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  1. 1. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 1
  2. 2. ONE AIESEC. ONE UKRAINE. Congratulations with your decision to go on exchange with AIESEC to Ukraine! Now, all you have to do is to get to know the country well and to be a proactive learner. Enjoy diversity and have an incredible experience with us! Best regards, VP ICX team AIESEC in Ukraine 2010-2011 :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 2
  3. 3. VISAS TO UKRAINE Ukraines 90/180 rule for visa-free entry Citizens of the following countries can now visit Ukraine without a visa for periods of up to 90 days over a 180 day period with a valid passport: 1. Austria, 2. Andorra, 3. Armenia, 4. Azerbaijan, 5. Belarus, 6. Belgium, 7. Bulgaria, 8. Canada, 9. Cyprus, 10. Czech Rep, 11. Denmark, 12. Estonia, 13. Finland, 14. France, 15. Georgia, 16. Germany, 17. Greece, 18. Hungary, 19. Iceland, 20. Ireland, 21. Italy, 22. Japan, 23. Kazakhstan, 24. Korea (South), 25. Kyrgyzstan, 26. Latvia, 27. Liechtenstein, 28. Lithuania, 29. Luxembourg, 30. Malta, 31. Moldova, 32. Monaco, 33. Mongolia, 34. Netherlands, 35. Norway, 36. Paraguay, 37. Poland, 38. Portugal, 39. Romania, 40. Russia, 41. San Marino, 42. Slovakia, 43. Slovenia, 44. Spain, 45. Switzerland, 46. Sweden, 47. Tajikistan, 48. UK and Northern Ireland, 49. USA, 50. Uzbekistan, 51. Vatican For all the rest countries an applicant should submit the application Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs  your passport (original, not a copy)  one completed application form printed or written in block letters in black ink  one recent passport-size color photograph  if you are not a U.S., E.U., Canadian, or Japanese citizen, you will probably need a letter of invitation. Ask your hosting LC to send the invitation letter, so you have up to 21 days for the embassy to proceed your application. Usually you should also indicate an address of your stay and a person responsible. Extending Ukrainian visas Visas can be extended in Ukraine within 4-5 business days at the city OVIR (office of visas and registrations) — not the neighborhood OVIR. Apply for an extension no sooner than 4-5 days before your visa expires. You cannot change the category of visa and are not allowed multiple entries back into the country during the period your visa has been extended for. In other words, if you have a multi-entry visa and extend it in Ukraine, you will only be allowed one more exit from Ukraine. As soon as you leave the country, the visa becomes void. Remember, you cannot get a new visa while in Ukraine — you can only extend your existing visa. You must leave Ukraine to get a new visa — at any Ukrainian consulate in any foreign country. Hence, if you plan to make multiple trips out of the country during the period you want to extend your visa for, it would make more sense to receive a new visa during your next trip abroad or even make a special trip to get the visa (to Krakow or Budapest, for example) rather than extend your current visa. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 3
  4. 4. COUNTRY Ukraine is bordered by the Russian Federation to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast respectively. Ukrayina, [ukrɑˈjinɑ] Ukraines history began with the Kievan Rus, the precursor to the East Slavs. From the 9th century the Kievan Capital: Kyiv Rus became a large and powerful nation but disintegrated in the 12th century. Ukraine was the center of the Area: 603.7 sq km medieval living area of the East Slavs. After the Great Northern War (1700–1721) Ukraine was divided between a Population: 45,888,000 people number of regional powers and, by the 19th century, the largest part of Ukraine was integrated into the Russian GDP (nominal): total $127.133 Empire with the rest under Austro-Hungarian control. After a chaotic period of incessant warfare and several billion, per capita $2, 795 attempts at independence (1917–21) following World War I and the Russian Civil War, it emerged on December 30, Official language: Ukrainian 1922 as one of the founding republics of the Soviet Union. Currency: UAH Hryvnia The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republics territory was Administrative division: 24 enlarged westward shortly before and after World War II, oblasts and Autonomous Republic Crimea and southwards in 1954 with the Crimea transfer. In 1945, Religion: 64% Orthodox the Ukrainian SSR became one of the co-founding Highest peak: Hoverla 2061 m members of the United Nations. Sea: Black Sea The Sea of Azov National symbols: blue-yellow flag symbolizes blue sky and wheat fields Government: unitary semi- presidential republic :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 4
