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World renown agitator, debater, and LOST expert, Kyle Barrett, provides his in-depth look at the upcoming sixth season of the show. This preview features summaries, theories, questions, predictions and a time line that will blow your mind. I don't believe there's any spoilers. Enjoy!

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Lost Season 6 Preview

  1. 1. LOST THE FINAL SEASON SEASON 6 PREVIEW Index The Incident......................Page 2 The List.................................................Page 2 The Constant and the Variable.............Page 3 The Timeline........................................Page 4 The Nemesis......................Page 5 The Man with Many Names...............Page 5 The Tale of the Compass....................Page 5 The Monster........................................Page 6 The Conversation............................... Page 7 The OtherS(tuff).................Page 8 The Leaders........................................Page 8 The Tidbits and the Questions...........Page 9 It’s the oldest game in the world. The Future..........................................Page 10 Two players, two sides, one is 1 light, one is dark.
  2. 2. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The List I don’t have to ask. You brought • SUN AND JIN Jacob visits Sun and Jin, he tells them them here. that their love will last forever even when they’re apart--a notion that leads Sun to the Island on two separate In one of the final moments of Season 5 we see Ben, accounts accompanied by Esau, in Jacob’s quarters. Here he mentions that, as he was never able to see or talk to Jacob, Richard • HURLEY Jacob visits Hurley just hours before Flight brought him notes and lists from Jacob. We hear such a list 316 leaves for Guam to convince him to go back to the mentioned at the end of Season 2 when Michael betrays his Island. fellow Lostees and turns them over to Ben. Tom (an Other) • KATE Jacob visits Kate as a child and keeps her out says something to the effect of Jack not being on Jacob's list. of trouble--which allows her stay on the shady side of We also know that Jacob brings people to the Island. In things--which leads her to Australia after killing her the opening scene of the last episode we see that he has biological father. brought the Black Rock to the Island, and from his • LOCKE Jacob visits Locke immediately after Locke’s conversation with Esau, this wasn’t the first time. One can father, Anthony Cooper, pushes him out of the window assume that he also brought the Oceanic flight to the Island. from several stories up--this is the accident that paralyzes In the Season 5 Finale we see Jacob visit a number of our Locke. After Locke appears to have died on impact, Jacob Lostees at some point before their journey to the touches Locke and gives him life. IslandIsland or before their return to the Island. As with the people of the Black Rock, Jacob brought these people to the So what impact does Jacob have when he visits Jack? He Island, these specific people. Now, I know you, you say to gives Jack a candy bar...a candy bar! How does this help Jack me “Kyle, Jacob visited Jack just like he visited Kate and get to the Island? It doesn’t (although it is an Apollo candy Hurley and the other Lostees. Wouldn’t this make Jack part bar)--Jacob is there to see Christian, not Jack. of Jacob’s list?” In response I tell you to carefully consider At the time Christian was the Leader of the Others the impact that Jacob had on meeting each of the Lostees. (more on this later...). Jacob was making plans to bring him • SAWYER Jacob visits Sawyer after his parent’s back to the Island. Anyway, for the same reason that Esau funeral. Jacob gives Sawyer a pen, a pen that he uses to wanted Ben to kill Locke (more on this later too), Esau continue his writing to the real Sawyer (Anthony Cooper, wanted Ben to leave the Island and kill Christian. This is Locke’s dad, the guy who conned Sawyer’s parents). Jacob exactly what Ben does. Consequently, Jack was never needs Sawyer to retain this anger, for it is this anger that supposed to come to the Island, it was supposed to be leads Sawyer to Australia in search of the con man. Christian. • SAYID Jacob visits Sayid shortly after his return from The point? Jack was never on Jacob’s list. Why am I the Island; Jacob’s actions lead directly to Nadia’s death. telling you this? Her death sends Sayid on a violent rampage that will result 1) because I like you, you’ve always been nice to me in Ilana bringing him back to the IslandIsland in handcuffs 2) because it so beautifully sets up the next point (reminder--Ilana works for Jacob). 2
