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What is the difference between knowledge and information


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What is the difference between knowledge and information

  1. 1. By: Preston, Ryan, and Cody
  2. 2.  K=JTB (Knowledge = Justified True Belief) There are 4 ways of Knowing  Language  Perception  Reason  Emotion Reasonable Knowledge  Evidence  Coherence
  3. 3.  Information is said to be facts provided or learned about someone or something Information is factual  Can even be trivial But Information can also be false Information can lack connectedness  No defined connection between ideas Example of information, Siblings and the book, Schrödingers Cat
  4. 4.  Knowledge is the factor that connects fragments of information together.  This creates a mental map and understanding of topic Knowledge forms meaning from bits of information  Brings information fragments together to build a wholesome idea  Allows us to make sense of facts Knowledge is more than a load of facts and information  Information is existent without knowledge  Knowledge is nonexistent without information
  5. 5.  Information is bricks (Building Blocks) Knowledge is building pieced together by the bricks (Intricate Web/Mental Map/ Understanding)
  6. 6.  Teaching a child random facts -> Knows the information but knowledge is understanding Until Proven wrong or correct, information is not knowledge