  5. 5. HISTORY Formations Ukrainian history is long and proud, with the Ukraine declared its sovereignty within the Soviet inception of Kievan Rus as the most powerful state in Union in July 1990 as a prelude to unfolding events in Medieval Europe. While this state fell prey to Mongol the year to come. The Verkhovna Rada (Ukraines - Kievan Rus 882 conquest, the western part of Ukraine became part of Parliament) again declared its independence in early the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from the December 1991 following the results of referendum in - Kingdom of Galicia– 1199 14th until the 18th century, even modern Ukraine November 1991 which indicated overwhelming Volhynia owes it a debt of sorts. A subsequent Ukrainian state popular support (90% in favour of independence). was able, in the face of pressure from the ascendant Initially, there were severe economic difficulties, - Cossack Hetmanate 1649 Muscovy, to remain autonomous for more than a hyperinflation, and oligarchal rule prevailed in the century, but the Russian Empire absorbed much of early years following independence. The issues of Ukrainian National November Ukraine in the 18th century to the detriment of their cronyism, corruption and alleged voting irregularities - culture and identity. came to a head during the heavily-disputed 2004 Republic 7, 1917 Despite a brief, but uncertain, flash of Presidential election, where allegations of vote- independence at the end of the czarist regime, rigging sparked what became known as the "Orange - West Ukrainian November Revolution". In 2010 Victor Yanukovych became the National Republic 1, 1918 Ukraine was incorporated into the new USSR after president of Ukraine. the Russian Civil War in 1922 and subject to two Read more: disastrous famines (1932-33 and 1946) as well as - Ukrainian Soviet December brutal fighting during World War II. Socialist 30, 1922 Republic - Second Declaration of June 30, Independence 1941 - Independence from August the Soviet Union 24, 1991 :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 5
  6. 6. CLIMATE AND GEOGRAPHYGeographyAt 603,700 square kilometres (233,100 sq mi) andwith a coastline of 2,782 kilometres (1,729 mi),Ukraine is the worlds 44th-largest country.It is thelargest wholly-European country and the secondlargest country in Europe (after the Europeanpart of Russia, before metropolitan France).The Ukrainian landscape consists mostly of fertileplains (or steppes) and plateaus, crossed by riverssuch as the Dnieper (Dnipro), SeverskyDonets, Dniester and the Southern Buh as theyflow south into the Black Sea and the smaller Seaof Azov. To the southwest, the delta of theDanube forms the border with Romania. Thecountrys only mountains are the CarpathianMountains in the west, of which the highest is theHora Hoverla at 2,061 metres (6,762 ft),and those on the Crimean peninsula, in theextreme south along the coast.ClimateUkraine has a mostly temperate continentalclimate, although a more Mediterranean climate isfound on the southern Crimeancoast. Precipitation is disproportionatelydistributed; it is highest in the west and north andlowest in the east and southeast. Western Ukraine,receives around 1,200 millimetres (47.2 in) ofprecipitation annually, while Crimea receivesaround 400 millimetres (15.7 in). Winters vary fromcool along the Black Sea to cold farther inland.Average annual temperatures range from 5.5 °C(41.9 °F)–7 °C (44.6 °F) in the north, to 11 °C(51.8 °F)–13 °C (55.4 °F) in the south. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 6
  7. 7. CUISINE Ukrainian cuisine has a rich history and offers a wide variety of dishes. Most famous dishes are borsch (beet root soup), potato salads, grains, vegetable salads, pork dishes etc. Ukrainians eat moderately oily food, with equal consumption of vegetables and meat. It’s difficult to find vegetarians in the country, but Ukraine has plenty of vegetables grown, so you won’t starve  The top five components of a meal are potatoes, bread, eggs, meat (especially beef) and butter. Other popular foods include cabbage, milk, sour cream, curds, mushrooms, lard, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, berries, honey, sugar, salt, garlic, and onions. Main courses are eaten at the dinner (afternoon meal) and at the supper (evening meal). Most often they include meat (beef, chicken, fish) or vegetables and are served with various garnishes and dressings. And for the dessert: Syrnyki recipe Ingredients : 250 cottage cheese (syr) , 75 g oil to fry, 2 table spoons semolina flour ,3 table spoons sugar , 2 table spoons wheat flour, 2 eggs Method: Combine all the ingredients, except flour, and knead stiff dough. Shape small balls and roll in flour. Fry in oil for 3-4 minutes every side until bright golden. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 7