  3. 3. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The Constant & The Variable “THEN I REALIZED, I WAS Dr. Shephard or: How FOCUSING TOO MUCH ON THE I Learned to Stop CONSTANTS; I FORGOT ABOUT Overanalyzing and THE VARIABLES” Love the Bomb “Whatever happened, happened.” These are the words of Daniel Faraday as he, Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, and Charlotte are skipping through time. Whatever actions the Lostees took in the past were always supposed to happen. For instance, Sayid was always supposed to shoot young Benjamin Linus; and in turn, Kate was always supposed to deliver Ben to the Others, where he would become the loathsome individual that we know today. This applies to everyone--they are constants--whatever action they take is the action that was always taken--except for Jack, this does not apply to Jack, he’s the variable. Eloise sends two people to the Island, Daniel explains this concept to Jack Daniel and Jack. She sends Daniel to the Need even further proof that Jack is as they are traveling through the jungle to Island on the freighter--she does this the variable? “He walks among us, but he see Daniel’s mother, Eloise. Daniel always knowing full well that eventually, in 1977, is not one of us.” BOOM--he walks claimed that whatever happened, she will kill him. So why would she send among us like a constant, but he’s not one happened because the Lostees were her son to the Island knowing this fate? of us--he’s a variable! always supposed to crash on the Island Because, whatever happened, happened. Now, Eloise must send the other and a handful were supposed to travel Daniel, as a constant, was always Lostees back to the Island with Jack for back to 1977. What Daniel failed to supposed to go to that Island, there’s two reasons. initially consider was the possibility of nothing Eloise could have done to prevent 1) They are supposed to reenact the variables. Jack was never supposed to be it--and she knows he’s supposed to be original crash as much as possible in on Oceanic Flight 815 (wasn’t on Jacob’s there because he was there in 1977. Ok, order to successfully make it to the list). So while the actions of everyone else so in reality, the only way to prevent her Island are as they’ve always been, Jack presents a son’s untimely death is to do what? She 2) In addition to the variable, the new element, a variable. can’t tell her 1977 self not to shoot constants need to be there--Kate, Sayid, Need more proof that Jack is a Daniel--no, she must introduce the and Hurley. variable? I’m glad you asked. variable into the equation. Thus, in 2007, For that we look to Eloise Hawking. she sends Jack back to the Island. She Come to think of it, maybe reason 1 is Consider that “whatever happened, knows Jack can be the variable because in just a lot of nonsense to ensure reason 2 happened”--and what happened in 1977 1977 she shoots Daniel, who she occurs. is that Daniel, in trying to share his recognizes from 1954 when he told her to So what does all of this mean? It means findings with his mother, his findings bury the bomb--he also gives her a that Jack can change things--he can alter about how to change the course of the journal, a journal with her handwriting in the course of the Island. Consider this, in Island, is killed by his mother. Now, it, although she has yet to write it. To say 2007 Penny asks Eloise, what is going to Daniel doesn’t know this reality. He only the least, Eloise was a little curious--so she happen next. Eloise responds that for the knows the impact that the Incident had on reads the journal, interprets it, and first time in a very long time she doesn’t the Island. So Daniel thinks he can be the realizes the importance of her actions know. Why? Because she just sent Jack, variable, he can change things--when in going forward. So how does she know the variable, back to the Island. She reality, Daniel is a constant--he always Jack is the variable? Well, he’s not a part doesn’t know what’s going to happen next tried to share his findings with Eloise. of the Dharma Initiative in 1977 as are because she hasn’t encountered this reality When Daniel does try to share his the other Lostees (not sure if she had any with Jack in 1977. journal with Eloise, she shoots him, she access to Jacob’s list)--so we can exclude Need more clarification? GREAT! shoots him dead, Daniel’s last words are: Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley from Check out the timeline on Page 4. “You knew this was going to happen, contention on this basis, and we can but you sent me here anyway.” So how eliminate Locke and Sun because they does this further prove that Jack is the weren’t in the DI in 1977. Thus, if variable? Well, you see, from 2004-2007, Jack is not a constant, he must be the variable. 3
