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CRAAP Test Slidshow


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Published in: Education
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CRAAP Test Slidshow

  1. 1. EVALUATING A WEBSITE Resource Person: Ryan Williams Writer: Christina Cook
  2. 2. APPLYING THE CRAAP TEST  C- Currency: The timelessness of information  R- Relevance: The importance of information for your needs  A- Authority: The source of the information  A- Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the content  P- Purpose: The reason the information exists
  3. 3. CURRENCY  There are no dates listed anywhere  It seems as if it has not been updated in a while  One of the links does not work
  4. 4. RELEVANCE  It is in fact about Martin Luther King  The intended audience is people with “misconceptions” about Martin Luther King  Information seems elementary and biased
  5. 5. AUTHORITY  No true information about who the publisher is  There are authors for the articles  The authors seem to be biased and have no true facts about Martin Luther King only statements on their opinions  There are no credible sources
  6. 6. ACCURACY  Comes from random unheard of authors  Taken from a variety of books and articles  Is supported by weak evidence  Unsure of evidences credibility  Does not look like it has ever been reviewed or referred  The language is biased and very full of personal opinions  No clear grammatical errors
  7. 7. PURPOSE  To inform people about Martin Luther King  They inform you of a different side to Martin Luther King  There intentions are clear that they wish people know that Martin Luther King was not a great guy  The information on the website is mostly propaganda  The point of view on the site is very impartial  Every sort of bias is found on this site