  8. 8. COST OF LIVING UAH USD GBP EUR Accommodation Room in shared apartment in good area - monthly rent UAH 2,500.00 $310.09 £193.00 €220.90 2/3 star hotel - 1 night stay UAH 500.00 $62.02 £38.60 €44.18 Food and Drink Milk 1ltr./2.11pints UAH 4.00 $0.50 £0.31 €0.35 Butter 500gr./1.10lbs. UAH 4.00 $0.50 £0.31 €0.35 Plain yoghurt 180gr./6.35oz. UAH 5.00 $0.62 £0.39 €0.44 Cheese 500gr./1.10lbs. UAH 25.00 $3.10 £1.93 €2.21 Eggs 12 (large) UAH 7.00 $0.87 £0.54 €0.62 Bread (white loaf) 1 kg./2.20lbs. UAH 3.00 $0.37 £0.23 €0.27 Bread Whole (wheat loaf)1 kg./2.20lbs. UAH 3.00 $0.37 £0.23 €0.27 Rice (long grain) 1kg./2.20lbs. UAH 15.00 $1.86 £1.16 €1.33 Spaghetti 1kg./2.20lbs. UAH 12.00 $1.49 £0.93 €1.06 Sugar (white) 1kg./2.20lbs. UAH 6.00 $0.74 £0.46 €0.53 Flour (white) 1kg./2.20lbs. UAH 5.00 $0.62 £0.39 €0.44 Cornflakes (packet) 375gr./13.23oz. UAH 13.00 $1.61 £1.00 €1.15 Tea bags (pack 25) UAH 15.00 $1.86 £1.16 €1.33 Coca Cola 1lt./2.11pints UAH 7.00 $0.87 £0.54 €0.62 Mineral water (still) 1lt./2.11pints UAH 4.00 $0.50 £0.31 €0.35 Cooked ham 1kg./2.20lbs. UAH 75.00 $9.30 £5.79 €6.63 Sausages 1kg./2.20lbs. UAH 45.00 $5.58 £3.47 €3.98 Black pepper 50gr./1.76oz. UAH 3.00 $0.37 £0.23 €0.27 Frozen pizza 320gr./11.29oz. UAH 20.00 $2.48 £1.54 €1.77 Milk chocolate (bar) 100gr./3.52oz. UAH 8.00 $1.00 £0.69 €0.84 :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 8
  9. 9. Beer (local, can) 0.33lt./11.15oz. UAH 3.00 $0.37 £0.23 €0.27 Eating Out, Entertainment & Health Three-course dinner in restaurant UAH 200.00 $24.81 £15.44 €17.67 Fast-food meal UAH 30.00 $3.72 £2.32 €2.65 Cup of coffee in bar/cafe UAH 10.00 $1.24 £0.77 €0.88 Beer in bar UAH 15.00 $1.86 £1.16 €1.33 Taxi rate per km./0.62 miles UAH 2.50 $0.31 £0.19 €0.22 City centre bus fare (3km./1.86miles) UAH 2.00 $0.25 £0.15 €0.18 Web cafe (30 mins.) UAH 7.00 $0.87 £0.54 €0.62 Clothing Womens shoes UAH 500.00 $62.02 £38.60 €44.18 Mens shoes UAH 500.00 $62.02 £38.60 €44.18 Pair of jeans UAH 350.00 $43.41 £27.02 €30.93 Mens suit UAH 1,200.00 $148.84 £92.64 €106.03 Womens suit UAH 1,200.00 $148.84 £92.64 €106.03 Mens shirt UAH 350.00 $43.41 £27.02 €30.93 €44.18 Womens dress UAH 500.00 $62.02 £38.60 Prices are indicated as for Kyiv, but they are average. Usually vary +- 10% from the price. This is just for you to know the general costs of living in the country. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 9
  10. 10. TRANSPORTATION Ukraines transportation network Ukraine has a very well-developed system of public transportation, and the country is much less reliant on private automobiles than the U.S. or western Europe. Every large city and regional capital is connected to the railway network and receives passenger trains daily from other major cities. The train station is the main transportation hub of every Ukrainian city. From there minibuses, trolleybuses, and private taxis take passengers to other parts of the city. The other main transportation hub of any Ukrainian town is the intercity bus station. Often, but not always, the bus station is located next to the train station. The largest cities generally have several bus stations located at different ends of town. Intercity buses leave from the Check these sites for information about flights: station that is in the direction of their destination. Most Ukrainian regional capitals also have an airport on the edge of town for :: :: domestic flights and, occasionally, a small selection of international flights. Ukraine has :: recently got its first low-cost connections. Inter-city travel in Ukraine is quite a bit less expensive than in Europe, but prices have been Ukrainian train system: rising steadily in recent years. Public transportation in Ukrainian cities Every Ukrainian town and city has a complex network of public transportation dominated by Prices for transport: minibuses, followed by trolleybuses, street trams, buses, and subway systems (only in the largest Ukrainian cities). These means are sufficient to get you where you need to go in town Train Kyiv – Lviv = app. 70 UAH — after you learn how to use them (follow the links for detailed information). Subway = 1.5 – 2 UAH/ ride Fare on public transportation is very low by European standards, usually costing 2 UAH ($0.25 USD) or less. Route Bus = 1 – 3 UAH/ ride In addition to public transportation, taxis are available everywhere at prices lower than in Trolleybus, tram = 1 – 2 UAH / ride Europe. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 10
