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A brief PowerPoint explaining the fundamentals of Twitter. Made to present to the Go Wichita Convention and Visitor's Bureau to increase employee activity on social media.

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  • Merriam-Webster definition: “A Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer that is severely limited by space restrictions.”
  • 554,750,000 million users. 200 million users use Twitter dailyNumber of new Twitter users signing up everyday 135,000Average number of tweets per day 58 millionPercent of Twitter users who use their phone to tweet 43 %Number of tweets that happen every second 9,100
  • Intro to Twitter

    1. 1. What is Twitter? • A 140 character micro-blog used to share content, ideas and data with other Twitter users.
    2. 2. Why do businesses use Twitter? • Twitter is used by 550 million people. • Businesses create Twitter accounts to interact with customers.
    3. 3. Daily Interaction
    4. 4. Customer Service
    5. 5. Why Go Wichita uses Twitter • Connect with visitors, the community and our members.
    6. 6. Why you should use Twitter • Further your business connections – Personally and for Go Wichita • Connect with meeting planners • Connect with local businesses • Stay connected to friends • Get news on the go • Build support for Wichita from friends and familyNew Twitter User Egg
    7. 7. Getting Started on Twitter
    8. 8. Twitter Terms
    9. 9. #hashtags • The # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet, which are then used to categorize tweets.
    10. 10. #hashtags Go Wichita uses #ICTevents, #ICTdining, and #ICTdeals.
    11. 11. #hashtags
    12. 12. @mentions • Tweet directed at a specific individual.
    13. 13. @mentions • If the mention is posted anywhere else in the tweet, the tweet will appear in everyone’s stream.
    14. 14. @mentions • If you start your tweet with a “@” then your followers will not see it, unless they follow the account you mentioned.
    15. 15. @mentions • .@publicmention – Public tweet directed at an individual that everyone can see.
    16. 16. Retweet • RT @retweet – Shares someone else’s tweet with all of your followers
    17. 17. Retweet • MT @modifiedtweet – Shares someone else’s tweet with changes to all of your followers
    18. 18. Tips for starting on Twitter • Decide how you want to use Twitter. – Personally? For business? Combination? • Follow people. – You’ll be more informed about what’s happening. – People frequently follow you back. • Use a URL shortening service such as when tweeting a link.
    19. 19. Any questions?