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The motion picture_company_business_overview

  1. 1. The Motion Picture Company Business Overview Proposed Product/Service The purpose of The Motion Picture Company is to produce full length motion picture films and original screenwriting for an audience to enjoy. Another important feature of a motion picture company is to claim an active role and membership in the film and entertainment industry. Target Market The Motion Picture Company not only provides motion pictures and screenplays as its signature products, but also suggests a unique and different way of embracing the success of filmmaking outside of traditional Hollywood. The Motion Picture Company’s target markets are its films’ audiences. Competitive Landscape The presence of a film industry in Las Vegas, Nevada is almost inexistent with only a few exceptions. Unfortunately this is the case at present times; however the idea of a film industry with close ties to Hollywood located in Las Vegas, Nevada is worth considering and should be encouraged during this decade. The Motion Picture Company’s founder has a business license awarded to him by The State of Nevada, and the company is identified as a motion picture company. The Motion Picture Company has one very important competitive advantage, location. Las Vegas, Nevada has a business community welcoming and nurturing all forms of entertainment in it. In modern day America this fast growing and successful community should have representation through motion pictures and motion picture companies; and of course, the format of The Motion Picture Company is demonstrating exactly this concept.
  2. 2. The film industry in Hollywood is an almost impossible mess for one to try and figure out or analyze. On a daily basis Hollywood involves: much too much confusion, material obsessions, unfriendly competition, and bad or unwanted products that don’t sell well as a result; essentially burdensome Hollywood industrial moviemaking is The Motion Picture Company’s sole competition. Plan for Execution The Motion Picture Company was created in The State of Nevada in November of 2011, not as a corporation but a small business. The founder of The Motion Picture Company has directed a total of four films and written one full length screenplay in collaboration with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; notably, The Student Academy Awards Program (‘California’ (2008); ‘California 2’ (2009); ‘California 3’ (2010); ‘California 4’ (2011)) and The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition (‘Company Man’ (2011); ‘Company Man’ (2012); and is currently writing the screenplay ‘The Art of Being Bruce Seven.’ (*2013)) Risk Analysis There are not any risks involved with The Motion Picture Company; essentially the grounds on which the company is founded support The Motion Picture Company in every way necessary. Revenue Model The Motion Picture Company does not currently have a revenue plan.