Our title credits presentation v2


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Our title credits presentation v2

  1. 1. Our Opening Film TitleCreated By Ryan and Simba
  2. 2. Our Titles We will be using a red ‘blood effect’ font on a black background (similar to Dawn of the Dead) which will help the audience define our film as a horror/slasher film. The titles will appear on the screen about every 10-15 seconds during our film and will stay up on the screen for one second. Too long could bore the audience, and too little could make it difficult to read fully. The titles will show the Producer (caveman films), the casting and the film title. The titles will be small and in the same place all the time to make the credits easier to read for the audience
  3. 3. The Visuals In our opening title credits we will be showing flashbacks in time to when the killer was being bullied. To show that this is a flashback, we will be using a black & white effect, and perhaps slightly blurred. The opening will also show the killer preparing for his first revenge attack , for example gathering together knives etc, telling the audience that something violent - perhaps a death - is going to happen. Filling out invitations to lure the victims into the trap that is a school reunion, to get all of the victims together, and then posting the invitations through various victims letter boxes. In our opening, most of the scenes involve ‘hand acting,. This involves using extreme close-up shots. Meaning we can draw the audiences attention to the finer points of the opening, and detailing the actions of the characters.
  4. 4. The Audio For our film opening, we have decided to have some eerie, slow paced sounds. We are doing this to help the audience define the genre of the film and to grab the audiences attention. When the credits show up, a long and low pitched drum beat can be heard. This helps to add tension to the opening credits. At the end of the opening titles, the music will slowly fade away, showing the audience that it is the end of the opening scenes. There is no dialogue in the opening, making it easier for us to produce, because we don’t have to deal with getting the sound perfect e.g. eliminating the background noise.