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Dental x rays linked to brain tumors


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Dental x rays linked to brain tumors

  2. 2. X-rayPeople who get regular dental X-raysare more likely to suffer a commontype of brain tumors.
  3. 3. FACTS AND STUDIES • Data from 1,433 US patients who were diagnosed with the tumors between the ages of ages 20-79. • Dental patients today are exposed to lower radiation levels than they were in the past. A m e n i n g i o m a i s a t u m o r t h a t f o r m s i n t h e m e m br a n e a r o u n d t h e b r a i n o r s p i n a l c o r d . M o s t o f t h e t i m e t h e s e t u m o r s a r e b e n i g n a n d s l o w g r o w i n g , b u t t h e y c a n l e a d t o d i s a b i l i t y o r l i f e - t h r e a t e n i n g c o n d i t i o n s .• A meningioma is a tumor that forms in the membrane around the brain or spinal cord. These tumors are slow growing, but they can lead to disability or life-threatening conditions.
  4. 4. Dental Patients Today• Dental patients who are children should only get 1-2 X-rays every other year• The percent of children patients X- rayed yearly were still low• Adult dental patients should get X- rayed every two to three years.• Teen dental patients should get X- rayed should have one every 1.5 to three years.
  5. 5. SOURCE 042557420.html regular-dental-x-rays-more-likely-suffer-photo-042557047.html