  4. 4. She needs him to be on that Island to fail to push that button THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The Timeline so that it will bring the Lostees, particularly Jack, to the Island. 5. Desmond does fail to push the button, bringing Oceanic 1977 (Take 1) Flight 815 to the Island 1. Daniel, Miles, Sawyer, Juliet, and Jin travel to 1974 after 6. After Charles invites Daniel to the Island (on the freighter) Locke turns the wheel and leaves the Island Eloise encourages Daniel to go. So you ask yourself, why 2. Daniel leaves the Island while the others stick around and would Eloise send her only son the Island, knowing full well join the Dharma Initiative that she’s going to kill him? Well, we’ll get to that. 3. Three years pass before Daniel returns to the Island 4. Realizing now that he has not properly considered the 2007 variables, Daniel thinks that he might be able to set the Island 1. Eloise sends Jack back to the Island on a new course going forward 2. Eloise tells Penny that for the first time in a very long time 5. Although he thinks he may be able to set a new course, she honestly doesn’t know what is going to happen next. Why is Daniel prepares just in case he can’t. He tells Pierre Chang this? Because she just sent Jack, the variable, back to the Island. (aka Dr. Marvin Candle) that he needs to evacuate the Island And for me that’s additional proof that the bomb does not cause of all non-essentials. He does this because the Incident is the Incident--because the Incident is what happens the first time occurring that afternoon. This is why the women and children through, Eloise knows that--it’s why she wants to send Daniel and (such as Charlotte and Miles) are evacuated. This is the only Jack back and have them correct things---and now that she’s reason they are evacuated--this is the way it always happened-- done so, she doesn’t know what’s going to happen, how could because Daniel always warned Dr. Chang--Daniel is a she? It’s not the way it originally went down--she sends them constant. He also tells Charlotte that she can never come back back hoping that the plan will work, but she doesn’t know, she to the Island. Again, he is always the scary man who tells her hasn’t experienced an Island with Jack in 1977. this (as she reveals just before she dies). He’s got to try, and just in case his plan works, he never wants Charlotte to come to 1977 (Take 2) the Island in any capacity...after all “this place is death.” (we’re picking up at 8 from 1977, 1-7 from Take 1 stay the 6. Daniel then, trying to enact his plan, goes to the only same....or you might say they remain constant) person on the Island who could understand his logic--his 8. Jack is there now, he wasn’t there the first time around-- mother, Eloise. how very variable like of him 7. As Eloise believes Daniel to be a threat to Richard, she shoots him in the back. After shooting her son, Eloise realizes 9. Jack convinces Eloise to help her carry out Daniel’s plan two things: 10. Jack, with the help on constants such as Sayid, Eloise, a. She recognized this man, he is the one who told her Richard, Juliet, Kate, etc., now playing new roles, as their what to do with the bomb in 1954 when the Lostees were constancy has been altered by the variable, help Jack to traveling through time detonate the bomb at the site of the Incident, thus altering the b. The journal that Daniel had with him, the one with course of the Island’s future all of his concepts that he was going to show her, well, she So why would Eloise send Daniel to the Island knowing that soon realizes that her handwriting appears in the journal. she would kill him? Because, whatever happened, happened--so The troubling part about this is that she has not written it Daniel’s going back to the Island no matter what. And when he yet. goes back to the Island she’s just going to shoot him. So 8. The Incident occurs just hours later; in time Eloise comes theoretically, if Daniel’s plan works, as carried out by the to understand the concepts that are contained in the journal variable, Jack, then the Incident never occurs, which means and who delivered them to her. Desmond doesn’t have to push the button every 108 minutes, which means Oceanic 815 never crashes, which means that Side Note: We know that Eloise is pregnant with Daniel here. Daniel is never recruited for the freighter, which means Daniel is Which, she’d have to be, because any conception that occurs after the Incident does not end well (we know that the radiation never in 1977, which means Eloise never has to shoot him. from the bomb alone didn’t cause this problem--we know this Also, I mentioned that Eloise was pregnant with Daniel in because of Ethan). 1977. Now, you might say, “Isn’t the bomb going to possibly kill Eloise, not to mention our Lostees?” And to you I say, why are 1982-2004 you asking so many questions?! Actually-- 1. If the blast works the Lostees will be just fine. For 1. Eloise tells young Daniel that he needs to give up other example--take Juliet--if anyone is dying from this blast it’s pursuits to focus on his studies...his time traveling type studies her--if the blast works and prevents the Incident, well-- 2. As a graduation gift Eloise gives Daniel the journal, with a everything that is described above happens and Juliet never hand-written inscription. Which of course she writes so that comes to the Island to solve the pregnancy problem, which is she will see it in 1977. caused by the Incident. 3. Jack gets a tattoo that reads “He walks among us, but he is 2. As far as Eloise, and therefore Daniel, is concerned--- not one of us.” Because he’s a variable!! Get it?....Forget it, I’ll when Eloise is helping Jack with the bomb, the group is about draw you a picture to storm through Dharmaville---just before they do so Richard 4. In the episode when Desmond is skipping through his knocks Eloise out and says he needs to protect their leader--- past, Eloise tells him that it’s his destiny to go to the Island-- Richard is fully aware of what Jack is attempting to do--he’ll she convinces him to go. Why? Because it’s Desmond that protect her brings down Oceanic 815 by not pushing the button in time. 3. Remember, the whole atomic bomb is not detonated, just 4 a piece of it, the whole Island may not be blown away
