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Duchess Biotechnology Business Overview


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Published in: Business
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Duchess Biotechnology Business Overview

  1. 1. Duchess Biotechnology Business Overview Business Overview Duchess Biolotechnology is a 21st century startup company focused on finding new discoveries in biotechnology, and integrating biotechnology with other technologies like energy, robotics, and materials.
  2. 2. Problem Statement In 2013 Biotechnology is an emerging industry that will soon be recognized as the next big player in science, the purpose of Duchess Biotechnology is to make early discoveries in this field of science. Solution/Technology Discovering new uses for biotechnology and sharing guiding principles and ideas related to contributions startup companies can make at this stage will ensure a successful future for biotechnology and Duchess Biotechnology in the 21st century. Sales and Marketing Breakthroughs in biotechnology are happening at a rapid pace, and a commitment to the biotech industry requires contributions to it on a regular basis. Organization and Management
  3. 3. Brendan Ryan is the CEO and Founder of Duchess Biotechnology; Brendan is impressed with biotechnology and wants assist in it becoming a flagship industry in the 21st century. Duchess Biotechnology is a startup company created in The State of Nevada and is located in Clark County, NV and Houston, TX.