  11. 11. CULTURE AND TRADITIONS 1 January - New Years Day 7 January - Orthodox Christmas Ukrainian Holidays 8 March - International Women’s Day April - May - Orthodox Easter 50 days after Easter - Holy Trinity Day (Svyata Troyitsya)(or The Ukrainians are just fond of "Green Sunday") celebrating holidays. They strictly 1 - 2 May - Labor (May) Day observe the traditions of Orthodox and 9 May — Victory Day Soviet holidays and readily accept 28 June - Constitution Day Western holidays like St. Valentine Day, 24 August - Independence Day Halloween, St. Patricks Day and so on. Other Holidays A great number of holidays can be 14 January - Old Calendar New Year divided into several groups - public, 25 January - "Students Day" otherwise known as religious and just holidays. Public "Tatyanas Day" holidays are marked with red in the 3 14 February - St. Valentines Day calendar for you not to forget to have a 23 February - Mens Day (formerly known as The Soviet good rest. When a holiday falls on a non- 2 Army Day) work day, Saturday or Sunday, the 1 April - Fool Day (the Day of laughter) nearest Friday or Monday is a day-off. 13 May - Mother’s Day5 6 June - Ivan Kupala Day 1 September - The Day of Knowledge1 October 5 - Teachers Day 6 December - Ukrainian Army Day 19 December - St. Nicolas Day 5 4 -1- Easter eggs -2- Did Moroz and Snigurochka during the New Year -3- Fireworks on a state holiday -4- Picture of Christmas -5- Traditional Ivan Kupala celebration :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 11
  12. 12. MONEY Ukraine is a cash economy. Travelers checks The Ukrainian national currency is the Hryvnya. However, it is and credit cards however are in large usage in preferable to bring Euro or USA dollars with you. You can Kyiv American Express, MasterCard, and Visa exchange them in any major bank or at any exchange point 3 are commonly accepted. A passport or a diplomatic card may be around the city. You will identify those points by the name of required whenever a credit card is used. Customs regulations „обмін валюти‟ if it is written in Ukrainian Language or „обмен prohibit sending cash, traveler’s checks, personal checks, credit валюты‟ if it is written in Russian Language. cards or passports through the international mail system to Changing U.S. dollars for Ukrainian Hryvnias or another currency Ukraine. These items are regularly confiscated as contraband by is legal only at banks, currency exchange desks at hotels and at customs authorities. licensed exchange booths. Beware of changing money on the In many places such as kiosks or small stores it is not possible to streets or with private individuals: its illegal and it can be pay via credit card, so it is very common that people withdraw dangerous. Remember however that old or damaged bill may money in the ATM and then pay with cash in the stores. not be accepted or accepted under the lower rate. The "hard currency" stores only accept Hryvnias but almost all of them have a money exchange booth on the premises. Ukrainian coins have the nominal of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 coins and a 1-Hryvnia coin. Look up latest exchange rate here : Banknotes: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 m Hryvnias :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 12
  13. 13. UKRAINE : PLACES TO VISIT Enjoy your holiday in the unexplored beauty of Ukraine. The magnetic Ukraine is all set to mesmerize you with charms of the famous places to visit in Ukraine. The beauty of Ukraine can fill every moment of your holiday with great delight. This largest country of Europe can be your most desired place with the splendid beauty of magnificent mountains, rich heritage, exotic culture, wonderful architectural elegance and bustling city life. Amongst the famous places to visit in Ukraine are the cities of Lviv, Odessa, Sevastopol, Chernigov, Yalta and above all the gorgeous Kiev. Kiev is the most interesting visiting place in Ukraine. Useful links: Ukraines main attractions Very briefly, heres a list of the remarkable things tourists can see in Ukraine, and the best places to experience them : City life: Kyiv, Odessa Churches: Lviv, Kyiv Monasteries: Kyiv, scattered remote locations Soviet architecture and legacy: Kyiv, Kharkiv Nature: Crimeas South Shore, Carpathians Folk culture: villages of western Ukraine and Carpathians :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 13
