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  1. 1. Music Magazine Construction
  2. 2. At first I was having trouble with the name of the magazine but I came to a conclusion of Beatz. There was a choice of Rhythm & Beats, R&B Now or Beatz. I decided to choose Beatz because it is plain, simple but effective. I also decided to add R&B next to the masthead to show what genre the magazine is.
  3. 3. After finishing the masthead, I started editing the pictures for my magazine. For this picture, there wasn’t much work needed to make it look professional and sharp .
  4. 4. For this picture I started editing by using the spot healing brush tool to remove the spots. Then I removed the back ground and used the feather tool to make the image look more crisp. This picture was going to be on the contents page but I decided to remove it and place one large image instead of two small images on the contents page.
  5. 5. For my front cover image, I started by making the brightness of the picture a bit lighter because the picture seemed dark. After editing the picture, I didn’t seem to like it as much so I changed to the picture which is on the next slide.
  6. 6. To make the picture look superior I increased the brightness, cropped out the background and used the spot healing brush tool. After placing the picture on indesign, I decided to flip the picture so it fitted on the front cover.
  7. 7. After placing the image on indesign, I added a title which was the name of the artist on the front cover. I also added a red glow on the black letters in the word Beatz.
  8. 8. I also added a barcode, price, inside articles and a strip at the bottom to advertise a competition inside the magazine. In addition to the magazine I changed the font of the title to make it stand out more.
  9. 9. Further more I added a black strip along the left hand side to make the front cover stand out. I also took of the red outer glow on the black lettering on Beatz as It didn’t look as attractive as it did before. I did experiment with the colours of the strip to see what colour suited it best but black seemed to be appropriate because it related to the colour pallet of black, white and red. I then added a few little things to make the magazine look more professional
  10. 10. Front Cover
  11. 11. I then started on the contents page and used the idea of the headline from Vibe ( R&B magazine). I also added the main contents picture and the title of the magazine.
  12. 12. Another thing I did was added a black ground to make the text stand out on the contents page. The one problem I had was deciding what side to have the picture on.
  13. 13. I then added the articles on the contents page after finally deciding to put the image on the right. The reason for this was to show what page to go to for what the reader wants to see.
  14. 14. After that, I added a website and issue number under the masthead and I also changed the font of the article as I noticed I had used the font quiet a lot.
  15. 15. Contents Page
  16. 16. I first started the double page spread by editing the pictures by cropping out the backgrounds, increasing the brightness and using the spot healing tool.
  17. 17. I then changed the picture as this one shows more of the body compared to the last image. I needed a bigger image as the images seemed good quality so I wanted to make them as big as I could.
  18. 18. I then started on the article for the double page spread.
  19. 19. I then placed the text on adobe indesign and after a little moving around the double page spread looked really good. I then added a few little things to make it complete.
  20. 20. Contents Page