find The Best Ones for Your Non-Profit• There are a few things that separate a good fundraising idea from a bad one:• Cost of getting going should be what you can afford to spend• Good use of resources and talents• You have enough people power - or can get enough for it
  24. 24. Work with partness
  25. 25. Grants Application & Proposal Creation
  26. 26. Grants application and proposalcreation What is a grant?
  27. 27. Grants application and proposalcreationA type of financial assistance awarded to:- Person- Organisation
  28. 28. Grants application and proposalcreation What are the potential sources of funding?
  29. 29. Grants application and proposalcreation- Government- Enterprise- Individual sponsorships- Foundations
  30. 30. Grants application and proposalcreation Who can get a grant?
  31. 31. Grants application and proposalcreationIndividualsStudentsYouth organizationsCommunity groupsRecreation clubs and organizationsLocal GovernmentNot-for-profit organizationsSchools
  32. 32. Grants application and proposalcreationWhere can I find out what grants are available?- Internet- NewspapersHow do I apply for a grant?Different requirements for each application.Grant guidelinesEvidence that you or your organization can do what itproposes.
  33. 33. Grant example
  34. 34. Where do you want to go?Example:
  35. 35. Grant example
  36. 36. Grant example
  37. 37. Grant example
  38. 38. Selling
  39. 39. SellingSell: A transaction between the seller and the prospective buyer or buyers.Different Types of Sell:•High-pressure selling •No-pressure selling•Persuasive selling •Targeted selling…art of persuading the consumer that buyingthe product or service will benefit him or her
  40. 40. Key words for Selling• Communicating the benefits of your product or service to the consumer• Communication avility/ Be direct• The messeage need to be easy and simple to remember• Ask How is he/she• consumer need to be convinced that he or she will personally experience the benefits of your service/product
  41. 41. Simulation “Sell a friend”
  42. 42. ProjectAccountability
  43. 43. Project accountability
  44. 44. Conclusion1. Market Research and analisys2. Budgeting3. Fundrasing: -Work with Partness -Grants application and proposal creating4. Selling5. Project accountability6. Feedback
  45. 45. Feedback
  46. 46. Questions & Answers
  47. 47. Thank you for attention