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Pitch for media


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Pitch for media

  1. 1. By Ryan Bell
  2. 2. PLOT/KEY SCENES• The plot of this trailer is that it will be based on a house that two different men know of. The femme fatale comes into this plot by trying to get to this house with one of the men by using her charm and good looks.• In this house is a safe full of money, this house has been abandoned for only a short while and the men only caught sense off this money from going to the house themselves over the years.
  3. 3. CHARACTERS• The femme fatale will be wearing red dress to show danger, she will need lipstick on and will need to appeal to the male gender. Her role is that she is mysterious and will try and mislead other characters in the movie.• The men in this film will both need to be wearing trilby’s with suits to make them look smart and to make them look to be actually be from the 1940’s period.• Some of these characters will need to smoke to show mystery towards them as if the smoke itself is hiding the character.• One of the men will be a detective trying to give the money to the rightful people who it belongs to while the other male character will be seen as a typical man character who will try and get the mob or gang the money because he needs to give them it or they will kill him.• Short part in the film will be of some mobster/gangsters.
  4. 4. NOIR CONVENTIONS• Smoking- it is mysterious hides the person who is smoking behind a wall of smoke.• Trilby- In most noir films you see men wear trilby’s this makes them look smart and also sticks with the time period they are in.• Femme Fatale- This is a noir convention because you in all noir films there is always a women who is good-looking but has something mysterious about them that the men like and that’s how they entice the men.• Protagonist- Main character of the film/hero which will be seen most of the time during the film.• Shadows- A lot of scenes in the films have shadows that hide characters so you can not see them.• Mystery- The film needs mystery so the people watching it want to find out the mystery which will be giving to them piece by piece until they know the mystery.
  5. 5. FIRST SCENE• The first part will be a shot of the house from outside from long shot or maybe looking up at it.• You will then see a man in a chair in his old age die, you will see this from the front of the chair, you will be looking at him but you can’t see his face just his chest and arms. When he dies you see his arm go limp and lifeless.• When he dies you then see the safe in the background which is a key scene because this is what the film will based around upon.• You will then either hear a voice over or have dialogue that comes up on the trailer which ever one works best will be the one used in the trailer.
  6. 6. SECOND SCENE• This scene will be of the flawed protagonist being told by his captain that an old man has died at his house and he has to take the mans family to the house to get his belongings, as he does this, this is where he first notices the safe.
  7. 7. THIRD SCENE• This scene will show a typical man walking down a dark street where two men follow him then beat him up, they will then say you need to give us (whatever the amount of money is) to them before the end of the week or they will kill him. This is where his mind starts racing. This will have a shot of the face and fast paced wipe cuts of different as he starts to think of houses where rich families may live in etc. The last frame of houses will be the same house as where the old man has died. There will then be a montage of jump shots going towards the safe with the final shot of the safe to show that that is the main point of the film. Back to his face and he has realisation that that’s the safe that he needs.
  8. 8. LAST SCENE• The last scene will have a close up of the safe where a womens hand is reaching towards the safe to open it, this will make mystery because we do not know who this women is. The glove that she has on her hand will show you that it is a women because only they wore them.
  9. 9. SOUNDTRACK• This soundtrack is something I would like in my trailer.