  5. 5. the jungle. When who should appear but THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 John Locke, traveling through time. Esau “You came to see me in the cabin. You asked me tells Richard to go give Locke the compass and tell him about leaving the how to save the Island Island. So you see--Richard never and I told you you had thought Locke should leave the Island-- to move it. I said you this is important knowledge--he works for had to move it, John.” Jacob. So if Jacob didn’t want Locke off Christian Shephard the Island then who did? Well, Esau and Christian are the two who told Locke that he had to leave. In fact, Esau, through Richard, just told him so. As mentioned, Locke and Christian mirror each other in returning to the Island. The Man with Many The Tale of the There is reason to believe that Esau used Christian’s body before he used Locke. Names Compass So really what we’re seeing here is Esau being the only one who tells Locke to We have known this man by three The year is 2007. John Locke has just leave the Island. names now: John Locke, Jeremy arrived from 2000 or so, where he has Now, this does cause some issues. Bentham, and Esau... oh yes, and a forth, been shot by Ethan in the leg. Richard One, Locke and Christian’s bodies are the Monster. So let’s take a few minutes appears from seemingly nowhere to help both functioning on the Island in 2008, to discuss the man in all of his identities. Locke with his wound. Richard then tells how would that be so? Also, why To recap: Locke must save the him that he’s going to have to leave the wouldn’t Esau be able to use Christian’s Island, Christian tells him that to do so Island and bring everyone back, that it body to find his loophole? Oh wait--got he must move the Island, Ben convinces will cost him his life, and in giving Locke it--solved the loophole mystery. The Locke that he should stay and lead his the compass, tells him that the next time Leader of the Others is the only person people (The Others) while Ben moves the they meet Richard will not recognize him who can kill Jacob. Island, Ben’s moving of the Island so Locke should give him the compass. That’s why Esau, through Ben, kills doesn’t take and Locke is sent hurdling The next time they meet is 1954. As Christian--he was the leader of the through time, at one point Locke lands in predicted, Richard does not recognize Others--unfortunately for Esau, when 2007, where Richard tells him that he Locke so Locke gives Richard the Flight 815, which carried both Christian must leave the Island, collect the others, compass and tells him that he, Richard and Locke, crashes onto the Island, send them back to the Island, and oh will give this compass to him, Locke in Christian is no longer the leader. Why? yeah--he’s going to have to die to make the future. Locke also tells Richard that Because John Locke has arrived. So to this happen. So Locke leaves the Island-- this compass will be given to him because execute this loophole, Esau needs to where he becomes Jeremy Bentham, tries he is their future leader. Richard assume the form of Locke--which to bring the Lostees back to the Island, responds to this by informing Locke that apparently must be done in death off the dies--and in doing so brings everyone their leaders are selected at a very young Island--as it was with Christian. So Esau, back, then once back on the Island he is age. To this Locke says that he’ll be born as Christian, tells Locke that he has to no longer John Locke, but Esau instead. in two years and Richard should come move the Island, then when Ben does it It is Christian who initially tells check him out. This is why we see instead, sending the Lostees through Locke that he must leave the Island and Richard in the hospital with Locke as an time, Esau again tells Locke that he has he must pay for this act with his life. So infant. We also see Richard in Locke’s to move the Island, through Richard this this brings about the question, who is house as a boy. He’s there to test Locke, time, via Locke’s body of course. Christian? We know that Esua assumes to see if he’s ready. Richard lays out We know that Ben kills Locke. the form of Locke one Flight 316 (the various items on the table for Locke to Giving this parallel between Locke and return flight). We also know that Locke choose from, among these items is the Christian, we can also assume that Ben plays the role of Christian on this flight-- compass. Richard asks Locke “Which of killed Christian. Why? Well, I don’t think