SaaS User Acquisition - Digital Marketing Case Study


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Digital Marketing Case Study reviewing strategy behind user acquisition of a SaaS product.

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SaaS User Acquisition - Digital Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. Ryan Ruud // Portfolio Digital Strategy  Marketing  PR
  2. 2. FanTools Acquisition Strategy
  3. 3. Situation • New SaaS offering from Minneapolis software company, Four51 • Social media-publishing suite for small businesses • Being marketed and sold with inside and outside sales activity Goal • Board of Directors set a goal for FanTools to acquire 1,000+ users Methodology • Keyword research, primary research captured from sales force and user experience testing FanTools Acquisition Strategy
  4. 4. FanTools Acquisition Strategy Key findings: • Small business owners preferred to discover and engage a social media tool online. • Sign up and online experience frustrating/confusing. • Plenty of affordable online channels to leverage in campaigns. • SMBs were put off by words like platform, seemed like work and still didn’t entirely understand what the benefit.
  5. 5. FanTools Acquisition Strategy The Strategy • Refocus sales & marketing strategy to online lead/acquisition. • Simplify website and sign up process. • Multichannel paid, owned, earned and shared approach. • Change positioning from “Social Promotion Platform” to “Your Social Media Guide”. • Campaign core around a new mascot, “Joe the Pizza Guy”, to introduce product. •
  6. 6. FanTools Acquisition Strategy Web Update from flash enabled, no CTA, unclear message difficult user experience and hard to update to new site with CMS, Strong CTA, Customer reinforcement, Clear message
  7. 7. FanTools Acquisition Strategy Media Take “Your Social Media Guide” theme into a multichannel, paid, owned, earned and shared media effort. Strategy Focus on industry verticals ( ex. hospitality, retail, restaurant) and functional areas ( ex. management, monitoring, promotions) to align messaging and content for all media to industry or function for relevance.
  8. 8. PPC targeted by verticals and function via Facebook and Google in U.S., Canada and U.K.
  9. 9. More than a dozen earned media opportunities during the campaign including: • Social Media Explorer • Ragan Communications • Business2Community • Business Journals • SmallBizTrends
  10. 10. Dozens of owned media, keyword rich, posts to drive organic growth to domain and capture leads/users.
  11. 11. Focus social media on engaging in conversations to provide helpful social media marketing content and humanizing the software and FanTools team.
  12. 12. FanTools Acquisition Strategy Results 45 days after launching, exceeded the goal of achieving 1,000 sign ups. Prior to, cost of acquisition ~ $250 per sign up. Following campaign: • SEM CPA: $53.97 • Facebook: CPA: $72.71 Blended CPA: $54.55 Campaign generated more than 63,000,000 digital media impressions at a nominal cost to the traditional sales channel
  13. 13. About Ryan Ruud Ryan Ruud is a Minneapolis, MN based digital strategy, marketing and PR business leader and consultant. For more visit