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Evaluation 1


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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products? Ryan Soanes
  2. 2. The Horror Genre and NarrativeI decided to create a Horror film, as I thought this would be a great genre to use to make a short film. The genreitself has so much flexibility, and the variety of different horror films, hybrids and sub genres are endless. To start making my short film, I had to research the conventions of horror films. I did this in lots ofdifferent ways from film deconstructions to researching narrative theory.Horror films almost always start off with a happy beginning, they do this to set the atmosphere happy, so thatthey can knock it down and shock the audience. This links in with Todorov’s idea of equilibrium and how a filmstarts off with equilibrium and slowly breaks apart until in the middle of the film the equilibrium is gone andthere is chaos. I used this when creating my film, the protagonist starts off walking down a lit walk way with nodangers at all, but the equilibrium quickly falls apart.The images below show the equilibrium in an established film such as ‘The Cabin In The Woods’ This is the beginning of the film when This is the middle of the film were This is the end of the film and whats the equilibrium is established. It’s a they use more face shots and use happened has been restored, and the sunny day with good lighting, it low key lighting witch conveys the equilibrium is back. The shots are based in an public area with up beat genre of horror and the equilibrium much better lit and the music is more music is gone. upbeat.
  3. 3. Location The location I used for my film adheres to the horror genre. I based my location in the woods as this is a popular location for horror films and it gives the feeling of isolation and helplessness. I did some research on other films before choosing my location the woods seemed a popular choice, lots of major films use the woods and the location itself creates a scary feeling without the need for props. The only problems I had with choosing the woods for my location is the lighting issues, as I’m not a big film director I don’t have access to lights so I had to work with natural light and try to get it at the right times as continuity was also an issue. Snapshot from establishedSnapshot from my film ‘Shrooms’.film.
  4. 4. Characters The Characters in horror films play the biggest part of whether its successful or not. If you don’t feel for the protagonist then you simply won’t care if they die or not, emotion is an important part of it. To create the emotion you need to make the audience feel sorry for your protagonist, and feel scared of your antagonist. I feel I did this well, I portrayed my protagonist in a stereotypical way, I used a middle age girl (audience can relate) who looks very innocent just going for a walk to meet her friend. I feel by doing this I will have made the audience like her and not want her to die. I’ve used costume that is not revealing at all so you don’t think she deserves it. As you can see in the pictures below my protagonist is dressed in a similar way to the protagonist in the movie ‘Scream’ they are both represented as innocent girls, and not in any way provoking what happens. The antagonist is also an important character as if the audience is not scared of them then they wont find the film scary and not even care about the protagonist as it’s too far fetched. I wanted to portray my character as mysterious so I avoided showing his face to make the audience more scared. I also dressed him in a dark long coat, as this is a popular convention dressing them in dark clothes. Protagonist from the movie ‘Scream’ My AntagonistMy protagonist Antagonist from ‘ Friday the 13th’
  5. 5. LightingLighting is another important part of horror films as it is important for setting the atmosphere and mood. Mosthorror films use low key lighting, and keep it dark. This is a good convention as it being dark creates mysteryand most people find the dark scary. I wanted to challenge this convention and base my horror film more indaylight to show that it doesn’t only happen in the dark, but can happen anywhere, anytime. The lighting Ichose was also very natural as I didn’t want to add any artificial lighting, I had to choose well what time of theday to film my film to make it match up with the light I wanted. Snapshot from my film
  6. 6. Media Product ComparisonTo give a real idea of what ways my mediaproduct uses, develops or challenges forms andconventions of real media products, I wanted toshow it in comparison with establishedproducts. So I compared screenshots from myfilm with an actual horror film. I compared myfront cover and film review with establishedproducts as well.
  7. 7. Title Sequence – My title sequence Middle of Film- This is both aand that from an established film, are snapshot from my film and an establishedvery similar. They both start on black film used before. Both shots have similarscreens with the film name slowly lighting except the one of the establishedappearing on screen. Sound is also similar shot is slightly darker, both shots arewith both films using quiet, creepy, framed well, except the top of the actorsambient music. head in mine is slightly cut off.
  8. 8. Both posters have a tag line that is short, but effective.My film poster Both posters use a strong Established film poster main image, and I have made my image dark just like they have, they both use creepy locations with low key lighting. In the established poster they have used their antagonist on the poster, whereas I have used my protagonist. I have used a similar convention to make sure my title is clear by making it a brighter colour and a bigger font, just like they have, Another common convention my poster uses is the text below the title, containing, directors, cast,producers etc. I also used the convention of mentioning when it will be in cinemas and put the distribution companys logo Also both mine and the established cover have the films website.
  9. 9. Both reviews have sections for information aboutfilm such as directors, certificate etc. Both film names are clear and easy to read Snapshots from the film is a common convention Summary or ‘verdict’ section Page number
  10. 10. Media Products in Real SituationsTo furthermore test my media products, I placedmy film review and magazine front cover inappropriate places were you would find them tosee if they looked real and if people wouldagree.