Locke is in the coffin on Flight 316 just as these items belong to you?” Locke doesn’t Ben really knows why, but Esau told him Christian is in the coffin on Flight 815, choose the compass, he wasn’t ready. Ok, to. Ben never saw Jacob, he never heard Jack must get something of Christian’s so Locke wasn’t ready then, he was ready from Jacob, he never knew Jacob. So for Locke to wear on the return flight, after becoming paralyzed--Jacob brings Ben turns to Jacob’s nemesis--Esau--and and oh yeah--they both seems to be him back to life, Abaddon sends him on that’s who he has been taking orders resurrected after the crash. So can we the walkabout, John ends up on the from for the past few years. project that Esau took the form of Island, then leaves then Island and comes This also pretty well confirms that Christian just as he took the form of back as Esau, which brings us back to Jacob was not at the hospital to visit Jack. Locke? To full understand this 2007. Esau has just arrived in the Others’ Christian was the leader of the Others-- relationship we need to consider the role camp and asks Richard if he still has the Jacob was there to see him. of the compass. compass from 1954. Richard says that he So what about the Monster? does and then follows Esau and Ben into Ok, let’s talk about the Monster.... 5
  6. 6. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The Monster Alright, so the episode “Dead is Dead” shows us why Esau, as wants Ben to follow the lead of Locke because Esau is in fact Locke, is the Monster. In this episode Ben is going to be judged Locke and needs Ben to kill Jacob. by the Monster. Here’s how we know Esau is that Monster: 7) As soon as the Monster disappears, who should appear? Esau 1) Ben lies about why he needs to be judged by the Monster, but Esau knows exactly why he needs to be judged--for allowing Alex to die. Later in the episode, Ben admits as A note about Eko much--Esau was spot on--he knows Ben’s sins, he knows The Monster appears as Yemi to Eko. Eko is being judged for Ben’s heart. allowing his brother to die. Much like Ben is being judged for allowing Alex to die. In both instances the Monster appears as 2) Ben: "You don't have the first idea what this Island wants" the deceased. The difference is that while Ben asks for      Esau: "Are you sure about that?" forgiveness, Eko does not. He is all “I did what I had to do to survive, and for that I am not sorry.” And then Yemi is all 3) When Ben summons the Monster, Esau disappears into the “Why do you speak to me as if I am your brother?” And then jungle. Ben then expects the Monster in its black smoke he beats Eko against a tree. form, to burst out from the jungle--much as it did when he summoned it to kill the mercenaries who killed Alex. Instead A note about Locke who should walk out but John Locke, err...Esau. In Season 1 the Monster tries to swallow Locke. There could be a few reasons for this. Maybe Esau wants to kill Locke to 4) When Esau appears from the jungle he tells Ben that he restore Christian as the Leader? Or maybe Esau wants to knows where the Monster is and leads him underneath the engulf Locke so that he might control Locke. Remember, we Temple see a member of Rousseau’s crew who has been infected by the Monster. So it is possible that Esau is trying to get some 5) Once in the Temple, Locke disappears, leaving Ben all alone, loophole action there. The problem with both of these is that when who should appear? Oh yeah, the Monster. Locke tells Eko that what he saw in the Monster was beautiful. Eko responds with “That’s not what I saw.” Is it possible Jacob 6) The Monster, in the form of Alex, tells Ben that he must can go black smoke too? I mean, if Locke is the Leader of the follow every word that John Locke says. Esau of course Others, wouldn’t Jacob be the one to appear beautiful to him? Then again, maybe Esau was just using that to entice Locke. 6
  7. 7. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The Conversation Esau: Morning. Esau: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same. Jacob: Morning. Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that Esau: Mind if I join you? happens before that is just progress. Jacob: Please. Want some fish? Esau: Do you have any idea how badly I Esau: Thank you. I just ate. wanna kill you? Jacob: I take it you're here 'cause of the ship. Jacob: Yes. Esau: I am. How did they find the Island? Esau: One of these days, sooner or later... I'm going to find a loophole, my friend. Jacob: You'll have to ask 'em when they get here. Jacob: Well, when you do, I'll be right here. Esau: I don't have to ask. You brought them Esau: Always nice talking to you, Jacob. here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren't Jacob: Nice talking to you, too. you? Jacob: You are wrong. Jacob Esau Jacob is life.  Jacob resides in the shadow of the Esau is death. He wants to kill Jacob. His actions statue--a statue to that symbolizes life. He brings lead to the deaths of Christian and Locke. Esau tells people to the Island. Richard says he doesn't age Richard that after the meeting with Jacob they're because Jacob made him that way. We also see Jacob going to have to "deal with" the survivors of the give Locke life after Locke falls to his should-be flight that just crashed---just like he dealt with the death. Jacob is life. survivors of Rousseau’s expedition. As the Monster, Esau appears as Yemi and Alex (both deceased), he kills the pilot of Flight 815, he kills Eko, and he kills the mercenaries. Esau is death. 7
