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Front Pages Annotations


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Front Pages Annotations

  2. 2. Exclusive title, claiming to be better than rival magazines of the same sort. Masthead, very large to make itstand out from the rest of the cover. Main image, fills Matches the main most of the cover, in story headline at the reader’s face. the bottom of the Will interest fans of page. this band. Exclusive on a Cover Line to lure recent tragedy/loss readers in. The of a music artist. words ‘Most Giving the ‘FinalExciting’ catch the Interview’ ever.reader’s attention. Main story, fitting ‘Liam Vs. Noel’ giving with the main a sense ofimage of the band. competition, alsoMatches the colour luring the reader inof the Masthead at more. Quite up to the top. date information about a certain feud. Barcode, standard with any type of magazine sold in shops.
  3. 3. The Masthead stands out because it is in white and is quite large. It is not in yellow like most of the text on the page, this gives it contrast from the other text. ‘12 Free Downloads’draws the reader in as it may be something they like. The main image takes over almost all of the The background is cover so the reader a grey wall, this focus’ on the main makes it quite article. plain and neutral therefore making the main image and text stand out The main title is quite even more. bold and stands out from the image behind. Also it says The use of the ‘Access All Areas’ as if colour yellow it is going to show makes all of the and tell the reader text stand out things about the band making it easier to they have never read. heard or seen before. The barcode again is a regular convention of a magazine.
  4. 4. Quite plain, white background so The page numbersevery image and are very clear so text stands out. that the reader The main knows which pageMasthead saying each article is on. ‘Inside ThisWeek’ is very big and stands out also.