There is still time to become a renowned person


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There is still time to become a renowned person

  1. 1. “There is still time to become a renowned person.” By Brendan Ryan, CEO of RYAN SUPER ARCADE  Discover what would prompt you to become renowned.  Figure out what it is you want to be renowned for.  Take inventory about yourself and the things you feel will or could make you a renowned person.  Look up the word “renown” in the dictionary and think about how you fit this definition.  Make a list of things you are already good at and become specialized at one of them.  Practice something until people treat you as renowned for it.  Strategize, create a plan for success and renown.  Create a wish list that you feel holds the key to your future.  Try something new with the intention of committing to it.  Ask yourself the personal question, “What am I passionate about?”  Do something you find challenging.  Do the things you are attracted to.  Ask yourself this question, “Who would consider me renowned?”  Ask yourself this question, “Why do I think I could be renowned for this?”
  2. 2.  Consolidate you desires and aspirations, find out what is important for you and will support you and your efforts.  Ask yourself this question, “How will I determine what my passions are, in order to become a renowned person?”  Ask people who are already renowned how they became renowned.  Look for other renowned people who could help you gain renown.  Find out where you can you gain the experience and skills you will need to be renowned at something.  Consider the big picture, realize what you are doing and why you want to excel at this.  Give your ideas time.  Rehearse your strategy or plan in your head.  Consider what your values are.  Read about self-improvement, reaching your goals.  Set goals for yourself to achieve.  Define what your interests are.  Investigate into your dream and pursue it.  Get rid of clutter and confusion in your life.  Read somebody’s biography/autobiography.  Create a plan on paper that details what you want to achieve.  Mark your achievements, benchmarks, and progress.  Pay attention to your progress, figure yourself out.
  3. 3.  Envision being an artist and piece together your own masterpiece renown.  Be realistic at first.  Take classes.  Meditate.  Talk about what it is you do, this will help you get a picture of who you are and what your reputation is like.  Figure out how you rate against other people by comparing yourself to them, be honest.  Be determined to get results in your undertakings.  Do your best every day.  Think big.  Be aggressive.  Give yourself as much credit as needed.  Be your own best friend.  Never lose an opportunity to win.  Read the Bible and other inspiring books that will help guide you.  Be respectful of others when you are achieving your dream of becoming renowned.  Maximize your success by using your full potential.  Don’t limit yourself.  Believe in yourself.