  14. 14. Contacts: e-mail: UKRAINE : THE CAPITAL CITY phone number: +380683505044The Ukrainian capital is one of the largest European scientific address: prospect Peremohy 54/1,and cultural centers. There is a wide web of scientific KYIV office 515establishments, higher education establishments, medium Area: 839 km2 (metro Shuliavska, Kyiv Nationalspecialized schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, places of culture Population: app. 3 Economical University)and art. mln peopleLives of many outstanding people are connected to Kyiv — City guidepolitical, state and social figures, writers, composers, painters,scientists, the memory of which is eternalized in monuments, Among the most famous places of the city is Sofia cathedralmemorials street and square names. (1017–31), the Golden Gate (1017–24), Vydubytskyy monastery (XI century), Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra (1051), Kyrylivska church (middle of XII century), Bratskyy monastery (1616), Volodymyrskyy cathedral (1862–96), Mariyinskyy palace (1745–52) and many others. Hostels: Price: 85- 150 UAH per night Website: Suggested hostel: 1 - City Center Hostel | Sofiivska Str. Nr 2, apt. Nr 10 | 140 UAH/night :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 14
  15. 15. ● ● ● UKRAINIAN PHRASEBOOK ● ● ● :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 15
  16. 16. THINGS TO KNOW GUESTS: Ukrainians are very hospitable. As their guest, you - Be prepared to accept all food and drink offered will receive red-carpet treatment. This includes when visiting friends. Turning down food may be heavily-laden tables, gifts, and many toasts. While it considered rude. (If you find you cannot eat it all, is sometimes uncomfortable for Americans, who keep something on your plate to avoid having it have so much, to accept gifts from those who have replenished!) so little, they will be very insulted if you turn them - In Orthodox churches, women should wear scarves down. or hats, and men should take off their hats. ETIQUETTE: - Be careful when complimenting a hosts belongings, he or she may offer them to you. These rules of etiquette may be useful: - Dont put your thumb between your first two - If invited into a family home, it is traditional to fingers; this is a very rude gesture. bring a gift. A bottle of wine, a cake, or a bouquet of flowers are customary. BUSINESS HOURS: - If there is a child in the house, it is appropriate to An eight-hour day is considered a normal work day, provide him/her with a small gift as well. Monday through Friday. A lunch break is taken - If you bring flowers, make sure the number of between the hours of 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Most banks flowers is uneven (3,5, etc.). are open without breaks, Monday through Friday - Do not whistle; some believe it will "blow your from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. money away." PUBLIC RESTROOMS: - Do not shake hands across the threshold of a door. It is always a good idea to have a packet of tissues It is considered bad luck. on hand because public restrooms rarely supply - Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering a toilet paper. Public restaurants also may charge a home. To keep apartments clean, most hosts will small fee (approx. $.20-.30). While any public provide you with a pair of slippers. restroom can be unsanitary, relatively clean toilets - On public transportation, give up your seat to can be found in most modern restaurants and hotels. Emergency phones: mothers with children, the elderly, or the infirm. Please note that public toilets are often of the squat Fire: 101 - At the entrance of upscale restaurants and variety, and when there are toilet bowls there is theaters, expect that your coat, briefcase, or often not a toilet seat. Police: 102 baggage will be checked. TIPS: Ambulance: 103 - Be ready to give toasts at dinner, for guests are Restaurant bills normally include a 5 percent service Gas: 104 often asked to do so. charge. You will often find, however, that a few extra - Offer to share your snacks and cigarettes with hryvnias can make your dining experience a lot more those around you. pleasurable. - Drinking alcohol is prohibited on the streets. :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 16
  17. 17. Visas to Ukraine………... 3 Country………... 4 History………... 5 Climate and geography……... 6 Cuisine………... 7 Cost of Living………... 8-9 Transportation………... 10 Culture and Traditions……... 11 Money………... 12 Ukraine: Places to visit……….13 Ukraine: the capital city……14 Ukrainian phrasebook………15 Things to Know………...16 :: AIESEC in Ukraine :: ::page 17