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Horror Deconstructions


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Horror Deconstructions

  1. 1. Horror DeconstructionsBy
  2. 2. Tag line at thetop is all incapitals and abright red on a Image is veryblack disturbing andbackground so it shocking and blendsstands out and is into the blackeye catching. background and reallyRed is also a shows the idea ofcolour with horror and creepiness.connotations ofhorror. This convention of a a poster is found onThe title is very nearly all moviebold and stands posters and it givesout and is white all the vitalon a black information aboutbackground so the film includingit really jumps the distributors.out.
  3. 3. This tag line is The main focal ofdistinct and bold, it this image is the characterstands out from (antagonist) in thethe black middle. His costumebackground. consists of an axe which is iconic and connotes as horror. He is showing no flesh and his face isThe background covered by a hockey mask which makesimage is based in him seem morethe woods which is mysterious.iconic andconnotes horror. Ithas very lowlighting witchcreates a foggymysterious effect. This again is all the vital informationThe date of this of the posterfilm really stands found onout as it is all in most filmcapitals and in a posters.vibrant red.
  4. 4. This it the tag lineof this poster, Itisn’t the best tagline and it’s not aseye catching andquite long to read. The main picture isI like the title of good as it getsthis poster because direct eye contactit is all in capitals with the viewerand stands out a and the eyes arelot from the very eye catchingbackground. They as they are a deepway they have blue and you canseparated the see the fear in herletters also looks eyes which isgood. effective and creating horror atmosphere.
  5. 5. This picture is goodThis is one poster as in the eye it hasthat goes away a picture of a flashfrom the back from the filmconvention of and I’ve used ausing black all the similar techniqueway around the to this with myimage and uses a character fadedmore full screen over a picture ofimage and this my well and it isreally shocking.