Silicon Valley Marketo User Group Meeting June 22, 2012


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Marketo Silicon Valley User Group Presentation - June 22, 2012 by Ryan Vong

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Silicon Valley Marketo User Group Meeting June 22, 2012

  1. 1. Marketo User Group – Silicon Valley June 22, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Latest Releases Update Case Study: Boundary & Q&A Group Activity
  3. 3. Tell Us About Yourself My name is _________. I work at ___________. I have used Marketo for ________ (time). I would like to _________.
  4. 4. Case Study: BoundaryRyan Vong| @RyanVong |
  5. 5. Rethink Monitoring
  6. 6. The Road to Maturity
  7. 7. Brief History of Startup Time Operational Changes Process change Launch + Scoring + No Emails + Reps March April May June •New Salesforce •More Metrics •Rethink email •Rethink •New Marketo •More Programs automation territories & •Sales Insight •Billing & lead mgmt •New Registration Accounting •New Processes
  8. 8. High Level Mapped out workflow Created new tag for trial program Unit test for full program using request campaigns Launched on 3/26
  9. 9. Lead Activation Token
  10. 10. Sign Up ① Separated Signup from Program ② Remove flow won’t work with programs that are automatically synced to a campaign ③ Keep bad emails out of the program
  11. 11. Requests Campaigns ① Establish Lead Source. (Could use a lead is created rule, but I wanted more control). ② Establish lead owner for emails to come from the owner tokens.
  12. 12. Requests Campaigns ① Wait step before reminding. ② When the lead comes out of the wait step, we check to see that progression hasn’t changed before sending email. ③ Another check to make sure they didn’t already receive it as well.
  13. 13. Requests Campaigns ① Activation sets a 14 day reminder flow. ② Activation also sets in motion an activated nurture flow.
  14. 14. Lead Scoring – Crawl, Walk, Run Constraints ① Target does not have titles nor use them. ② We don’t ask for title and ① Bringing in usually can’t find them. usage metrics is a must. ③ We designing for signup not browsing through the website. ④ Once you signup, you only come to login. ⑤ Most real prospects opt out of emails.
  15. 15. Lead Scoring – Crawl, Walk, Run ① Result is to try a tiered scoring structure from 0-100 pts. (Crawl) ② Bring in more usage metrics to enhance scores and user urgency values to predict engaged leads. (Walk) ③ Urgency value changes tend to more predictive and easier for sales to grok.
  16. 16. Details, details, details… ① What is the difference?
  17. 17. Race Conditions ① 2 rules firing at the same time or close enough. ② Some processes finish at different rates and if you are depending on one process to finish before another begins, it might not happen. engaged leads. ③ Sample above the signup process was last to finish although this lead has already logged in.
  18. 18. Group Activity
  19. 19. Questions?Ryan Vong| @RyanVong |
  20. 20. Announcements Refer a Friend. “You Love Marketo”. You can win an iPad if your referral becomes a customer. Community Engagement. If you haven’t noticed, we have a new design! Check it out and give us your feedback. Encourage users to visit the Community regularly and explain the great tools that can be found there. (i.e. Ask Questions, Answer Questions, Post Ideas, Vote on articles and ideas, read tutorials and articles and watch videos). The videos of sessions from Summit are up on the Community. LinkedIn City Group Participation. It is very important that you and the customers in your area join the respective Marketo city user group. This platform has a different purpose than the community, as it is meant to be a place where customers can share and network. New Product Release Mention. Any new product releases will be in the “New Release Tab” (now in University on the left hand nav bar) of the Community. Questions/Comments: or