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All Talk Video Reviews


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Facebook reviews of the All Talk short film

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All Talk Video Reviews

  1. 1. All Talk Video Reviews We decide the best way to get feedback from our target audience for our short film was through the power of Facebook as it very easy to reach many people at once and easy for people to view the video. Also a lot of the heaviest users of Facebook are teenagers which are our target audience. Below are some of the reviews we received… • Best bits : Rosie slapping ben, ryan headbutting the table and jamie running into the door is really funny. The Jenton's view clips are well done and thoughts are equally good XD if I were to be picky I would say you could try add more people to the shots just seems empty alot(although its school and you get dicks like me ruin it lol) but that’s like if you were professional. It made me laugh. Beginning is very good with good use of music. Would be good to use music in other parts of the video. Great job! • Great intro with the slow mo close ups. funny as hell with jamie running into the door, n bens drawing. Aside from the continuity errors which u already know, v funny! Steves right bout adding more people, getting a busier shot. school bell inbetween scenes great idea, all in all, great funny short. :) • Yeah I found Jentons voice sometimes screechy, a few of the shots when you were turning were a bit blurry but other than that i really liked it. Made me laugh alot :)