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  1. 1. Horror Short Film Ryan Soanes
  2. 2. What I propose to doFor my project, I am going to do the short filmbrief and do a short film with the genre ofHorror and I have watched and deconstructedsome horror short films to get a better idea ofthe conventions and what is typically used forthis genre.I will accompany this with a Poster for the filmand also a magazine review page.
  3. 3. Horror ConventionsUsually set in isolated, quiet areas, like a forest or old run down area of atown.There is usually one main character (can be several) and this one characterusually appears scary and has scary traits.Everything is usually dark and dirty and just a grungy overall feel to thescenes.Music is usually scary, and builds tension, never tend to use lyrics.The lighting is usually quite dark, and not too many bright scenes, but in somecases use light in the day to show that everything is fine in the day, but whenit comes to night and it gets dark that’s when it gets scary, dark is usuallyassociated with monsters.
  4. 4. What am I going to do?I am going to do a horror film, but not just stick to thenormal conventions, I am going to challenge the genreand subvert from the norm.I also do not want to stick to a basic narrative, I like theidea of using flash backs to explain parts of the film.I will stick to the most basic conventions of a horrorthough such as the one main character of a monster, orscary person. I will also use the typical Iconography suchas weapons, gore, etc.