  8. 8. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 “You’re the one who wanted her dead, Charles, not the Island.” Benjamin “I hope you’re right, Benjamin, because if you aren’t, and it is the Island that wants her dead, she’ll be dead. And one day, you’ll be standing where I’m standing now. You’ll be the one being banished and then you’ll finally realize that you cannot fight the inevitable.” Charles The Leaders We know that Eloise is the Leader in 1977. Richard claims that win? What side is that? When Miles is being recruited by he must protect her as the Leader. We also know Widmore Naomi for Widmore’s freighter crew, a group led by Bram tries claims that he was the Leader for three decades. Widmore was to sway Miles to come over to their side, the self-described on the Island in 1954, we also see him leave the Island once “good side.” Turns out, these guys work for Jacob. So if Ben has reached adulthood (so let’s say 1997 on just to be safe). Widmore’s intentions are against Jacob, maybe he’s just as dark So if Eloise was the leader in 1977 and we know that Widmore as Ben. Consider this, in all the times that Richard reaches out left at some point between 1997 and 2004, he must have served to bring Locke to the Island, Locke never came. So who does as the leader prior to 1977. As best as I can tell, the leadership push him towards the Island, Abaddon, who works for goes something like this: Widmore. So maybe Jacob did choose Locke for the Island, but maybe Widmore, and Abaddon, and Esau had other plans. Charles Widmore, until mid 70s Eloise Hawking, mid 70s until ? One final note about Widmore, as the Leader of the Island he Christian Shephard, ? until 2004 tells a young Benjamin Linus to kill Rousseau and Alex. Ben John Locke, 2004-2007 refuses, steals Alex, and takes her as his own. When Widmore is leaving the Island he tells Ben that he better hope that the Then again, was Widmore ever really the Leader of the Island? Island didn’t want Alex dead because if it did, it would kill her. Or was he a Leader like Ben was a Leader? It is Widmore Come to find out, Alex does meet her end on the Island, as reiterates to Locke that he has to go back to the Island, does Rousseau. But--the men who killed these two, they were although he does not claim he has to die, he says that there is a sent by Widmore--so not sure if the Island wanted them dead great war coming and if Locke is not back the wrong side will or Widmore wanted them dead. 8
  9. 9. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The Tidbits and the Questions • The dead Lostees who appear to Hurley, they seem to just recently become an Other after all--probably didn’t want Hurley to go back to the Island. Why? Because if want to leave the Island. Jack’s plan works then they don’t die on the Island • Rose and Bernard, WTF? When they are told that Jack • I mentioned Christian's shoes that Jack got for Locke's is trying to blow up the Island they don’t care--which I can corpse. He got these shoes from his grandfather, who even accept--how zen of them--they even gave a nice little appears to be living in an assisted living facility. Why is this speech--but after Sawyer and Kate start walking off so? He appears to be of good health and sound mind; plus, Bernard asks Juliet if she wants to stay for tea--he he keeps trying to escape--so who or what is keeping him specifically asks her--and as she’s the one that sets the nuke here? Also, his grandfather just happens to have these shoes off, this is quite interesting. Do they know something the of Christian's lying around exactly when Jack needs Lostees don’t? They were unaccounted for during all that something of Christian's to give Locke? Suspicious.  time skipping--did they see something? • Still not sure why Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid flashed • Kate telling Jack to never ask about Aaron was much to 1977, but Sun stayed in 2007. ado about nothing. She just wants to bring Claire back to be with Aaron, as she is supposed to be, she knows that Aaron • Esau implies that it was a mistake for Ben and the isn’t supposed to be with her. She told Jack to never ask Others to live in the Dharma Initiative houses because she was pissed at him. That’s it. • In 2007, Sun shows Richard a picture of the 1977 class • "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" "He who will of Dharma recruits, including Kate, Jack, and Hurley. save us all"---enough to make you wonder about a Jacob Richard says he watched them all die. Why does he say this? resurrection Because he did watch them die, in the Incident or maybe in the Purge, but he didn’t watch Jack die. He doesn’t point • Why does Esau want the Others to come with him on this out to Sun because he doesn’t know Jack--as he wasn’t his journey to visit Jacob? around the first time in 1977. • Daniel tells Desmond that rules of constancy don’t • When Miles and Charlotte are evacuated off the apply to him--why is this? Must have something to do with Island, why isn’t Ben evacuated too? Was he still recovering him blowing up the hatch, but the real question is--Eloise from Sayid putting a bullet in him? The moms of Miles and tells Desmond that the Island is not through with him yet. Charlotte accompanied their child to the sub, Ben’s mother Why is this? What could there be left for him to do? I don’t had died, is this why he didn’t leave? Did he hide? He had know, but I guarantee you that we’ll see him there this season. The Reason Jack's explanation to Sawyer about why he wants to blow up the Island is still one of the dumber things I've ever heard in my life. He wants to hit reset by blowing up the Island---why? because he says he screwed up things with Kate and it's too late to change them. When Sawyer points out that Kate will be in handcuffs and a stranger to Jack when the plane lands in LA, Jack says "if it's meant to be, it's meant to be"---WHAT?! how is it any more meant to be when she's in prison and doesn't know you than it is when she's 100 yards away and is your former fiance? AND THEN---Juliet, who's idea it was to come back to the Island and stop Jack from killing a lot of people, she changes her mind completely and now wants to blow up the Island--why? Because of the way Sawyer looked at Kate (presumably when Bernard said that all he cares about was being with Rose, the one he loves)---Now I never have an issue with Lost, ever---but this was just downright goofy---and all for Kate? really? is she that spectacular to make two people want to denote a nuclear bomb? Who wrote this part of the script, John Hinckley Jr.? 9
  10. 10. THE FINAL SEASON February 6, 2010 The Future So what happens now? How should I know??!! Eloise Hawking doesn’t know, Ok, so my official prediction-- how should I know? Jacob is not dead, not forever at least. The What an unbelievable show--we’re a week out from Pallbearers role could not be simply to carry Locke’s the season premiere--and it’s not that nobody knows body around and arrive five minutes too late, their has where it’s going--it’s that nobody knows where it’s to be more to their mission. They have to show Richard starting! Is it 1977? 2007? 2004? Did Jack blow us back Locke’s body, not so Ben won’t kill Jacob, but for what to the stone age? Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Nobody happens after, for the coming war. Yeah, “they’re knows. coming”--the Pallbearers are coming. Maybe they don’t Drawing from the theories I have presented, belong to Jacob and they don’t belong to Esau. Maybe specifically about the Variable, and the bomb, and the they are a separate entity, maybe they bring the end Incident, Oceanic Flight 815 should be arriving in Los along with them. When Jacob visits our Lostees he Angeles safe and sound. Kate should be going to jail, seems to have some physical contact with them, but Locke should be wheeling himself around, Claire with Ilana, when he visits her, he wears gloves and should be giving Aaron up for adoption, Arzt should makes sure he doesn’t touch her--because she brings the arrive in one piece, and all the average looking people end, and it only ends once--Jacob wasn’t ready for that. should arrive in 6 hours (they all took the next flight). As far as our Lostees are concerned, I just don’t Trouble with this is that we’ve still got 18 hours of know, they have to be on the Island, but not sure how storyline go go--this occurrence would be an awful they’ll get there. storyline--what? they have to get back to the Island I don’t know, watch out for Walt though. again? That’s all I got. Have a great final season. Jacob’s dying words to Esau are “They’re coming.” Now, who is he referring to and why does he want Esau to know this? We have the people who are working for Jacob--the Pallbearers--the ones carrying Locke’s body around-- Ilana, Bram--and Lapidus is with them too. So why would Jacob want Esau to know this? He wouldn’t-- doesn’t add up. It appears that their role is to show Richard that Locke isn’t really Locke (and way to be timely with it!). Jacob must be referring to the Lostees-- they’re coming--they’re coming from 1977 and they’re bringing hell with them--ok, maybe not hell, but Miles, they’re bringing him--he’s a pretty fiery little guy. Then again, off the Island Jacob does seem to know Ilana extremely well, and she sure does know a lot about the Island. Bram also asks Ilana if she thinks Lapidus is a candidate. A candidate? Not sure why, but to me that seems like a long term position--maybe more than one can fit into a lifetime. Maybe they play a much larger role than we have been led to believe. On the other hand, Richard didn’t know who they are. Neither did Esau. Hmmm..... 10